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Asshole truck drivers

First let me start off by saying that not ALL truck drivers are assholes.  Just like not all people driving four wheelers (cars) are assholes.

So, tonight on my way home from work I’m rolling 70 MPH on cruise control in the center lane of the turnpike.  When this asshole rig gets up on my rear bumper.  And I usually don’t care because they do that sometimes.  However this guy was super close and was doing it on purpose.  He wasn’t like a car length off my bumper, not 6 feet, but about 14 inches.  Asshole.  I saw this same guy doing this to other cars in the right lane about 3 miles back.

Here’s the problem.  Now that the speed limit for rigs is up to 65 in Ohio just like the cars, they wanna roll hard all the time.  So if I’m in the right lane they always  go around me (mind you even if I’m doing 70 on cruise).  I try to run the center lane that way the rigs can roll past me in the right lane if they want.  If there is some slow poke fucker in the right lane (car) I can’t help it and I’m certainly not going to be switching lanes all the time if the rigs want to go 80 in a 65.  Fuck ’em.

I never had this problem when the speed limit for rigs was 55.  I would roll the center lane and they would roll the right lane and only come into center to pass here and there.  Now at least 50% or more of the rigs are always climbing peoples asses and getting really close and using the jake brake (engine brake) etc.  This guy was swerving all around and just being a jerk.  It’s not like I was trying to do a damn thing to him.  He was carring all kinds of steel pipe on a flatbed and driving like he had no load.  What a moron.

I understand that there are a good amount of people driving cars that cause a boatload of accidents for truckers.  I know this and I can’t stand those people either.  It just really burns me up when truck drivers do this shit.  I mean fuck…..calm down a bit, slow down and chill out.

Usually I do my part to let rigs over when needed and I am always looking way up ahead to see if I see one entering the turnpike from a rest area or something and I get over to let the rigs in the right lane move into the center to let the other rig on.  We all need to help out, that’s a given.

What doesn’t help is when you get these jackass truck drivers who feel the need to drive 90 just so they can get up the next hill so they treat all the car drivers like dirt.  It just makes me want to not give a crap anymore about the truckers.  And bitterness and asshole driving will just breed more of the same thing.

Man….people need to take fucking chill pills and slow down a little.  I’m not talking drive like a grandma in the right lane doing 55, but fuck.  You know what I mean, and you know who you are.



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