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Why do people eat while walking around at work?

Why do people eat while walking around?  It is common for me to see (daily) people walking around at work around lunchtime eating food with a fork from a plate.  WTF!?  I just cannot grasp this.  Everyone has time for lunch….unless you are an emergency surgeon or something similar.  I see people doing this walking from the cafeteria to their desks as well as while on the way to a meeting.  WTF people?  The shit is moronic.


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Running (literally) in the office

Just a short post.  Running inside an office building, from office to office or cube to cube, is not needed.  Seriously.  Yeah I know, you think this doesn’t happen.  Whatever.  I thought the same until it happened where I work.  I was sitting at my desk and I hear (and feel) someone run by.  Not like a little jog or fast walk….a full on run.  Really?  What the fuck?  There is no reason, unless you are police, SWAT, or military, to run inside the office.  You look like a complete jackass.  What the fuck are you running for?  Can a call not wait 20 seconds?  What about a conversation?  If you run inside the workplace you are a fucking idiot.  Relax jackass and take a fucking chill pill.  You don’t need to run.  You are NOT that important.

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Idiot BMW driver on Turnpike

This morning on the way to work I saw a guy driving a BMW 330i. He looked like what I call the typical BMW driver. Self centered, drives like a jackass, thinks he’s the most important person on the road at the time.

We were on the turnpike and we were in and out of construction zones the entire time which was about 30 minutes. The guy was originally behind me when we went through the toll booth. For the entire time we were on the on-ramp he was within about 2 feet of my rear bumper. Asshole. So when we finally get on to the turnpike, we’re in a construction zone. All trucks are supposed to use the left lane because the right lane is the shoulder. This jackass goes flying around me and cuts in front of a big rig and then has to hit the brakes because there is another rig in front of him. What a fucking idiot. He then weaves back into the right lane and is only 3 cars ahead of me. At different times during our turnpike trip, he would weave in and out of cars to get ahead. It was funny when I would slowly come back up on him and then pass him. This is with me using cruise control most of the time on the turnpike. We both got off at the same exit. He was 3 cars ahead of me when we went through the toll booths again. He also sped up to the toll booths at about 50 and then came to a sudden stop to allow it to read his EasyPass. When I finally got up to the booth I could smell brakes; the smell of when you overheat your brake pads.

So I was relaxed and drove safely for the entire trip on the turnpike. This guy seemed frustrated and expended a lot of effort to get ahead. In the end he was only a few cars in front of me. I can’t believe idiots like this guy don’t realize it’s not worth it. He endangered the lives of other people along with his own (and the two people in the car with him) for a couple hundred feet of pavement. What a total fucking moron.

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Annoying phrases that suck

I see what you did there —-> No you don’t. You’re just a poop-head.

Wait for it… —-> No you wait for it. I have other shit to do you lame-ass.

It is what it is —-> and what exactly is IT jack-wagon?

Anything with “derp” or “fap” in it —-> Hi, welcome to America. We speak English here.

Just sayin’ —-> what pussies say at the end of something so they don’t get knocked the fuck out.

Peeps —-> are a marshmallow Easter candy.

Epic —-> an old record company. Plus that name is not over-used at all. You fuckmess.

Too cool for school —-> Good, leave then fucker.

When people spell the word “what” like this: “whut”

Using the word “sick” as a synonym for “rad” or “awesome”

FML: —-> Yeah fuck your life. Whatever. You have things just fine, you’re just a spoiled asshole.

Efff: as in “what the efff is that?”. —-> Just use fuck. You’ll sound less like a dick-sandwich.

I know right? —-> Uh yeah, I already know because I just said what you’re agreeing with jackass!

Besties —-> Unless you’re 12, don’t use this word……and also, you suck.

Fanboy —-> accusatory word used by Internet trolls when they get butt-hurt about their favorite brand.

That’s what she said —-> 1987 would like you to stop using that phrase. Not funny after 25 years.

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Lottery idiots holding up the line

It seems that just about every time I visit a local gas station to buy a soda or coffee or just get gas, there is some idiot in front of me in line buying scratch off lottery tickets.

This would be OK if they walked up and said “I’d like one of those and one of those”. However, the usually come up and go “give me one of those, and one of those, and one of those, and that’s it” and then when the clerk gets the tickets out they say “no, I changed my mind I would rather have that other one”. Then the clerk says “OK that’ll be $40” they say “whoa, I didn’t know that ticket would be that much, get me one that is for $5 instead of $20”. Blah blah blah blah…. this goes on and on for about 3-4 minutes.

How about this? Pick your stuff, get in line, pay for said stuff. If you don’t know what the fuck you want, lottery shit or not, get the fuck out of line and let other people go.

Same goes for the folks that are buying regular lottery tickets. “Yeah I’d like 2 auto lotto tickets and a pick 3 with the numbers 372 boxed with a $1 backup on that. I’d also like a pick 4 with the numbers 3691 squared off with a fucking ham sandwich and chips. Actually I changed my mind can you make the pick 3 ticket 285 instead?”

What the fuck? Idiots. There should be a policy that if you are there for lottery you wait until the fucking store is clear or there has to be another line.

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People living near highway complaining

Problem (not really):

One story of hundreds like this…: http://www.newsnet5.com/news/18361506/detail.html


If you don’t like road noise don’t buy a house next to a busy road.  It’s really that easy.  Yeah….really it is!!!!

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Leaves in the street

This is just a post to get a bunch of shit off my chest. Fuck.

Ok, first off why in the hell do people rake their leaves into the fucking street?  Most cities tell you to rake or leaf blow them onto the tree-lawn/easement so that the leaf trucks can suck up the leaves on certain days.  For whatever reason certain lazy fuckers think it’s their job to rake these huge piles of leaves into the street.  Since I have a friend that works for the city he has told me time and again that these tards that rake the leaves into the street cause a LOT of problems.  The leaves get carried into the storm sewers during heavy rains and then the city has even more to suck leaves out of and clean.

On top of all that whenever you drive down a side street where all these fucktards have raked the leaves into the street, you have to drive through the leaf piles if there is an car coming the other way.  I refuse to do this as their may be kids in those piles of leaves because that’s what kids do.  Except, when I was a kid we jumped in piles of leaves that were on the tree-lawn/easement and not in the street.

Who the fuck knows.  Nobody follows the rules anymore anyway.  I’m figuring these morons don’t want their grass to get all yellow and dormant because the leaves set there for too long.  Who cares? It’s almost winter.

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