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Smartphones have made people dumber


I just watched a guy in my office walk at a rate of about 1 step every 3 seconds to cover about 50 yards.  He did this while typing with his thumbs on an iPhone.  He could have sat at his computer and typed the same email in about 1/4th the time and then walked normal speed to his meeting.  What the fuck are people thinking?  I don’t think that they are thinking at all.  They have become a slave to their phone and to the corporate world.  It’s a shame.

Yeah, I know it’s a common theme with me but it drive me nuts.  Put down the stupid electronic devices and live your life.  I have an iPhone and I do enjoy it, but I don’t let it run my life.  I don’t look at it when I’m the passenger in a car.  I don’t walk around looking at it.  Fuck that.  I have better things to look at while I’m out and about.  If I’m sitting at home then that is a different story.  When I’m having some “down time” I gladly look at my iPhone.  I don’t look at it all the time though.  People need to use it as a tool, or as a piece of entertainment.  Don’t let it use you.  Most people let the smartphone become their master.  Man, fucking quit that shit.





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People are missing it

People are missing it.  I don’t think they have any idea that they are missing it either.  Increasingly, I see people riding in the passenger seat of cars and they are looking down.  They have that look; you know, that look that people only get when they are looking at their damn phone.  It looks rediculous   You look like a moron when you’re looking down at your phone.  Even when I look down at my phone I look like a moron.  Smart phones have made people dumb.  Instead of people enjoying the outside world when they are actually outside, in a car or otherwise, they are looking at their damn phone. What a complete waste.

I understand the convenience of having a smart phone and being able to use it, especially when you’re not the driver of a car.  The thing is, it is only a convenience.  I highly doubt that anyone is ever doing anything where they are texting or typing something that is an emergency.  Seriously.  When stuff is an emergency people use their phone as a phone and hold it up to their face and talk.

I can remember when you didn’t have a choice of what to do.  The only thing to do was look out the window.  If you didn’t want to look out the window you had to bring a magazine or a crossword puzzle or something.  I just don’t get what is so important that people need to see what is on Facebook  or Twitter or otherwise.  I don’t understand why they have to be available all the time or why they have to text all the time or update Facebook with their location or other dumb stuff.  Now, I do use Facebook and Twitter and I like both sites very much.  I however view them as something fun to do in my spare time; not something that I always have to be doing.

I just think that people need to go outside and “be outside”.  They need to be in it.  There is so much beauty that is lost because people refuse to take it in.  Instead, they spend time playing with their devices.

I should state that I do own an iPhone 5 and that I have had a smart phone for the last two years.  I simply choose to not let the phone rule my life and everything that I do.

Lose the phone.  Spend your time outside, truly outside.

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More Random Thoughts…

+ Thank God for the rain.

+ Glad to have a job.

+ Happy I’m married to the woman I love more than anything.

+ People that wear their pants below the ass are fucking idiots.

+ My next vehicle will be a full size pickup truck.

+ I think we are very near to the end of days. Seriously.

+ Our government has gotten so big that the left hand has NO idea what the right hand is doing.

+ Most people are NOT observant enough.

+ Jay Leno does NOT need more makeup or hairspray. Dang man, enough!

+ I have to remember that “This too shall pass” can be applied daily to many things.

+ Everyone should always carry a good pocket knife. No cheapies.

+ TOW Missiles are freakin’ fast.


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Lottery idiots holding up the line

It seems that just about every time I visit a local gas station to buy a soda or coffee or just get gas, there is some idiot in front of me in line buying scratch off lottery tickets.

This would be OK if they walked up and said “I’d like one of those and one of those”. However, the usually come up and go “give me one of those, and one of those, and one of those, and that’s it” and then when the clerk gets the tickets out they say “no, I changed my mind I would rather have that other one”. Then the clerk says “OK that’ll be $40” they say “whoa, I didn’t know that ticket would be that much, get me one that is for $5 instead of $20”. Blah blah blah blah…. this goes on and on for about 3-4 minutes.

How about this? Pick your stuff, get in line, pay for said stuff. If you don’t know what the fuck you want, lottery shit or not, get the fuck out of line and let other people go.

Same goes for the folks that are buying regular lottery tickets. “Yeah I’d like 2 auto lotto tickets and a pick 3 with the numbers 372 boxed with a $1 backup on that. I’d also like a pick 4 with the numbers 3691 squared off with a fucking ham sandwich and chips. Actually I changed my mind can you make the pick 3 ticket 285 instead?”

What the fuck? Idiots. There should be a policy that if you are there for lottery you wait until the fucking store is clear or there has to be another line.

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Cell phones, and texting

Everywhere I go I see it. Someone on a cell phone. Kids walking down the street side by side texting someone else. Today I saw a kid riding a bike with a backpack on and trying to hold onto the handlebars with one hand as he pedaled up hill and talked on a cell phone with his other hand.

Why are the kids walking side by side not talking to each other? Why are they texting someone else. How about pick the fucking phone up and talk to them instead of back and forth texting?

I heard some lady once say that she wishes there was a way to talk into the phone and have it converted to text so she wouldn’t have to use the little keys to type text messages. How about this…..here’s a solution. Talk into the phone with another person on the other end then you don’t have to text. For fucks sake people.

This shit is getting ridiculous. I realize that texting comes in handy sometimes but use fucking common sense. If you’re too dumb to realize you shouldn’t text while driving then I hope you drive off the road into a ditch. Maybe then you’ll learn……if you’re not dead.

People act like if they lose their phone or their crack-berry that fucking life as they know it is over.

Here’s an idea: Throw the fucking thing out the window, or off the back porch, or into a bunch of wet concrete and let it go. The world is too connected and it’s going to hurt us in the future.

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People living near highway complaining

Problem (not really):

One story of hundreds like this…: http://www.newsnet5.com/news/18361506/detail.html


If you don’t like road noise don’t buy a house next to a busy road.  It’s really that easy.  Yeah….really it is!!!!

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Leaves in the street

This is just a post to get a bunch of shit off my chest. Fuck.

Ok, first off why in the hell do people rake their leaves into the fucking street?  Most cities tell you to rake or leaf blow them onto the tree-lawn/easement so that the leaf trucks can suck up the leaves on certain days.  For whatever reason certain lazy fuckers think it’s their job to rake these huge piles of leaves into the street.  Since I have a friend that works for the city he has told me time and again that these tards that rake the leaves into the street cause a LOT of problems.  The leaves get carried into the storm sewers during heavy rains and then the city has even more to suck leaves out of and clean.

On top of all that whenever you drive down a side street where all these fucktards have raked the leaves into the street, you have to drive through the leaf piles if there is an car coming the other way.  I refuse to do this as their may be kids in those piles of leaves because that’s what kids do.  Except, when I was a kid we jumped in piles of leaves that were on the tree-lawn/easement and not in the street.

Who the fuck knows.  Nobody follows the rules anymore anyway.  I’m figuring these morons don’t want their grass to get all yellow and dormant because the leaves set there for too long.  Who cares? It’s almost winter.

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