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Things that make you warm and comfy

As I sit in my very comfortable and cozy home I realize how blessed I am. I am very thankful to God for all that He has provided me.

I started to think about different things that just take me back to my childhood or things that make you just feel ‘at home’ or ‘comfy’.

First off, all these memories or ‘things’ will come from a time where cell phones never existed. To me you cannot be comfy in a house where a cell phone is ringing. This probably stems from me having to be on-call where I work.

I think of how nice it is to be home on a chilly afternoon, sitting on the couch or chair, with my feet upon the ottoman (I call it a hassock but most people are like “WTF?”) watching a baseball game on TV and eating some peanuts. I think of being at my grandparents house and reading a book on the living room floor while my grandmother would be quilting or knitting. My grandfather would be reading the news paper with a toothpick in his mouth.

Today I sit here on the ‘love seat’ in the living room with my laptop typing this. My wife is at the store picking up some groceries and my daughter is sitting in the chair across from me coloring and watching ‘The Flintstones’ off and on. I’m sipping on a cup of Chock full o’Nuts coffee. It’s 2:30pm but it is about 43 degrees outside and very windy, so it’s nice to be inside and cozy.

I like sitting here in the living room during the fall and winter with a sweater on, a pair of jeans, and the fireplace roaring. We have a large wood burning fireplace that is right in the living room. Our cats love lying in front of the fireplace and warming their bodies while the fire is burning. Fire is amazing and there is nothing in the world like a good fire (outside or inside) to make you warm and cozy.

It is also very nice to lie across the bed with some peace and quiet and read a book or page through a magazine. For me, Popular Mechanics or Consumer Reports are a good start.

Add a slice of apple pie or pecan pie and we’re all set. 😉



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Sounds and smells of the home…

As I sit here on a large chair in the living room this morning I realize that I love the sounds around me.  I’m very thankful for them.

I am sitting on a chair with my feet up on an ottoman and reading some knife stuff on the web with my laptop.  There is snow on the ground outside and it’s about 18° Fahrenheit outside. The TV is off (like it should be) and I can hear things.

My wife in the kitchen poring a second cup of coffee.  Her spoon clanging against the cup as she stirs it.  My daughter singing in the play room as she plays.  One of my cats playing with an enclosed ball type of thingy where the ball spins around in a circle.  The smell of pancakes is in the air along with coffee.  I can hear the mantle clock in the living room with me ticking back and forth.  I can hear the warm soothing air blowing out of the heating vents.

I”m thankful for all these things.  It’s very nice to not have the “Boob Toob” on and actually just listen to things now and then.  I’m tired of the bullshit that’s on TV and all of the media anyway.  I’m thankful that I live in a house with a furnace and can enjoy listening to all these things.

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Thankful for stuff…

In this fast paced world we all often forget about the little things.  The simple pleasures in life.  Spending time with your wife and little girl.  Drinking a Coke and watching a sitcom with your wife.  Playing Play-Doh with your little girl.

I saw an accident (3 car pile up) on the way home tonight.  I was the 3rd car back from the accident and ended up parking inside some orange construction barrels to go check on the 3 people in the crash to make sure they were ok.  On of the people (about a 25 year old girl) had just been hit in the face with an airbag and was crying.  She was ok, just really freaked out.  I’m thankful that she lived and I have no idea who she even was.

I’m thankful for the little Maple tree that is growing in the backyard (only about 5 inches tall right now).  I hope it makes it and keeps on keeping on. 🙂

I’m thankful that I have hands, arms, legs, a place to live, a wife and little girl that love me dearly.

I’m thankful for the parents that call us and ask if we’re doing ok just because they love us.

I’m thankful that I have a bed to go sleep in right now as my eyes keep going shut and I’m about to fall asleep.  Today has been an insane busy day, but it sure beats not having a job.

Night.  Thanks for reading….

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