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Why do people eat while walking around at work?

Why do people eat while walking around?  It is common for me to see (daily) people walking around at work around lunchtime eating food with a fork from a plate.  WTF!?  I just cannot grasp this.  Everyone has time for lunch….unless you are an emergency surgeon or something similar.  I see people doing this walking from the cafeteria to their desks as well as while on the way to a meeting.  WTF people?  The shit is moronic.


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Tropic Thunder sucked

Went to see Tropic Thunder this weekend (against my better judgment) and it fucking sucked ass.  It’s in the top 3 worst movies I’ve ever seen.  It was a fucking joke (no pun intended).  I’m beginning to realize that everything that Ben Stiller writes is a piece of shit.  Movies that he stars in are mostly “OK” but anything he writes just sucks ass.

After sleeping on it I can also see why people protested that it’s not in good taste to Vietnam veterans.  It’s really a disgrace of a movie.  Also, Robert Downy Jr. really sucked at playing a “black guy” in this movie.  What a jackass.

All in all, I wasted a good $23 to see this movie at the theaters with my wife.

Tropic Thunder was a shit heap of a movie.


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