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I love my daughter

I am sitting here in my living room with my daughter while she does homework.  TV is off.  Stereo is on.  What she likes touches me.  She pays attention to the lyrics.  I can tell she has a good soul.  She is so amazing.  I love her more than anything in this entire universe.  She’s so pretty and I love her so much that it hurts sometimes.  I tear up when I think of how wonderful she is.  She’s growing up too fast for me.  I want more time with her.  Time is the one thing we cannot get back.  We need to use it wisely and take care of ourselves so that we can maximize our time with people we love.  <——— This is very important.

I love you so much Elsa.  You are the love of my life sweetheart.  I will always love you, no matter what.  I will not judge you.  I will always forgive you.  I will always help you when you need help.  After my body dies (of natural causes….nothing is planned folks), I will always be with you.  My soul will be by your side always.  Stay Beautiful my love.



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My daughter singing

My daughter seems to hum and sing a lot while in the house.  I could be in the living room with my laptop and she may be in the office drawing.  She hums.  She hums beautiful songs, most of wish she makes up as she goes.  I could listen to this stuff all day.  I love her so much.  Sometimes she sings lyrics too but mostly she hums.

I just find it amazing.  I’m glad she is so musical.  I hope I can listen to this for a long time.  It’s so good.




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Rain, Tornados, Life, Knives, and other stuff…

Well it’s been raining for a few days pretty hard.  We’ve had thunderstorms both yesterday and today.  I like them, but it sorta makes it so I cannot mow the lawn. 🙂 I guess that’s ok some weekends.  I’m just thankful that we don’t get flooding here since I live in the highest point in Ohio (Summit County).

I’ve been away from my blog for a while and need to get back into the swing of things and start posting regularly again.

I always seem to worry about my daughter getting sick or throwing up and stuff.  Especially since it’s been a while since she’s been sick.  I always think “Oh boy, she’s probably due to get sick soon”.  I hate that I think like that and I need/want to stop it.

Friday I got to go to a Microsoft Project 2003 class that was paid for by my employer and since I’m salary I also get paid for attending the class. 🙂 It was a pretty good class.  I didn’t think it would be but I actually learned a lot and I need it for work because we have to start doing all our project plans for network and server stuff in Project 2003 and/or Project 2007.

Right now we have a Tornado Warning going on and there is a huge rotating air horn on top of about a 75 foot pole and it’s right across the street from my house.  You can hear the thing about 20 -30 blocks from here.  It’s insane loud, but I’m glad we have those kinds of warning systems in place.  So we have this tornado warning for about another 30 minutes and then we’re all set.

I’ve been finally putting quite a few knife reviews up on YouTube.  I am just using my Nikon Coolpix 4100 to take the movies and they are kinda grainy so I would like to get a web cam for my computer to do the reviews with.  I’m not sure what to get yet but I’m just glad to be putting some reviews and stuff up on “The Tube”.

I’m just sitting here in a nice quiet house with our cute cats and relaxing.  I’m thankful to God that it’s been such a good weekend.  He has really taken care of us for a long long time and I do appreciate it greatly.  I cannot thank Him enough.

Thinking of getting a Spyderco Dragonfly in White FRN since it’s a Sprint Run and has a VG-10 blade and there will only be 1200 white ones made.  I think that even though white seems like it’s not a good choice for a knife handle that it’s very cool.  I think most people (myself included) think that white would get dirty so easily and be hard to clean.  I have read however that it’s not hard to clean and just like the yellow and orange FRN Spyderco knives that they don’t get dirty like you think they would.  FRN is just amazing stuff.

I’m 5000 (for those of you that know what this means….props to you). 🙂

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Lots-O-stuff flowin’ out the brain today…

Ahh, another day at work behind me and back to chilling out at home with the wife. Came home and got to play with my daughter and her doll house. She loves to play with her doll house so I play with it along with her. Hey, whatever she wants to play I play. It’s just funny, me playing with a doll house and little plastic people. 🙂 I actually love playing with Tinker Toys with her and Lego’s and stuff. There are all kinds of cool kids toys out today that I still have fun playing with. I think we’re all still kids in big bodies.

Today was really busy but was a great day. I busted out some work that needed done before noon and finished it at 11:15am. I just put my headphones on and get in a zone listening to stuff on iTunes and time flies. As long as I don’t get bugged I can bang stuff out real quick.

Today being April fools day I grabbed a small Perl script off of the web that I found to change the “Ready” message on HP 4200 series printers and changed the message on our department printers. 🙂 For the day they all said “Insert Coin”. It was freakin’ hilarious to see the look of the people as they went to grab their print jobs. It made me wonder if people would actually start looking for a coin slot soon.

I need to learn some Perl scripting as I know you can do a ton of stuff with it. I also need to get more into Linux shell scripting. Just something I want to do as a personal goal.

On a side note, I’m thinking of giving up soda again but doing it for good this time. In the last many months I’ve dropped about 35 pounds of weight and I plan on dropping another 50 in the next year. I drink diet soda but I know it’s just not good for my body and neither is the caffeine. I can do without the caffeine too and since I gave it up for over a year before I know I can do it again if I want. Just doing the treadmill and the stair stepper every other day for 30 minutes have been helping me get the pounds off. In addition to that I’ve been lifting weights for about 6 months now and I feel great. Just gotta keep at it and it’ll do me well. I’ve found that I have to work out even when I’m sick. I cannot miss a workout or weight session or I have a tendency to quit for a few days or a week. That will just lead to more quitting and eventually a stop again. Can’t do that shit again. Been there, done that.

More to come…

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20 inches of snow…plus other stuff

In the last 30 hours we have been hit with about 20 inches of snow. It’s really amazing actually. I usually like snow, but yesterday was the first time I felt like if I didn’t keep shoveling every 4 or 5 hours that I would be unable to go anywhere. It’s amazing what nature can do when it really gets loose.

My daughter is doing better and with God’s help she will keep her fever down. It’s been 18 hours since she’s had any Child’s Motrin and she still doesn’t have a fever (I hope I’m not jinxing myself).

We learn the most during the “storms of our lives”. I think that God has been teaching me humility, patience, and to learn to put everything in His hands. I also have to have more faith in what God can do for you.

At least it’s sunny today and about 30 degrees and it’s not snowing. So everything I shoveled is getting melted right down to the pavement and this is good. 🙂

I’m thankful for Jesus Christ and all He helps us with.

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