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Something that drives me fucking bonkers

People that interrupt.  I swear to God that nobody seems to give a shit anymore if you’re talking. Too much shit going on at the same time and people just can’t stay focused.  I feel like everyone has fucking A.D.D.  It happens with everybody I work with.  I start talking and am in the middle of a sentence or paragraph and someone just butts in and starts talking about something else.  Then once people want to hear what I was going to say I tell them “no, I’m not repeating it”.  Fuck ’em. Next time don’t interrupt all the damn time.  I will usually attempt to say what I was trying to say twice, then that’s it.  I will not repeat it again.



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Mike Pruitt Honda Service Problems – Ohio

I just thought I would share this since I can, and my blog gets a decent amount of hits daily.

I took my car to Mike Pruitt Honda for service right before Christmas 2010. I asked that they please check the tire pressure as I was losing air in two of my tires regularly. I purposely set my tire pressure to 25 lbs. on all of my tires to see if they would really check or just write that they did on the paperwork. Sure enough, they wrote (32) for all four tires and didn’t check anything; either that or they checked and didn’t feel like airing up the tires.

The next day I called the service manager and let him know about it. He told me they would make it right. He said he would talk to the tech that did the work and that they do not regularly do this. I think it’s garbage and probably a lot of dealers do this. It’s just one more thing they can do to save time and money and force the customers to eventually buy new tires. Yet another reason to do something yourself if you want it done right.

Anyway, the service manager called me back and told me the tech had been off sick for 2 days and that he would call me back after Christmas and wouldn’t forget about me. I said OK, and figured I would never hear back from him. I didn’t.

So tonight I went to get a drivers side low beam bulb replaced and took it to Sunnyside Honda. I told them what happened at Mike Pruitt Honda (a brief version) and asked that they please make sure the tires all had 32 lbs. in each. Everyone in the service department there looked like “oh shit someone caught us”. No joke. I mean the employees and not the other customers. I now had a feeling that this is something that is known that most dealers do but nobody says anything about.

So for the readers of this blog, or Mike Pruitt Honda customers, you might want to double check next time the dealer says they did this or that.

Tonight Sunnyside Honda did actually make sure my tires all had 32 lbs. in them. I checked right outside the dealership.

I actually hope someone from a Honda service department reads this and actually has something to say about it. Honda has been good to me for the most part but I can just never get past the feeling of the big company always screwing the little guy.

Fun fun….

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Iraq, War, America, Afghanistan, opinions and questions

I have no earthly idea why we are still in Afghanistan or Iraq. There are so many other things going on that need attention. First off, all I ever hear is the fact that we just caught the “second or third in command” of Al Qaeda. Come on, this cannot be true. Do you think it even matters? Do you not think that even if we catch the “first in command” that it will make a difference? It will not. If someone shoots and kills the U.S. president does he not get replaced by the Vice President? Same thing happens on a similar level with even small groups of radicals or insurgents.

I fully support our troops and I will always support them. I however don’t support the high ranking idiots that keep putting our men and women in harms way. What the fuck are we still over there for?

I know that all the allied troops that are over there whether from the U.S. or the U.K. or France or where ever else, are making a difference in the lives of the women and kids. However, how the fuck can you make any progress when you have men forcing kids to come up to U.S. soldiers with AK-47’s or the kids have explosives all around them and are a suicide bomb? You have to shoot the kids because if you don’t they will shoot you or they will “blow themselves up”.

There were no weapons of mass destruction.

I am just as pissed off as the next guy when it comes to 9/11/01. Believe me.

I think we simply were grabbing at straws and the people we went after were the right people in the first place but then we just up and decided to go throw Saddam off his thrown and kill him. That shit just came out of left field.

It’s like 9 years after September 11th 2001 we are just all over the map not doing what we should be doing.

Pull our troops out of the Middle East for good and let those fuckers fight themselves for the rest of their lives. Let them kill each other. They have been doing this shit for hundreds and hundreds of years (if not thousands). Give up on those fuckers. They don’t want us over there. Pull out and leave them to kill each other. Be harsher on anyone from the Middle East coming into this country. It’s not racist. It’s a fact. You don’t see Caucasian people or Black people or Chinese people blowing up commuter aircraft. It’s always the people from the Middle East. Fuck that. I say error on the side of caution and keep this country safe. Don’t let anyone in from any of those Middle Eastern countries. Unfortunately a large group has fucked it up for that entire area over there.

Stay out of Korea. Let them fight their own war. Fuck ’em. It’s total bullshit. We don’t have to be involved in every fucking war on the planet. Let China Step in. Pull our 28,000 troops out of South Korea and call it a day. Bring ’em home.

Either put a stop to things like we did at Nagasaki and Hiroshima with a Nuke and shut everyone up, or stay out of it.

Don’t tip toe around the bullshit tree. Burn the fucking thing or leave.

It’s time we get back to America and quit pulling punches. When a country fucks with us, they get bombed into non-existence. The political talking and meeting and sanctions and shit is obviously not working. Step it up. Make a rule. You come within 150 miles of sovereign U.S. Soil and you get shot down. Pull something like 9/11 again, (good luck with that) and your entire country is decimated by a 500 kiloton warhead.

Oh yeah, learn fucking English. I shouldn’t have to press “one” for English. Let other people press “two” for whatever other language they want.

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