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I miss working with my hands

So for the last two days I’ve been working with my hands. I’ve been building a jungle gym from scratch out of treated lumber. I didn’t buy a kit or plans or anything. I’m doing it myself by plans that I put together by thinking, doing a bit of math, etc…

It is in my back yard. I love doing the work. Cutting the lumber, lifting it around, sweating, drilling, hammering, tightening bolts. I really miss working with my hands. It is very satisfying after a good days work. You cannot get that kind of satisfying with an office job. Believe me, I know. I work at an office job all day most days. This was a personal thing. I’ll probably be working on it every night this week after work until it’s dark. I love building things and fixing things.

Man do I enjoy that. What a great day.


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