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People are missing it

People are missing it.  I don’t think they have any idea that they are missing it either.  Increasingly, I see people riding in the passenger seat of cars and they are looking down.  They have that look; you know, that look that people only get when they are looking at their damn phone.  It looks rediculous   You look like a moron when you’re looking down at your phone.  Even when I look down at my phone I look like a moron.  Smart phones have made people dumb.  Instead of people enjoying the outside world when they are actually outside, in a car or otherwise, they are looking at their damn phone. What a complete waste.

I understand the convenience of having a smart phone and being able to use it, especially when you’re not the driver of a car.  The thing is, it is only a convenience.  I highly doubt that anyone is ever doing anything where they are texting or typing something that is an emergency.  Seriously.  When stuff is an emergency people use their phone as a phone and hold it up to their face and talk.

I can remember when you didn’t have a choice of what to do.  The only thing to do was look out the window.  If you didn’t want to look out the window you had to bring a magazine or a crossword puzzle or something.  I just don’t get what is so important that people need to see what is on Facebook  or Twitter or otherwise.  I don’t understand why they have to be available all the time or why they have to text all the time or update Facebook with their location or other dumb stuff.  Now, I do use Facebook and Twitter and I like both sites very much.  I however view them as something fun to do in my spare time; not something that I always have to be doing.

I just think that people need to go outside and “be outside”.  They need to be in it.  There is so much beauty that is lost because people refuse to take it in.  Instead, they spend time playing with their devices.

I should state that I do own an iPhone 5 and that I have had a smart phone for the last two years.  I simply choose to not let the phone rule my life and everything that I do.

Lose the phone.  Spend your time outside, truly outside.


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The brevity of life

Life is very brief. We all seem to be flying through life and doing our own things. We all need to get into God’s word and realize what is coming. We need to spend time with those that we love. Don’t take for granted one single day that you get to see your grandma, or your wife smile at you. A hug from your daughter or son. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid or shy. If you love someone tell them that before you are gone, or before they are gone.

Material things don’t matter. Friendship, brotherhood, a relationship with God is what matters. The amount of time we spend on this spinning beautiful rock we call Earth is brief. The rate at which time goes by seems to increase by the year. It is truly incredible.

There may be a lot of horrible vile things going on in this world, but there are still good. I see love on a daily basis and I am thankful to God for that. I see selfless acts that make me happy enough to cry. I see selfish stuff and mean stuff and generally insane stuff too. The good has always outweighed the bad.

Live for God and for your family. Don’t get caught up in too many material things. We are a society of excess. Try not to participate in that. Help others when you can. Go with your gut instinct, even when you are afraid to. God has given us intuition and you can count on it 95% of the time.

Life is brief. Turn off the TV. Heck turn it off for a month. Go outside. Plant a tree with someone you love. Build something. Garden. Carve something out of wood. Go for a walk in the woods. Go for a drive. Read.

Get right with God.

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I miss working with my hands

So for the last two days I’ve been working with my hands. I’ve been building a jungle gym from scratch out of treated lumber. I didn’t buy a kit or plans or anything. I’m doing it myself by plans that I put together by thinking, doing a bit of math, etc…

It is in my back yard. I love doing the work. Cutting the lumber, lifting it around, sweating, drilling, hammering, tightening bolts. I really miss working with my hands. It is very satisfying after a good days work. You cannot get that kind of satisfying with an office job. Believe me, I know. I work at an office job all day most days. This was a personal thing. I’ll probably be working on it every night this week after work until it’s dark. I love building things and fixing things.

Man do I enjoy that. What a great day.

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BP is finally cutting the riser

Finally BP is cutting the riser coming off of the top of the BOP. I’ve been watching them work off and on all day. It has been impressive while at the same time sad.

It looks like they are about half way through right now.

They are using a CUT tool with a diamond wire saw (like a horizontal band saw to cut through the riser pipe). Something to remember….I’m pretty sure that there is still a drill pipe stuck inside the riser and the BOP so that is something else they have to cut through.

Here’s an up to date picture as of 11:19pm Texas time.

This second picture is what the riser looked like with the CUT tool attached before it began cutting.

Come on BP, get that shit sealed off and pumping to the surface tankers.

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Traditional Axe making and house building

This is just amazing. Some days I wish life were this simple. Hard work, and peace and quiet.

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Random Thoughts for May

+ I’m tired and I’ve not slept much in the last two days.

+ I wish cell phones were never invented.

+ I cannot believe anyone would buy something called “iPad”.

+ Code Red Mountain Dew!

+ ZDP-189 = the stuff.

+ “Shit My Dad Says” is a good book.

+ I’ve always had good luck with HP Printers.

+ I smashed my iPod with a 5 lb. sledgehammer. On purpose.

+ Multitasking is total bullshit for humans.

+ We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan? Fuck.

+ Nobody should ever use terms like “team building” or “synergy”. What….are you fucking drunk?

+ Greed will kill this planet.

+ I will stock up on incandescent bulbs. CPF bulbs are too “cold” and they will never be the same.

+ More people should read, and turn off the TV.

+ Animals are wonderful.

+ Quantity time with your kids is way better than quality time.

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I’m tired of computers, the Internet, keyboards, input devices which I refuse to call mice, blogs, facebook.

I’m tired of people texting, people talking on the phone while driving.

Go outside. Do something. Leave your phone at home, turned off, in a drawer some where.

Unplug. Build something. Whittle. Read a book printed on real paper that you can hold.

Drive. Walk around many blocks. Go hiking.

See life.

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