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Fucking DRIVE.

People have become even bigger idiots than they used to be.  I enjoy having a smartphone but I don’t use it in my car.  What the fuck is with people and their fixation of having to dick with the phone all hours of the day.  People sit at green traffic lights longer than ever before now.  They play games on their phone while driving on the turnpike (I’ve see this first hand).  I work in IT and I have to be available a lot.  I don’t need to check my email in my car, or look at social media.  More people are now hanging out in the left lane of the expressway.  Some don’t even do the speed limit.  What the fuck?  Drive your damn car and quit fucking with other shit.  Pay attention so other people don’t die at your hands or because you were intrenched in your phone.

I love to drive.  I drive 70 miles a day and have for 16 years now.  I don’t mind it.  I have heard people in their twenties say “I’m scared of driving”.  What has happened to people?  Is everyone a big pussy now?  It seems like over the last 10 years I have watched people turn into space cadets.  They can’t make choices on their own, they can’t drive, they can barely walk without looking at the phone.

People can’t even merge anymore.  Every single day I am behind someone getting on the expressway or the turnpike that thinks they can safely merge into traffic while they are going 40MPH.  The speed limit is 65 and 70.  You can’t merge into a highway going 40 without creating all kinds of problems.  Not only do they create problems for the traffic already on the highway, but they also screw the people behind them.  Idiots.


Put the device down.  Keep your head on a swivel.  Stay aware of your surroundings.  Don’t be a rude assbag.  Don’t tailgate.  Use your turn signals.  Only use the left lane to pass.  Don’t speed up when someone tries to pass.  Use cruise control!  There are other people around you  walking, or driving that have things to do and don’t want to die because you were not paying attention.


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I miss the old days

I miss the old days.  I miss the days before cell phones, before cordless phones, before DVD players.  It seems that people were a happier bunch.  We had to worry about drunk driving but not texting and driving.   If someone needed to reach you and you were not home, it was anyone’s guess where you were…unless you told them.  I remember being in college in the mid nineties and still using a pen and paper to jot down a phone number.  Nobody had a computer in class.  Email looked pretty much like DOS and you only used it at the school library or at home if you were “well off”.

I miss just going out for a drive and having no distractions.  You either talked to someone in the car with you or you just drove and enjoyed what was around you.  You took in the scenery.  Now you see people sitting at lights and they are just fucking with their damn phones.  People are missing some pretty cool stuff by not looking out the window.  People are too involved in their stupid social mediums.

I miss taking a road trip and using a road atlas.  Fuck GPS.  Too many people rely on GPS and can’t even read a map.   God forbid if they ever have to get anywhere without electronics.

I miss having the power go out and lighting candles and just hanging around the house.  Rarely does the power go out where I live anymore.  It is nice, don’t get me wrong but sometimes having the power out would be neat…like the old days.

Like Brooks said in the Shawshank Redemption “The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.”  That’s the truth.

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People are missing it

People are missing it.  I don’t think they have any idea that they are missing it either.  Increasingly, I see people riding in the passenger seat of cars and they are looking down.  They have that look; you know, that look that people only get when they are looking at their damn phone.  It looks rediculous   You look like a moron when you’re looking down at your phone.  Even when I look down at my phone I look like a moron.  Smart phones have made people dumb.  Instead of people enjoying the outside world when they are actually outside, in a car or otherwise, they are looking at their damn phone. What a complete waste.

I understand the convenience of having a smart phone and being able to use it, especially when you’re not the driver of a car.  The thing is, it is only a convenience.  I highly doubt that anyone is ever doing anything where they are texting or typing something that is an emergency.  Seriously.  When stuff is an emergency people use their phone as a phone and hold it up to their face and talk.

I can remember when you didn’t have a choice of what to do.  The only thing to do was look out the window.  If you didn’t want to look out the window you had to bring a magazine or a crossword puzzle or something.  I just don’t get what is so important that people need to see what is on Facebook  or Twitter or otherwise.  I don’t understand why they have to be available all the time or why they have to text all the time or update Facebook with their location or other dumb stuff.  Now, I do use Facebook and Twitter and I like both sites very much.  I however view them as something fun to do in my spare time; not something that I always have to be doing.

I just think that people need to go outside and “be outside”.  They need to be in it.  There is so much beauty that is lost because people refuse to take it in.  Instead, they spend time playing with their devices.

I should state that I do own an iPhone 5 and that I have had a smart phone for the last two years.  I simply choose to not let the phone rule my life and everything that I do.

Lose the phone.  Spend your time outside, truly outside.

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Texting and emailing around people….and other bullshit

Something I’ve been noticing happening lately has been annoying the shit out of me. Texting or emailing when others are in your presence. I don’t mean just when in public, I mean when others are immediately around you and may want to talk to you or may already be talking to you. I have friends that do this. Total bullshit. Sometimes I’m in the middle of saying something to them and they get their phone out and reply to a text or email. What the fuck? I know they are not paying attention to me. Hell, anymore I just stop talking. I either walk away or when they look at me because I stopped talking I say “I’ll wait” in a very sarcastic manner. I am no longer going to deal with this stupid ass behavior. Good grief folks we are grown adults. It is rude and inconsiderate to do this to people. In fact I can’t even believe that people do it and think that it’s OK. What the fuck!!

The same goes for jackasses that are texting while driving. Sometimes they are not driving but they are texting at a traffic light and I have to fucking beep at them to get their ass moving when the light turns green. It’s funny because most of the time when I beep at them they see that they are about 3 cars behind the guy in front of them they fucking punch it and speed off like crazy. Seriously? You’re an idiot! I didn’t beep because I wanted you to begin a race to pass everyone in front of you. Dumbass. It’s like they are trying to save face so they speed up thinking it will make up for their inadequacies. Nope.

Total Assclowns.

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A few pointers for young people these days…

+ For the sake of everything that is good, pull your fucking pants up off your ass. They belong at your waist and not ON your fucking ass.

+ Quit walking with your friends while texting someone else. Are you shitting me? Fuck. If you’re going to walk somewhere with your friends fucking talk to them. Put your fucking phone in your pocket or throw the fucker off a building or something.

+ Look where you are walking jackass. Observe. Pull up your fucking pants, and look forward while you’re walking forward. The next guy that is walking towards me and doesn’t move because he’s looking at his phone texting will get shoulder checked and knocked to the fucking ground. Pay attention!

+ Quit being so vain. Everything is not about you. Think about other people, be kind. Yes, that means being polite and not dicking around with shit while you’re in traffic. Drive. If you need to text or dig in your purse or look up your nose, pull the fuck off the road and handle it.

+ Plan ahead. Don’t be such a fucking dicktard.

+ Don’t continually drive in the left lane of a 3 lane highway completely oblivious to what is going on around you. We know when you are in your car you feel like you’re in your own little world and nobody else can see you but that’s not true. We can see you, and you’re being a dick. Move the fuck over.

+ Open doors for women. Yes they still like this. I don’t care if it’s your first date or if you’ve been married for 20 years. If you don’t do this, you’re a jackass.

+ Don’t swear around other people’s kids. If you must swear around your own kids then I guess I can’t do anything about it. Don’t swear around my kids. Grow the fuck up and learn to swear around other adults if you must but not around kids. Yeah I swear, but not around kids.

+ Do work and do it well. When you are at work, they are paying you to work, not jack-off. Don’t think that the world owes you a living. It doesn’t, and neither do other people. You have to bust your ass to make a living. If you are in the bottom 20% you will soon be unemployed. Don’t be that person. If you dick off at work, don’t wonder why you just got fired.

Have a nice day!


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I’m tired of computers, the Internet, keyboards, input devices which I refuse to call mice, blogs, facebook.

I’m tired of people texting, people talking on the phone while driving.

Go outside. Do something. Leave your phone at home, turned off, in a drawer some where.

Unplug. Build something. Whittle. Read a book printed on real paper that you can hold.

Drive. Walk around many blocks. Go hiking.

See life.

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Just some thoughts…

Tonight (well actually tomorrow at 14:05 GMT) there is a full moon. You can always tell; at least around here you can. Everybody seems to be on edge, the hospital Emergency Departments get full with crazy stuff, and people behave like huge asses. It never seems to fail. Every time I’m having a crap day or people are being asses I check the moon calendar and find out it’s within a day or two of a full moon, or it’s a full moon on that day. I mean damn. People need to chill back and quit being in a fucking hurry all the time and shit. Fuck me.

Energy drinks. They suck. They cost too much money. They are a fucking scam. They are not good for your heart, or body, and all they do is sugar your ass up and then let you down about 4 hours later. And no…….I’m not a salesman for “5 hour energy” That shit sucks too. How about this, don’t drink goofy shit. Drink some green tea, or have a soda every now and then. Moderation. Done deal.

My 2007 Honda Accord: It kicks ass. I’ve got 38,540 miles on it so far and it’s been flawless. By the time I had 36,000 miles on the 2001 Ford Taurus I had before that it was in the shop about 3 – 4 times already. And not for regular shit. Stupid bullshit that thankfully was covered by my warranty. Plus….the V6 SE model that I have has some good horsepower for a family sedan (240hp). She’s niiiice!

I have about 5 knives that need sharpened. Some are mine, some are knives that people sent me to sharpen. I do it as a hobby but I’m damn good at it. I can get a butter knife to shave hair off your arm, leg or whatever else you want to shave.

Don’t forget………”Rock out with yo Glock out!”.

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