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The last month has been very trying.  My mother-in-law has been in the MICU, and a week ago we didn’t think she would make it.  We were called in to have “the talk” with the doctors.  It sucked bad.  I love mymother-in-law so much.  She’s like a second mom to me.  Thanks to God we have been seeing her make small improvements.  Not really in a celebration mood yet, but we are being cautious.  We hope and pray that she keeps getting better and is then able to go to rehab and come home.  She has/had (not sure yet) Multiple Myeloma.

I’m so tired of cancer.  I truly hope that the entire cancer support system is not a racket….but a lot of me thinks that it is.  I feel like if we had a cure for cancer thousands and thousands of people would be out of a job and many drug companies and hospitals would go out of business and for that reason a cure is being suppressed.  That would piss me off huge considering how many people die of cancer trying to “fix” it with chemo and radiation treatment.  All I can hope is that God gives my mother-in-law some more life to live and it’s a happy life up to the end.

After seeing what she has gone through, I hope that when it’s my time to go, I go quickly.  I would prefer to die in a car accident or from a heart attack or die in my sleep. I don’t want to be in a bed in an ICU for weeks and weeks.

Death comes and goes every day.  We don’t think about it until it walks close to us or someone we love.  It’s a big deal.  It just makes you realize that most days what you are “concerned” about or “need” to get done, is probably no big deal.  We need to slow down and spend time with our family and friends; people we love.  The other shit can wait.  Be happy with what you have.  Most of us have enough stuff….and should probably share with folks who don’t.

Edit:A month after I typed the post above my mother-in-law died.  So damn sad.  I miss her greatly.


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Grab-bag O’ Thoughts

► Don’t spend too much time in NYC, it will make you calloused.

► I’m blown away by the amount of bullshit that is on TV. People actually watch this vein crap? Are you fucking serious?

► I’m thankful for my little cozy house that I complain about sometimes because I have it better than most.

► I really love how in NYC there is no room so they just pile up trash on the sidewalks. Yuck.

► The 2012 presidential election may just be the first time I don’t vote. I think they are all jackasses.

► I started to like the show American Horror Story….then it just got too dark (evil).

► I do like the show “The Walking Dead”.

► I hate ads and commercials with a passion. If I had to give up my DVR I would quit watching TV. I only watch recorded things that I can fast-forward.

► I don’t watch “the news” on TV and haven’t for 7 or 8 years.

► The Chambers Hotel in NYC is over-priced and not all that it’s cracked up to be.

► I need to buy a new battery for my car.

► I really like 1095 carbon steel.

► I can’t imagine living somewhere that does not get snow around Christmas.

► I think Apple Computers are the best computers ever made.

► I am amazed by everything my iPhone can do.

► There is NOTHING like an ice cold Coca-Cola.

► I lost my coat in a rental car.

► Male flight attendants are weird and seem “stuck up” to me.

► There don’t seem to be a lot of fat people in NYC. I wonder if it is due to everyone walking so much?

► I need to write in my blog more. I always think of stuff to write about and then I forget it.

► Words with Friends is a great game.

► Merry Christmas!

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Love my job

I’m thankful to have a job that I love. I seriously am. I don’t take it for granted one day. I work for as an IT guy for an NFL team and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Some days you work hard but you also get to play hard. It is the first job I’ve ever had that I sometimes don’t want to take a vacation day from because I have that much fun at work. I love what I do. I actually get paid to do my hobby. I’m not usually one to toot my own horn but I’m very good at what I do and I will keep it that way.

Right now I’m sitting at home and thinking that I’m off tomorrow and actually wondering if I should just go in to work instead. I know I sounds crazy but I like my job that much. Not many people can say that.

I’m thankful to God for all that He’s given me.

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The brevity of life

Life is very brief. We all seem to be flying through life and doing our own things. We all need to get into God’s word and realize what is coming. We need to spend time with those that we love. Don’t take for granted one single day that you get to see your grandma, or your wife smile at you. A hug from your daughter or son. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid or shy. If you love someone tell them that before you are gone, or before they are gone.

Material things don’t matter. Friendship, brotherhood, a relationship with God is what matters. The amount of time we spend on this spinning beautiful rock we call Earth is brief. The rate at which time goes by seems to increase by the year. It is truly incredible.

There may be a lot of horrible vile things going on in this world, but there are still good. I see love on a daily basis and I am thankful to God for that. I see selfless acts that make me happy enough to cry. I see selfish stuff and mean stuff and generally insane stuff too. The good has always outweighed the bad.

Live for God and for your family. Don’t get caught up in too many material things. We are a society of excess. Try not to participate in that. Help others when you can. Go with your gut instinct, even when you are afraid to. God has given us intuition and you can count on it 95% of the time.

Life is brief. Turn off the TV. Heck turn it off for a month. Go outside. Plant a tree with someone you love. Build something. Garden. Carve something out of wood. Go for a walk in the woods. Go for a drive. Read.

Get right with God.

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Hospital with kid…

Right now I’m in the hospital with my little girl. Dehydrated and throwing up and has diarrhea. Things like this make you realize how fragile we all are and how thankful that I should be to have such a beautiful family. I’m blessed to have the health-care that I currently do.

I’m thankful to God daily for my family and little girl. Some days I am not thankful enough.

For those of you out there going through a similar situation where you have a sick kid in the hospital hooked up to an IV or something similar, give it to God. Give your worry to Him. He will help you. He has never let me down. I however never question “why me”, because I figure “why not me?” I’m just as available as someone else.

Life is not fair or easy. Do your best.

God Bless. Life’s short.

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More Random Thoughts…

+ Thank God for the rain.

+ Glad to have a job.

+ Happy I’m married to the woman I love more than anything.

+ People that wear their pants below the ass are fucking idiots.

+ My next vehicle will be a full size pickup truck.

+ I think we are very near to the end of days. Seriously.

+ Our government has gotten so big that the left hand has NO idea what the right hand is doing.

+ Most people are NOT observant enough.

+ Jay Leno does NOT need more makeup or hairspray. Dang man, enough!

+ I have to remember that “This too shall pass” can be applied daily to many things.

+ Everyone should always carry a good pocket knife. No cheapies.

+ TOW Missiles are freakin’ fast.


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Random thoughts – revisited…

+ I absolutely love my life, and my family.

+ Even though some days I seem to think I’m getting the short end of the stick, God shows me otherwise.

+ I spent $34.80 today to refuel my car.

+ I think everyone should own and carry a useful pocket knife.

+ I think I may read ’23 minutes in hell’. Not sure yet.

+ There is a black ‘hair thingy’ on my desk.

+ I need to replace the mouse. The left button is not clicking all the time these days.

+ Some days I wish that the Internet was never invented and we didn’t have cell phones either.

+ I’m a Christian and I get upset when I mess up….especially when I swear.

+ My car has a top speed of 137 MPH, and I have confirmed that.

+ I would like to have more art in my house.

+ I want to learn how to play the piano.

+ I shaved my head today. I do it regularly anyway.

+ It’s now 1:39am EST.

+ Wear your seatbelt!

+ I wonder if anyone ever uses the Scroll Lock key?

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