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It’s almost comical to see how people just seem to want to get more “stuff”.  Everyone seems like they are in the constant pursuit of things.  Worthless things.  Things that they think may give them pleasure, status, mostly a bunch of stuff they don’t need.

It just makes me think of the movie Fight Club where Tyler Durden says these two things:

-“We’re consumers. We are bi-products of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty, these things don’t concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with 500 channels, some guy’s name on my underwear.”-

-“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”-

You can’t really say it much better than that.  We all need to wake up and quit with the bullshit that we just keep doing everyday.  Now I know there are some genuine people out there that don’t have extra to spend on stuff, so I’m not referring to them.  I do find it funny that sometimes I see someone living in a 1950’s home with 1300 square feet and they have a 50″ TV in the living room and a $40,000 vehicle in the drive way.  What the hell?

Hey whatever……I guess.  Rock on with your bad self. [:confused smile:]


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The brevity of life

Life is very brief. We all seem to be flying through life and doing our own things. We all need to get into God’s word and realize what is coming. We need to spend time with those that we love. Don’t take for granted one single day that you get to see your grandma, or your wife smile at you. A hug from your daughter or son. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid or shy. If you love someone tell them that before you are gone, or before they are gone.

Material things don’t matter. Friendship, brotherhood, a relationship with God is what matters. The amount of time we spend on this spinning beautiful rock we call Earth is brief. The rate at which time goes by seems to increase by the year. It is truly incredible.

There may be a lot of horrible vile things going on in this world, but there are still good. I see love on a daily basis and I am thankful to God for that. I see selfless acts that make me happy enough to cry. I see selfish stuff and mean stuff and generally insane stuff too. The good has always outweighed the bad.

Live for God and for your family. Don’t get caught up in too many material things. We are a society of excess. Try not to participate in that. Help others when you can. Go with your gut instinct, even when you are afraid to. God has given us intuition and you can count on it 95% of the time.

Life is brief. Turn off the TV. Heck turn it off for a month. Go outside. Plant a tree with someone you love. Build something. Garden. Carve something out of wood. Go for a walk in the woods. Go for a drive. Read.

Get right with God.

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I miss working with my hands

So for the last two days I’ve been working with my hands. I’ve been building a jungle gym from scratch out of treated lumber. I didn’t buy a kit or plans or anything. I’m doing it myself by plans that I put together by thinking, doing a bit of math, etc…

It is in my back yard. I love doing the work. Cutting the lumber, lifting it around, sweating, drilling, hammering, tightening bolts. I really miss working with my hands. It is very satisfying after a good days work. You cannot get that kind of satisfying with an office job. Believe me, I know. I work at an office job all day most days. This was a personal thing. I’ll probably be working on it every night this week after work until it’s dark. I love building things and fixing things.

Man do I enjoy that. What a great day.

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Things that make you warm and comfy

As I sit in my very comfortable and cozy home I realize how blessed I am. I am very thankful to God for all that He has provided me.

I started to think about different things that just take me back to my childhood or things that make you just feel ‘at home’ or ‘comfy’.

First off, all these memories or ‘things’ will come from a time where cell phones never existed. To me you cannot be comfy in a house where a cell phone is ringing. This probably stems from me having to be on-call where I work.

I think of how nice it is to be home on a chilly afternoon, sitting on the couch or chair, with my feet upon the ottoman (I call it a hassock but most people are like “WTF?”) watching a baseball game on TV and eating some peanuts. I think of being at my grandparents house and reading a book on the living room floor while my grandmother would be quilting or knitting. My grandfather would be reading the news paper with a toothpick in his mouth.

Today I sit here on the ‘love seat’ in the living room with my laptop typing this. My wife is at the store picking up some groceries and my daughter is sitting in the chair across from me coloring and watching ‘The Flintstones’ off and on. I’m sipping on a cup of Chock full o’Nuts coffee. It’s 2:30pm but it is about 43 degrees outside and very windy, so it’s nice to be inside and cozy.

I like sitting here in the living room during the fall and winter with a sweater on, a pair of jeans, and the fireplace roaring. We have a large wood burning fireplace that is right in the living room. Our cats love lying in front of the fireplace and warming their bodies while the fire is burning. Fire is amazing and there is nothing in the world like a good fire (outside or inside) to make you warm and cozy.

It is also very nice to lie across the bed with some peace and quiet and read a book or page through a magazine. For me, Popular Mechanics or Consumer Reports are a good start.

Add a slice of apple pie or pecan pie and we’re all set. 😉


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Cuyahoga Falls 12th Street Dustbowl

Well my street is officially a dust-bowl. I guess the city of Cuyahoga Falls has chosen to contract out the replacement of the sanitary sewers and the storm sewers. That’s fine, but Cioffi Construction has been contracted to do it and I think they are doing a pretty shitty job. All I’ve ever heard about them is how they have low bids because they throw shit in and do a messy (just meets code) job.

So my street had a ditch about 6 feet wide down the center and now it’s been filled back up with dirt and back-fill gravel etc. Problem is, there is gravel and dirt all the way down the street. They could have sprayed it with some tar or some other stuff to keep the dust down. So instead of keeping the road closed to everyone but residents it’s open. Now people are flying down the street like it was made for baja and it kicks up plumes of dust from the dirt. This dust is ending up all over my house, cars, everything. I can’t even open up my windows for some fresh air or else all I get is dust and then it comes in and settles on everything in my house.

It’s a fucking wreck and I’m pissed off. It’s a fucking sub-par job at best. There is a guy down the street from me that has written (in the dust) on the back window of his van “Go around the block next time. The Dust Bowl.” It’s true. Twelfth street should be closed and allow only residents to traverse it.

Oh well, I guess this too shall pass.

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As of late I’ve started to get the feeling that I need/want less things. It’s a good feeling really.

As Tyler Durden said in the movie “Fight Club”, “The things you own end up owning you”. I don’t want that.

I’m going to start getting rid of things (or give them away) if I have no use for them. Why have 10 spares of something? Why have all this neat stuff just to look at? Why have stuff at all? If it’s not a tool to help me do something, or a thing to sleep in or sit on, or something to help me prepare or store food and water, what do I need it for? It occurs to me that we seem to work to get stuff and then need places to put stuff. Why?

Why are people hoarders? I don’t mean the people that have like hoarders disease or anything either. I mean why do people in general collect things or trinkets or anything? Why do people collect baseball cards, or pocket knives (like me) or anything for that matter?

I have enough pocket knives to last probably five lifetimes. I don’t need but one or maybe two.

This is a good read regarding minimalism. <——-clicky clicky

We all need to give up the pursuit of things.

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When you cannot hear your smoke alarm!

It is now 3:15am EST. I was just woken up by what I thought was some CO Alarm or Smoke Alarm. It was really faint. I had to stop moving and tilt my head to even hear it. I threw the covers off me and grabbed the Surefire to see what was up. It didn’t sound like any alarm I had in my house so I thought it might be a car alarm or something else. It almost sounded like a “high water” alarm if you know what I mean (for a sump pump).

Anyway…now I’m up…and my adrenaline is going nuts because I just now thought I was going to have to get my family out of the house. So this now occurs to me to have my wife lay awake in bed while I go downstairs into the basement and set off one of the alarms on purpose to see if she could hear it. So I do that (our bedroom is on the second floor). I get back upstairs and she said she didn’t hear anything.  I’m like…..”****, well OK can you go downstairs and do it while I lay up here and listen?”. She does it. I can barely hear it. I about crapped my pants.

I have a smoke/fire (not sure which it is) within 2 feet of my furnace and water heater. I have another one at the base of my basement stairs (in the basement). I have another one at the top of the basement stairs right in the hallway outside of our kitchen. I have another one at the top of the stairs right outside our bedroom. It’s really right at the top of our stairs on the 2nd floor ceiling. This is right outside my bedroom and my daughter’s bedroom. I always replace the batteries in them and am goofy anal about it.

For whatever reason it only occurred to me today that if the ones in the basement go off I will most likely never hear them. I will not be woken up until either the first floor alarm or 2nd floor alarm goes off. This is not acceptable to me. I want to change it.

So now I’m going to go sleep on the couch in the living room because I am afraid it will go off and I will not hear it. Poop!

I would recommend everyone here have someone set off a basement alarm (if you have one) to see if you can hear it where you sleep.

Today I went to Lowes and picked up 2 “Kiddie Wireless Linked Smoke Detectors”. I put one in my basement and one upstairs by our bedrooms. I tested one and the other one went off. Works perfectly. I love it. Well worth it in my opinion. I paid $40 each for them and I plan to get a couple more over the next couple weeks. So it was $85 out the door for 2 of them.

I then took one of my other detectors (less than 3 years old) and put it in our living room even though it’s unlinked. When I put a linked one on the first floor I will move my other unlinked couple year old one down to the basement.

This will give me a linked detector on each floor and an additional unlinked one in the basement and also on the first floor.

I will then have 2 in the basement, 2 on the first floor and 1 on the second floor.

In a week or two I plan to buy a couple more to make my whole house linked.

Here’s what I bought:

I really suggest you check yours out.  I also suggest that if your smoke detectors are 10 years old you replace them.  They become 3% less reliable every year so if yours are 10 years old they are only 70% accurate.  This statistic is from a fireman that I know.

Sometimes we need to not keep throwing batteries at our current smoke detectors, but instead replace them with new ones.

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