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Abandoned in Paris – a book by my father

It has been 13, almost 14 years now since I found out that I had another sister.  I grew up with a sister that was 2 years younger than I.  In 2003 I found out that I had an older sister that was born, raised, and currently living in France.  Seriously.  My dad called my sister (that I grew up with) and I and asked if we could have a family meeting; he wanted to tell us something.  It was something he didn’t want to tell us over the phone.  Both Chalan (my sister) and I figured that they were going to tell us either mom or dad had some bad medical condition.  Nope.  Just an extra sister. 🙂  What a relief.

My dad is awesome and he is my hero.  He gave up so many things so that my sister and I could have things when we were little.  They didn’t always have enough money for bills, but they made things work.  Dad is a master plumber and has been for over 50 years now.  He is 70 and still working as a plumber every day.

Long story short, he recently wrote a book about his daughter (Aude) finding him.  This book is called “Abandoned in Paris”.  He received a letter in the mail in 2003 and it was from the daughter whom with he had never met or spoken with.  If you are interested you can purchase the book on Amazon as well as CreateSpace.

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We need to quit wasting our time…

We all need to quit wasting our time. Imagine how productive and influential we could be if we all quit doing useless things.

Tonight I was in a high school auditorium getting ready to watch an on-stage show. There were about 600 people give or take in the auditorium. Before the show instead of talking to each other and stuff about half of the people were playing with their phones. Are you fucking serious? Come on. Completely ignoring the person beside them that they came with and instead dicking with their phone.

We need to quit playing games on our phones, posting stupid bullshit to facebook and twitter, and actually go do something productive with our time.

I’m removing all the games from my iPhone and leaving them off. The other day I was playing “Doodle Jump” and it said that total time played was 6 hours and 39 minutes. Now this is over a month or two. I was like “WHAT??”. Think of other things I could have done with those 6+ hours. I’ve been wasting my time.

The time we waste these days is amazing to me. We don’t seem to care. We don’t want to learn to do anything new, we just want to “exist”. That’s shit. Not me. Not anymore.

I want to do other things. I want to talk and spend time and do things with the real people in my life that I see daily or weekly. I don’t want to banter back and forth on facebook anymore. I don’t want to text. Instead I want to talk on the phone or face to face (and NO not facetime on the iPhone). I want to be outside and do healthy fun things.

We could do so much good if we threw out our damn TV’s. Those things suck the time out of your life. I remember the old bumper stickers that said “Kill your television”. I believe in that saying now. TV’s suck.

Put down your phones and quit using them as toys. Use them instead as a tool. If it helps you do something that’s great. If it helps you pass time, that sucks.

Live life. Go do stuff. Get up off the couch or recliner, and turn off the TV. Build something, paint, draw, learn something new. Learn how to make a fire without anything but wood and your hands and maybe some string or a shoelace. Do something useful.

When was the last time you did something useful instead of just messing around wasting time?


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Things going on as of late…

Busy at the new job, but loving it. Recently was blindsided by the fact that a loved one may have cancer, but don’t know yet. We’ll deal with it the best we can and leave the rest up to God. I try hard to not worry about things I cannot change.

Had an old 1952 Winchester Model 94 .30-30 gifted to me. For being 59 years old the thing looks like it’s was either never fired or it’s only fired a few rounds. It’s not “mint” but it does have a few “character marks”. Those are the best. It used to be my wife’s grandfather’s rifle. It’s a great old gun. I love old lever guns. Gonna give ‘er a good cleaning and take it shooting and get some enjoyment out of something old. I like old things.

I’ve had an iPhone 4 for about 6 months now and I have no complaints. I love the phone and once again, think Apple did a kick butt job on this phone. I’m excited for the new stuff to come out in June but I can’t see myself replacing anything as I’m very satisfied with the iPhone 4.

I want to read the book Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It seems like a great, back to just the basics of life, book. I will do this sometime soon.

Drink water!

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The brevity of life

Life is very brief. We all seem to be flying through life and doing our own things. We all need to get into God’s word and realize what is coming. We need to spend time with those that we love. Don’t take for granted one single day that you get to see your grandma, or your wife smile at you. A hug from your daughter or son. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid or shy. If you love someone tell them that before you are gone, or before they are gone.

Material things don’t matter. Friendship, brotherhood, a relationship with God is what matters. The amount of time we spend on this spinning beautiful rock we call Earth is brief. The rate at which time goes by seems to increase by the year. It is truly incredible.

There may be a lot of horrible vile things going on in this world, but there are still good. I see love on a daily basis and I am thankful to God for that. I see selfless acts that make me happy enough to cry. I see selfish stuff and mean stuff and generally insane stuff too. The good has always outweighed the bad.

Live for God and for your family. Don’t get caught up in too many material things. We are a society of excess. Try not to participate in that. Help others when you can. Go with your gut instinct, even when you are afraid to. God has given us intuition and you can count on it 95% of the time.

Life is brief. Turn off the TV. Heck turn it off for a month. Go outside. Plant a tree with someone you love. Build something. Garden. Carve something out of wood. Go for a walk in the woods. Go for a drive. Read.

Get right with God.

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Random Thoughts for May

+ I’m tired and I’ve not slept much in the last two days.

+ I wish cell phones were never invented.

+ I cannot believe anyone would buy something called “iPad”.

+ Code Red Mountain Dew!

+ ZDP-189 = the stuff.

+ “Shit My Dad Says” is a good book.

+ I’ve always had good luck with HP Printers.

+ I smashed my iPod with a 5 lb. sledgehammer. On purpose.

+ Multitasking is total bullshit for humans.

+ We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan? Fuck.

+ Nobody should ever use terms like “team building” or “synergy”. What….are you fucking drunk?

+ Greed will kill this planet.

+ I will stock up on incandescent bulbs. CPF bulbs are too “cold” and they will never be the same.

+ More people should read, and turn off the TV.

+ Animals are wonderful.

+ Quantity time with your kids is way better than quality time.

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Things that make you warm and comfy

As I sit in my very comfortable and cozy home I realize how blessed I am. I am very thankful to God for all that He has provided me.

I started to think about different things that just take me back to my childhood or things that make you just feel ‘at home’ or ‘comfy’.

First off, all these memories or ‘things’ will come from a time where cell phones never existed. To me you cannot be comfy in a house where a cell phone is ringing. This probably stems from me having to be on-call where I work.

I think of how nice it is to be home on a chilly afternoon, sitting on the couch or chair, with my feet upon the ottoman (I call it a hassock but most people are like “WTF?”) watching a baseball game on TV and eating some peanuts. I think of being at my grandparents house and reading a book on the living room floor while my grandmother would be quilting or knitting. My grandfather would be reading the news paper with a toothpick in his mouth.

Today I sit here on the ‘love seat’ in the living room with my laptop typing this. My wife is at the store picking up some groceries and my daughter is sitting in the chair across from me coloring and watching ‘The Flintstones’ off and on. I’m sipping on a cup of Chock full o’Nuts coffee. It’s 2:30pm but it is about 43 degrees outside and very windy, so it’s nice to be inside and cozy.

I like sitting here in the living room during the fall and winter with a sweater on, a pair of jeans, and the fireplace roaring. We have a large wood burning fireplace that is right in the living room. Our cats love lying in front of the fireplace and warming their bodies while the fire is burning. Fire is amazing and there is nothing in the world like a good fire (outside or inside) to make you warm and cozy.

It is also very nice to lie across the bed with some peace and quiet and read a book or page through a magazine. For me, Popular Mechanics or Consumer Reports are a good start.

Add a slice of apple pie or pecan pie and we’re all set. 😉


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Shit My Dad Says

What great stuff. and

My wife and I started reading this guy’s twitter page long before he ever became popular. I just wanted to let folks know (whoever reads this) that the book is out and it is perfect. Justin Halpern tells it like it is (well actually I guess his dad does). Not really much I can add to this so I’ll stop. Follow him on Twitter and if you like….buy the book.

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