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Current events and Ferguson, Missouri

White, black, yellow, tan, and cream colored people have rioted, burned shit, and just straight acted like morons after many things. They have done it after a sports team won or lost. They have done it after trials, in war, and when there is any type opposing tension between two crowds of people. A black man lost his life due to a cop (Ferguson, Missouri). In Akron, OH. white cop lost his life due to a black man. There are many other examples where people shoot other people. It’s not whites against blacks or blacks against whites; it is bad people against good people. I know good and bad folks that are white, black, yellow, tan and cream colored (no, not all different colors on one person jackass).

Violence is never a good answer unless it is the ONLY way to save you or your family. Violence should always be a last resort. I’m sure this seems like “common sense” to most but there are a lot of common folk out there that lack this “sense”.

Cops should try as hard as they can to not use lethal force unless they have to, I know there are some that lack training. I’m sure some cops shouldn’t even be cops but they are. Likewise, when confronted by a cop, the last thing you should do is make any sudden movements or any movement like you are grabbing for something when they tell you to put your hands in the air.

Nobody wins in these current situations folks. Seriously NOBODY. Let’s try to fix this the right way and not with our anger and emotions. I know it’s easier said than done but then again, so are most things.


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Traditional Axe making and house building

This is just amazing. Some days I wish life were this simple. Hard work, and peace and quiet.

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Shit My Dad Says

What great stuff. and

My wife and I started reading this guy’s twitter page long before he ever became popular. I just wanted to let folks know (whoever reads this) that the book is out and it is perfect. Justin Halpern tells it like it is (well actually I guess his dad does). Not really much I can add to this so I’ll stop. Follow him on Twitter and if you like….buy the book.

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Merry Christmas and Thanks to all the soldiers

I want to say Merry Christmas and thank you to all of the soldiers. I don’t mean the ones just in Iraq or Afghanistan. This goes out to the soldiers all over the world. Whether you work at a desk or are on the front lines your job matters. Whether people agree with the current administration’s decisions about if we should be at war or not, we should always support our soldiers. Don’t NOT support our soldiers just because you don’t like a political decision.

Thanks to all the soldiers from Austrailia, France, Germany, Canada, and all of the other NATO forces that are also at war somewhere either helping out in Iraq, or Afghanistan or somewhere else in the world.

I just want to give out a thanks to you all. I pray for you all daily. I have a special place in my heart for soldiers. Nothing I could ever say or do would be enough to express my thanks to you for what you do.

I thank you very much. I also pray you have a safe deployment and get home safely.

For those that have given their lives so that I may be free, “thank you” is not enough, but it is all I can say over this simple medium.


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