Who is Dave?

I like to write and get stuff out on “paper”. It helps me to “decompress” so that I don’t get anxious or stressed out.

I don’t really write this stuff for anyone in particular. I just like to write and it’s available to me, so I do it. This is my outlet. This is how I put stuff “on paper” that I want to write about or that I just need to get off my chest. Sometimes I write just to write. I enjoy it.

If you don’t like what I write, or if it offends you, I don’t care.


8 responses to “Who is Dave?

  1. Dave

    I saw some of your posts on Benchmade forums. Nice watch by the way. Interesting site you have here, going back to peruse all. I just started to read the Smoking story…correct! Going back to peruse all.

    Keep the Faith!

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    Are you from the Benchmade forum or did you just stumble across this site?  I thought I posted my watch picture over at the Spyderco forum. 🙂
    I appreciate the comment. I don’t get very many and I read them all.

    God Bless,
    Dave (DaveSays)

  3. Sid Crow

    Hello Dave
    Did you find the brass rod and tubing you need for the Mule handle?Also you might take a look at ADI Glendale AZ for iron wood and other cool wood scale material. The lanyard hole tubing is 1/4 inch and the pins I am using are 3/8 they fit the hole perfect.I think Quickbeam used 1/4 inch tubing and pins then used epoxy to fill in the difference.I think a little larger pins will look good IMHO.Just let me know if you need any help finding the material.
    AKA Crowbar1

  4. Hi Dave,I am the webmaster for the VFW post 1622 web site. I was wondering if I could use you letter in our VFW news letter and on our web site.
    I think it is great!

  5. Judy,

    Absolutely! I would be honored. Thanks for what you do with your VFW. Seriously thanks!

    My father in law was a POW for 22 months in Germany. He just died last July.


  6. Dave, are you still here?

  7. DavieSays, it depends….. who’s askin’?

  8. Me! I stumbled upon your blog and see it hasn’t been used in a while and wondered why. I’d like to see more of your odds-and-ends.

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