Malaysia flight MH370 – something odd going on

This shit is getting ridiculous folks.  Somebody knows something about this flight and is keeping it “hush hush” due to some bullshit political reason.  You cannot tell me that China, Vietnam, India, and Australia (along with some other nations) would not have kept track of aircraft within a few hundred miles of their borders?  Along with that, the US Military has bases all over the place over there.  I would imagine at Diego Garcia (a military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean) they know what happened to that Boeing 777.  Who is not talking…and why are they not talking?

Funny that the NSA and Google probably know where I am at during the day, at any given time but we can’t find a huge passenger jet.  I feel like something is going on with this flight.  My gut instinct is that it didn’t crash.  My gut says that it turned all of the transponders off and landed at a remote runway, military or otherwise.  It was hi-jacked.  I think in a day and age where we have thousands of satellites and cameras all over the globe that we should know where a commercial aircraft is, even if it “crashed”.

I don’t think that flight 93 “crashed”.  I think it was shot down so it wouldn’t hit the White House.  I don’t think that flight MH370 “crashed” either.  I think it is on the ground some where with survivors and someone will be asking for ransom soon.  I hope this is actually true.  Better to have 239 people alive than dead.



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4 responses to “Malaysia flight MH370 – something odd going on

  1. Susie

    Good timing on your thoughts Dave for me about this “missing ” plane as I have read and read and read about it this morning and something is seriously wrong here. There is no way anyone can lose a plane these days. Even if it did fall into the ocean. I cannot wait to hear the truth – if we ever get it.

  2. Susie, I agree. Because it went “missing” this really intrigues me and I am doing the same (reading whatever I can find) to get the truth. It is not out yet though (the truth). I just hope the people are OK.

  3. Dan Crocker

    I think they should modify aircraft transponder systems so that the pilots (or anyone else) DO NOT have access to turn off the circuit. It should be autonomous.

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