I miss the old days

I miss the old days.  I miss the days before cell phones, before cordless phones, before DVD players.  It seems that people were a happier bunch.  We had to worry about drunk driving but not texting and driving.   If someone needed to reach you and you were not home, it was anyone’s guess where you were…unless you told them.  I remember being in college in the mid nineties and still using a pen and paper to jot down a phone number.  Nobody had a computer in class.  Email looked pretty much like DOS and you only used it at the school library or at home if you were “well off”.

I miss just going out for a drive and having no distractions.  You either talked to someone in the car with you or you just drove and enjoyed what was around you.  You took in the scenery.  Now you see people sitting at lights and they are just fucking with their damn phones.  People are missing some pretty cool stuff by not looking out the window.  People are too involved in their stupid social mediums.

I miss taking a road trip and using a road atlas.  Fuck GPS.  Too many people rely on GPS and can’t even read a map.   God forbid if they ever have to get anywhere without electronics.

I miss having the power go out and lighting candles and just hanging around the house.  Rarely does the power go out where I live anymore.  It is nice, don’t get me wrong but sometimes having the power out would be neat…like the old days.

Like Brooks said in the Shawshank Redemption “The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.”  That’s the truth.


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One response to “I miss the old days

  1. Zübeyde

    i think it depends on each person what a cell phone makes with them, like everyone has different opinions and thinkings. Its true that the cell phone is a material that makes people dumber.. everyone is thinking that the cell phone can help you with everything in your life. Cell phone, TV, game consoles or anything electronic is a way of communication. Its just the human have to decide how to communicate, in how much amounts and in which situations. The human self is dumb, to let them selves make dumb by the materials. Its all are just things in life that helps people from losing humanity. And i wish people didn’t lost the meaning of humanity but still know the actual meaning of it. The cell phone and all other helps with good communications but also is the cause of many negative things in life. Its depends on each person.. how they want use it.

    I apologize for my bad English, never got a good English education.
    I hope you can understand.

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