One week ago today I had to take one of my cats to be put down.  I hated it.  I miss her so much.  I never thought I could love a little furry animal so much.  I mean, my gut still hurts.  I lost a friend; a friend I had for 10 years.  Her name was Lucy.  She was a simple looking grey cat.  I never thought grey would be so beautiful.  She had little polka dots on her belly and her belly was a light grey/white.  You could look into her eyes and see that she was an old soul.  She was wise.  It was like looking into the eyes of a cat and realizing that you were looking at a soul that was two hundred years old.  She never bit any of us.  She was very protective of us, and she was never mean at all.  I learned a lot from Lucy.  She was patient, and all she ever did was love.  She gave so much love that it was infectious.  Everyday I remember something else that she used to do and I miss her more.  It is hard for me and I am almost in tears as I type this.  I love her so much.  I have a wife and a child and I love them both like nothing else on this earth.  With that said, I am still surprised how much I love Lucy and how much I miss her.  We have other cats, they just are not Lucy.  They are wonderful, but none of them is anything like Lucy.  They just don’t have the depth that Lucy did.

Lucy picked us sometime in the summer of 2002.  She kept coming to our back door and we decided after seeing her drinking from a lake and looking hungry that we would give her a home.  She is the best pet and friend that I’ve ever had, not counting my wife or child.  I dearly hope that I get to cross paths with her again in the future.  I hope we meet and can hang out for a long time.  I miss my friend.  I love you Lucy.  I always will.



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