Radio Commercials – do they work?

So, something I’ve been wondering as of late; do radio advertisements even work?  I don’t think they do. I often drive 45 minutes each way to and from work and I alternate between 2 or 3 stations.  If I’m listening to a talk radio show like “The Alan Cox Show” and he goes to a commercial break, I switch back to NPR.  If I’m listening to NPR and they go to break, I switch over to Alan Cox.  If they are both on a commercial break  at the same time (this rarely happens) I switch over to an alternate radio station. Sometimes I may listen to a song or two on the “third” station before I go back to NPR or Alan Cox.  So, I never hear these commercials.  I cannot believe that I would be the only person to do this.  I can guarantee that tons of other people do this.  Who the heck actually hears the commercials?  

I would bet if there was a way to do an accurate study the advertisement/marketing folks would be blown away by how many of their ads are NEVER heard.  This makes me laugh to an extent because when I do actually hear a commercial (rare) it sucks.  I mean it sucks so bad that I think a 14 year old kid could have come up with a better commercial.

I’d be curious to see what other folks think about ads/commercials on the radio and if they really work.


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