Windows Phone sucks

Let me start off by saying that I have been an iPhone user for the last 2 years. I love the iPhone. I have tried a couple phones with the Google Android OS as well. I thought that they were pretty cool. I would say on a scale of 1-10 that the iPhone would be an 8 and Droid phones would be a 7 (maybe a 6 for certain phones). Well on that same scale I would give the Windows Phones a 4.

I have used an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and currently use an iPhone 4S. I have loved them all. I also think that with each iOS update the phones get better. I was given the opportunity to try out a Samsun Focus S with Windows Phone 7.5 loaded on it. I was able to try the phone for 30 days. I made it 24 hours and no longer wanted the Windows Phone. I moved my SIM card and my phone number to the Windows Phone and had turned off my iPhone and put it in a drawer. I now have my iPhone 4S back and am back using it again. Thank God. Below I list the reasons that the Windows Phone sucked. If Microsoft doesn’t make major changes to Windows Phone 8 it will fail just as bad as Windows Phone 7.5.

The reason for this phone sucking are partially due to Samsung and partially due to the Windows Phone OS.

✖ No visual voicemail. You have to call in and listen to your voicemail. This was on AT&T. Maybe it’s different with another provider.

✖ No good apps. No United Airlines app which I need for work. No good receipt scanning app. No “Words with Friends”. All the Navigation apps sucked. The included AT&T Navigator sucks. Bing maps suck.

✖ The way the camera is setup is garbage. The button is on the lower right side of the phone. You hit the damn thing on accident all the time. It will not macro focus. You cannot tap to focus. You tap and it takes a picture. In addition you can turn off the camera button so that it doesn’t work (when the phone is locked). That also doesn’t work. Seriously. I enabled that setting, and then locked the phone. After holding down the camera button it comes right up and I can take pictures. It’s easy to see that they didn’t put much thought into how the camera works at all.

✖ The way that the games are tied to XBOX live seems childish. I don’t own an XBOX. I don’t need avatars or online game scores or whatever else populating onto my phone in the “games” section. I would rather each game be a separate app like on the iPhone or Droid.

✖ The Windows Phone native Facebook and Twitter “tie-ins” suck. I had to disable them and download full apps. They didn’t look anything like Facebook or Twitter. Just a boring white page with jumbled large and small text trying to look trendy. It just looks horrible like that.

✖ The time shows up in the upper right hand corner of the phone. If you want to see the battery icon, your connection status, and/or WiFi status you have to tap the top of the screen to get all of those other icons to “slide down” out of no-where and you can see them. After a minute they are gone again, only leaving you the time. I realize that when you have no service, or a low battery the icons do show up. That’s too late in my opinion. At least give us the option to have all the icons on all the time.

✖ Microsoft tries to tell you that with this new Windows Phone you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of apps like you would with your iPhone. With the Windows Phone you have to scroll up and down instead of side to side. No difference. They fit less on a page because they use huge square tiles instead of nice compact icons that have descriptive logos or colors like the iPhone and Droid phones use. Some people may like this. Not me.

As a side note, the way them rename their products ever year or two needs to stop. You have people who have a @hotmail account or an @live account and it’s no longer called Windows Live. They actually did start using the “Hotmail” name again. That’s a move in the right direction. Every now and then I get people asking me what the heck is a “Live” account. Heck they have renamed it from Hotmail to MSN to Live Mail and now back to Hotmail. Someone at Microsoft sure likes to change names a lot.

It is hard for me to imagine how a product like this can leave the building without someone going “uh guys…..yeah we can’t leave this phone like this”. How does nobody see the problems they are allowing it to ship with? Was it rushed to market? I guess I shouldn’t wonder since Microsoft has a history of releasing incomplete stuff to market and calling it “finished” or “final”. They did it with Windows Me, and Windows Vista. I hope they don’t do it with Windows 8.

For those interested, linked below is a much better write up on why the Windows Phone sucks.

I did edit this post to take much of the swearing out and some of the really harsh language. I did so because I felt it made the article a bit more crisp and drove the point home better.

For the record I didn’t hate everything about it. I really like how well Microsoft Exchange mail works on the phone and I do like the overall layout of Email on the phone. It would be nice to be able to have an “All Mail” folder that would change my view and aggregate all of my accounts into one folder. It’s easier to quickly move or delete mail like that. The touchscreen was very responsive and the on-screen keyboard was perfect. No complaints. The lock screen was informative and much nicer than the lock screen on an iPhone. The phone was thinner and lighter than the iPhone and I did prefer the lightness and the feel of the Samsung Focus S to that of my iPhone 4S.



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14 responses to “Windows Phone sucks

  1. Dee

    Err, given your inability to say anything in an objective manor it doesn’t surprise me you have had difficulties adjusting to Windows Phone. It is different, ergo you need to learn. Let me say that again in case it didn’t sink in, Windows Phone is different to an iPhone, and Android, there for YOU have to LEARN.

    The fact you ditched it after only a day, the fact you write like a teenage fan-boy and finally the fact that you haven’t been objective from the very first words that littered your blog here tells me and any other sane mature individual that you shouldn’t be doing such reviews any more, its a waste of energy, a waste of time and worst of all, its just plain inaccurate FUD.

    Dont give up the day job son, or more likely, get your arse back to school.

  2. Could you use the word “err” and “ergo” a few more times? It doesn’t take more than about 3 hours to “learn” a Windows phone. I work in IT and the fact that you used the word “fan-boy” tells me that you got butt-hurt by my blog post. My blog is not about reviewing phones as I have much better things to do in life. Not gonna quit my day job as it’s one that I love very much. I get paid to do my hobby, in fact. Read my about page. This is a place for me to write what I want. If yo don’t like what I wrote and are going to get all butt-hurt when someone slams on something you like then I suggest you get the fuck out and go read something else.

    This isn’t a politically correct phone review site. I’m not ever politically correct. I hate that stupid bullshit. I tell it like it is and most people like it. I’m not fake like half of society.

  3. chris


    Despite the fact that the author only had the phone a day, he still manages to hit every single complaint I have about the phone and I have been stuck with it for over a year now.

    My roommate works at Microsoft and convinced me to give wp7 a try… Worst mistake ever. The only thing he can say when I complain about it is “just wait, it will be fixed”. Now a year later, nothing is better and there seem to be more and more issues with the OS every day.

    no one wants a windows live account, no one. I dont want to use Bing, it is more than useless and the maps are a joke.

    Half the apps my friends use dont event exist and if they do they are dumbed down versions that look like shit.

    i would normally have the same complaints about the authors writing style, but in this case it is absolutely justified in this case.

  4. Matt

    Just a quick point about the battery/signal indicators:

    They do stay up when your battery life is below a certain level, and when you have no signal, a symbol will show that also.

  5. anseio

    I stopped reading when you said there was no good receipt scanning app. Obviously, you have no idea how to use the WP7 or the Marketplace. You can simply use the camera to scan a receipt or actually use an app (HandyScan) to do it for you.

    Why take the time to use and review a product if you’re going to do it so poorly?

  6. @Matt, thanks for the info. I still would like to be given the option to have them show all the time.

    @anseio, HandyScan sucks. With the free version you cannot convert to PDF, or send to email from the App. I can do all that with Genius Scan on the iPhone. Do some more research before you post shit jackass. I’m not paying for a fucking scan app.

  7. Dee

    butt-hurt? The slang of today escapes me.

    I actually couldn’t give a damn what you think, or what you think I think. However the internet and people like yourself have a lot to answer for. People should buy a device based on their own needs, because of such bile like this, against any platform for that matter, that maybe completely baseless and even less objective, you have the side effect of infecting other people with your opinion, an opinion that is soon taken as fact.

    I can pick any platform and find crap like this all over the internet, you love iPhones, great, that’s fine, and if that phone suites your needs then so be it. same for WP users, same for Android users. Why is it that some suddenly feel the need to then slate one of the others without any form of rationalism and drenched in your own preconceived ideas.

    No I couldn’t give a damn what you think, but what I do care about is people being influenced by your tripe, completely discounting a device based on that nonsense then buying a device that may actually not suite their needs. You’ll note im not singling out WP here, im saying this for all platforms, including the slagging your beloved iphone gets.

    Apparently being responsible isn’t something you take much notice

  8. @Dee,

    If you didn’t notice, I was given the phone to try for 30 days. I didn’t need to buy it.

    It’s the Internet. You obviously don’t understand it. Everything on the Internet is not factual. There are facts and opinion. If you think my blog is fact you’re a fucking idiot.

    You care about people being influenced by my “tripe” huh? Right. I have to tell you, people are usually capable of making their own decisions. Most people read a bunch of opinions/reviews/etc and then make their own decision. If someone reads my blog and bases their entire decision on my one post then they deserve to get a shitty phone.

    Being responsible has nothing to do AT ALL with writing on a blog about a piece of technology. You must be a fucking space alien. Go back to space.

  9. Jimmy

    I think Dee just bought a WP last week…. trying to justify the shitty purchase… I would do the same 🙂

  10. Dee

    *Sigh, your attitude is as clueless as your views on the publics perception on phones.

    No, you are correct, one persons review doesn’t necessarily make someone buy a phone. But you see, as you have so amply proven, one persons view affects another persons who affects another, the effect being you end up with baseless FUD being portrayed as fact by the masses, which in turn can affect someone’s decisions.

    This is proven every day in field I work with, when a user is actually sat down with the product and shown it first hand, nearly all dramatically change their opinion for the better usually with the words “I heard…” “I thought that…” “someone said…” you can make the best most perfect product in the world that would help every living soul alive, and it could be buried under a mountain of crap that can get spread through the internet buy mindless comments and so called reviews

    Interestingly I was going to quote some of your text as examples but I see you have cleaned it up quite a bit. One bit that was left in place is the apparent need to sift through hundreds of pages of apps to get to the one you want, that isn’t true at all but could easily be misunderstood that way when you don’t have many apps installed, of course to your defence there as you pointed out there isn’t many apps available in the first place… a counter argument to that is that fact that as a PHONE it doesn’t actually need any other supporting apps, which is what MS has been trying (badly) to portray since the beginning.

    If MS was going to try and make something like Android and iOS then it would have just made WM better, which predates them all, WM is still the unchallenged PocketPC, in the literal sense of the word (excluding games and multimedia)

    Anyhow, Whilst it still screams of your lack of ability to learn and try something new it is at least quite a bit improved from your original post.

    I am not WP lover or whatever you call it, but I do know the world isn’t black and white, its grey and sometimes a bit pink, but rarely black and white.

  11. Svend Christiansen

    Dee and others.
    I have tried Iphone, Galaxy 2s and Nokia Lumia 900 for extended periods.
    I must say that the experience with the Lumia is an by by far the worst. Not because it is a terrible phone but because of the goddamn awful winpho system.
    It just sucks badly. Its ugly, it utilises the screen badly, it gets in your way, it forces you to use the ¤%#!! zune software to get anything off and on the phone, it imposes ridiculous limitations in LOTS of ways. I just makes it a pita to use the phone and especially when using it as a PHONE!!

    Phone buyers, a word from the wise. Don’t get burned by microsofts pos
    if you want polished, and just works, get an Iphone
    If you want more flexibility get an Android, the Galaxy 3S and HTC one X are excellent choices.

    AVOID windows phone at all costs!!!!

  12. djshdbdb

    A few good points, like not many apps, poor Facebook + Twitter. But the tiles are great. They let you see email count, text count, weather forecast, and images all without opening apps. (WP8 will allow 1/4 size tiles, fitting tons of apps on screen, but that’s in the future) Hidden icons reduces clutter. In reply to the comments about scanners, the search app has a scanner built in. Although I agree that Bing sucks. While also lacking in games, Xbox LIVE integration lets you unlock achievements for games on your phone as well as Xbox, and view XB IM messages. If you don’t use XBox LIVE, you don’t even have to look at the avatar page.

  13. Mail Me

    Is there a way to disable all the syncing madness?
    I just don’t want all my contacts and appointments and docs and notes… to be saved on MS server!

  14. Mail Me, no idea what you’re talking about as I don’t have one of those POS phones. -Dave

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