Grab-bag O’ Thoughts

► Don’t spend too much time in NYC, it will make you calloused.

► I’m blown away by the amount of bullshit that is on TV. People actually watch this vein crap? Are you fucking serious?

► I’m thankful for my little cozy house that I complain about sometimes because I have it better than most.

► I really love how in NYC there is no room so they just pile up trash on the sidewalks. Yuck.

► The 2012 presidential election may just be the first time I don’t vote. I think they are all jackasses.

► I started to like the show American Horror Story….then it just got too dark (evil).

► I do like the show “The Walking Dead”.

► I hate ads and commercials with a passion. If I had to give up my DVR I would quit watching TV. I only watch recorded things that I can fast-forward.

► I don’t watch “the news” on TV and haven’t for 7 or 8 years.

► The Chambers Hotel in NYC is over-priced and not all that it’s cracked up to be.

► I need to buy a new battery for my car.

► I really like 1095 carbon steel.

► I can’t imagine living somewhere that does not get snow around Christmas.

► I think Apple Computers are the best computers ever made.

► I am amazed by everything my iPhone can do.

► There is NOTHING like an ice cold Coca-Cola.

► I lost my coat in a rental car.

► Male flight attendants are weird and seem “stuck up” to me.

► There don’t seem to be a lot of fat people in NYC. I wonder if it is due to everyone walking so much?

► I need to write in my blog more. I always think of stuff to write about and then I forget it.

► Words with Friends is a great game.

► Merry Christmas!


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