Just a few thoughts…

Today I’m in the mood to just throw some things out there and sort of get ’em off my chest. In no particular order….here we go.

As of late I’m getting tired of having to beep at people more and more because I realize they are fucking texting at a traffic light or texting while driving etc. I just want to get a full size 1/2 Ton pickup with 3″ steel pipes welded onto the front for a huge push/brush bar and just mash into these fuckers when they do this. Fucking drive bitches! The road is not there for you to text on. If you must text, pull the fuck over and park or stop in the berm.

Next up is the fact that I’m very thankful. I try very hard to look at most things in a good light. I find good in almost everything. Tell me something bad or whine about something and I can find good in it for you.

I’m thankful for my job. It’s a job that most people would love to have, and I LOVE doing it. I get to do my hobby for a job and I am very passionate about it. Most people can’t say that. That’s a shame. I’m thankful that I have a pair of very comfortable shoes that I wore to work today. They don’t hurt, they feel great. As if that’s not enough, I have about five pairs of shoes that are nice looking, comfy, and will last a long time.

I think too many people go through life not realizing what they have and how valuable it already is. They always want more. I’m somewhat the same. I could go and just buy buy buy some days if my wife didn’t keep my butt in check. 🙂 My point is sometimes ya need to slow down and enjoy what you have. Seriously. Not even kidding.

To pull a quote from a favorite movie….. “The things you own…end up owning you”. ~Fight Club

Well today I had my first dental crown. My dentist kicks ass. No pain at all. Got a temporary crown on and will go back in three weeks to get my gold crown. Yep, I’m going with Gold because I’m a “grinder”; a bruxist I tell ya. Meaning that I grind my teeth at night and gold will not chip or break off due to grinding like porcelain or acrylic do.

And lastly….fake boobies taste funny. Keep ’em real.


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  1. PT

    Man, I’m with you on people not knowing how to drive. I’ve been trying really hard lately to be patient, because I think I have a small degree of “road rage possibility”. I found that if you just laugh at people, you’re anger will usually disappear 5 minutes later. I especially hate when people decide to walk across the road when they are supposed to and take incredibly TOO long. HURRY IT UP!

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