We need to quit wasting our time…

We all need to quit wasting our time. Imagine how productive and influential we could be if we all quit doing useless things.

Tonight I was in a high school auditorium getting ready to watch an on-stage show. There were about 600 people give or take in the auditorium. Before the show instead of talking to each other and stuff about half of the people were playing with their phones. Are you fucking serious? Come on. Completely ignoring the person beside them that they came with and instead dicking with their phone.

We need to quit playing games on our phones, posting stupid bullshit to facebook and twitter, and actually go do something productive with our time.

I’m removing all the games from my iPhone and leaving them off. The other day I was playing “Doodle Jump” and it said that total time played was 6 hours and 39 minutes. Now this is over a month or two. I was like “WHAT??”. Think of other things I could have done with those 6+ hours. I’ve been wasting my time.

The time we waste these days is amazing to me. We don’t seem to care. We don’t want to learn to do anything new, we just want to “exist”. That’s shit. Not me. Not anymore.

I want to do other things. I want to talk and spend time and do things with the real people in my life that I see daily or weekly. I don’t want to banter back and forth on facebook anymore. I don’t want to text. Instead I want to talk on the phone or face to face (and NO not facetime on the iPhone). I want to be outside and do healthy fun things.

We could do so much good if we threw out our damn TV’s. Those things suck the time out of your life. I remember the old bumper stickers that said “Kill your television”. I believe in that saying now. TV’s suck.

Put down your phones and quit using them as toys. Use them instead as a tool. If it helps you do something that’s great. If it helps you pass time, that sucks.

Live life. Go do stuff. Get up off the couch or recliner, and turn off the TV. Build something, paint, draw, learn something new. Learn how to make a fire without anything but wood and your hands and maybe some string or a shoelace. Do something useful.

When was the last time you did something useful instead of just messing around wasting time?



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