Some thoughts on world events

Man there is a lot of stuff going on as of late. Here are a few thoughts on them.

+ China seems to have no interest or cannot reign in its ally North Korea.

+ WTF is going on with and the asshole running it and feeding it information? Good Lord.

+ North Korea shoots and bombs South Korea and South Korea doesn’t do anything? You fucking kidding me?

+ Governments are secretive and should remain that way. The public do NOT have the right to know.

+ The TSA needs to start profiling. You don’t see the police screen 300,000 people when a crime is committed. They profile people and narrow down who is a likely suspect. Do the same. Don’t pat down children and old white people. Pat down people that fit the profile of a possible terrorist. When was the last time you heard about a 37 year old mother that hijacked an airplane? You didn’t, because it didn’t happen.


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