Why do people whistle?

I understand that everyone has their own little “tick” or something but what is up with people that whistle?

At work I’m walking down the hall and there is an older guy (about 75) walking in front of me. He’s just whistling up a storm. It was loud and annoying. That’s great if he’s happy and wants to do that but at least don’t ruin other people’s time by doing it. What if instead of whistling I was yelling the lyrics of a song I really like? That would be annoying to other people I bet.

I’m not a whistler so I don’t understand. I can whistle but at no point in time does it ever cross my mind “I should whistle, this song while I’m walking around”.

I mean seriously….what the fuck? Are you THAT bored?




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25 responses to “Why do people whistle?

  1. Michael K.

    I so totally agree with you…this is something I thought I was the only one in the world felt. I mean who am I to bitch about someone being happy enough to whistle…but omg for some unknown reason it gets on my last nerve. Maybe I’m supressing some terrible memory associated with whistling…who freakin’ knows but I’m with you…shut the fuck up.

  2. Jen

    If nothing is on fire and there is no immediate danger, whistlers should be smacked and kicked.

  3. C

    Whistlers should have their lips removed.

    That’ll do the trick – those little pricks annoy the shit out of me.

    Why doesn’t management have enough balls to address this unacceptable behavior?

  4. Gloria Spann

    It depends on the situation, sometimes listening to others whistle can be calming, soothing and relaxing.

  5. drew

    what if its anooying whistler and its the same song over and over and over and over….

  6. Whistlehater

    OMG I laughed and laughed at this because I totally agree with the first few responders. This drives me absolutely crazy and I am stuck with one of “those” people in my office. Have to shut my door to get away. Here I just though I was just cranky.

  7. Keith

    YES! Finally someone has spoken up about the atrocities of whistling. I have a roommate that whistles all the time and I can hear it from my room. Makes me want to run over his room with a 12-gauge and, well, you know 😉

    It’s always the same song too.. someone please put these fucking whistlers out of their misery (or happiness?) LOL

  8. Ed

    People who whistle through their fingers should have their fingers cut off.

    People who whistle through their teeth should have their teeth knocked out.

    People who whistle by tucking their lower lip behind their front teeth should have their jaw broken.

    People (especially old men) who whistle twirrly melodies should simply be smashed in the back of their heads with an aluminum baseball bat. They will forget how to whistle after that.

    People who go around at the office whistling should be fired.

    People who whistle while walking down the street should be hit by a bus.

    People who whistle in public should be hung.

    People who whistle on the bus should be thrown out of the bus while it’s going over 30 miles per hour.

    People who whistle on the train should have their head stuck out the window while a light pole approaches at 60 MPH.

    People who whistle at concerts and football games should get the crap beaten out of them by the security detail.

    And finally, people who whistle around me should read this right before I change their anatomy permanently.

  9. CR

    but whistling has to be a sign of something. They want to be heard, it is somewhat of a status call. Normally things in nature do not want to draw attention to themselves…so what’s up with the whistler, what are they hiding……..?

  10. Kay

    My Father thought me to Whistle. It’s good for your Soul. If all of you above would learn to Whistle you just might get rid of that anger built up inside you. LOSERS..

  11. karen

    I am in the group that hates whistling. Just can’t stand it. It is hardly ever a real tune or on pitch. I have only known men to do this but Kay just dispelled that idea. Men don’t seem to tune in to their surroundings like women do. They may just be thinking about something else but I still hate it. Whistling is my “nails on a chalkboard”.

  12. Beth

    I love these posts so much I would have sex with them. I fucking HATE whistling and wish slow, painful deaths on those who do it.

  13. rob

    I’m a male , and a former drug user . I get whistled at by various people in the work place . This never happened before it became known about my past … I KNOW it’s directed at me , and have even made comments about it .

    When there’s dead silence until I walk by , and the whistles start , it’s obviously a sign of harassment !!!

    Does anyone know what the meaning is ? I’m considered a junkie ? I’m crazy ? I’m a loser ? etc .

    It’s intentional and aimed at me , but what do they mean by it ???

    I’m building a case for Human Resources against of few of those morons . I’d like to have more ammo for the presentation … 🙂

  14. star

    that happened to me to I think they think your gay

  15. Rob,

    I don’t mean when people whistle at you, I mean when people are just whistling while walking around or just doing other stuff.


  16. star

    Yes I got fired because it was directed at me and HR cant really tell people not to whistle its a form of harassment nobody will admit it

  17. rob

    But what does it mean ? There is surely a reason for the harassment , what does the whistling signify ?

  18. star

    it signifys to others you are different. I knew it was directed at me I documented it i went to HR they said I need a “fit for duty ” psych eval which I got He said I was ok shortly thereafter I was fired.. years ago it was thought gay people cant whistle, specifically gay men that is how this conspiracy harrassment got started it is to bring you out into the light so others who hear the whistle will know

  19. ian moone

    Some people don’t even realize they’re doing it. Its a obsessive compulsive thing, I whistle constantly when I’m at home and don’t even realize until my mom shouts at me. Whenever song comes into my head a want to hear it and therefore I whistle.

  20. Maz

    Rob, you are being bullied. Street dealers whistle to indicate they are selling. Usually ice or heroin. Everyone else I agree old people who whistle are annoying and they do it to annot. It is called passive aggression.

  21. frances

    Whistling in the hearing of an unwilling or captive audience is evidence of narcissistic disregard for the people around you. It seems to be a self-absorbed male prerogative.

    “A whistling woman and a crowing hen
    are neither fit for God nor men”
    —– Scottish Proverb
    When I have asked a person (however politely) to stop whistling because the screechy noise hurts my ears, I’ve usually gotten a dumbfounded look as if I have asked the guy to saw off his private parts. He then usually calls me a ” crabby bitch”. It is simply viewed as his god-given superior right to pollute the air for others with his screechy, infantile mouth noises. Why would anyone think others want to hear the noise? The answer to that is: they are not thinking at all. They don’t know how to think. So, any request for them to stop the self-indulgent noise is viewed as a personal attack.
    This whole issue brings back memories of the days when smokers insisted on the same god-given superior right to pollute your lungs. People who whistle around others, or in tight spaces like buses, elevators, offices, have a social I.Q. of zero. It does little good to try and reason with them. They usually go on the attack.

  22. Kelli Brewer

    Whistlers deserve to whistle and be happy. People who bitch about it should shut the fuck up. These bitchers are not happy but us whistlers are happy. Are you fucking jealous and angered that we have a happy life and you don’t? Also, I’m dumb.

  23. Kelli, I’m happy, I just don’t like being forced to listen to noise coming out of someones mouth. Talking is different. The main problem is that people that whistle think they can whistle a tune. Most cannot and it’s just annoying bullshit noise.

  24. I agree with you Dave, this old guy was whistling when i was walking outside of Walmart, where i work, and i felt like telling him to shut up!! .I know how you feel,i don’t like it either.

  25. cottoneye joe

    Ever have a song on repeat cause its stuck in your head? Do you know if you sing you sound like a bat being strangled? Do you do something that you find to be normal that someone else might find annoying that someone may or may not want to get a 12 gauge for? Sometimes whistling is just to distract yourself or keep focused from a monotonous task. If it annoys you becuase someone keeps whistling a specific tune or song how about asking what song it is and if they can hum it or whistle a different song. Maybe its the fact you keep hearing the same song and not the whistling then you associate the whistle with it. Yes I had a roommate who whistled and they’d always whistle the start of protomans theme from megaman, I didn’t find it annoying I asked her why always that theme and she said “oh I’m sorry if its annoying you I get anxious and it reminds me of something I like and calms me down.” Hearing that I began whistling LiZ themes (our neighbors hate us).

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