Updated view on BP

Well my last blog post shows I was pretty pissed at BP. I now realized that for the most part I was watching the cleanup effort and the live feeds too much and they were getting me angry. I was also not happy due to a lack of sleep and also being on call.

I can honestly say that I just really think this is a sad thing that has happened. Unfortunately I don’t think that our government would be able to do any better. You have to worry about casing pressure, depth pressure (atmospheric) and all kinds of other things let alone trying to fix the leaking well.

In no way am I defending BP but at the same time I think companies like BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, know more and have a WAY better chance at cleaning this up than anyone else. Boots & Coots is already involved and they are (from what I’ve read) THE BEST at this type of thing. Their name sounds redneck as hell though.

I just hope and pray that in the end we ALL learn from this and do our part to depend way less on oil.


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