So discouraged with BP

The subject says it all. I’m just tired. I’m tired of all the excuses, all the lies about how much oil is leaking, all the lies about how there are ‘not’ underwater oil slicks or plumes.

I’m at a loss as to why we have not put out a request to the entire world saying “hey, whoever can fix this please come show us how”. Even if the US Govt. has to pay someone else to do it and then charge it to BP then do it. BP has their own financial interests at mind, not the best interest of the USA or the citizens of the USA.

I know there is SOMEONE or a group of PEOPLE that know how to fix this leak, that have done it before, or have more experience with deep wells. Chevron has drilled in 4000 feet of water. What do they have to say about it? How about some of the folks in other countries? Ask them. Whatever it takes, bring them here and pay them to help and / or fix it.

I cannot accept that out of 6 billion people we don’t have anybody or a group of people that know, right now, how to stop this well for good. I don’t care if it can never be used again, just stop the leak. If that means ruining the well then so be it.

Let our Government put North American BP into a temporary receivership so that we can manage the operations of this cleanup until it’s done. BP is NOT doing enough.

They need help and will not admit it. Man the fuck up and ask for help.


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