BP Oil Spill ROV Pictures and some opinion

For some reason I have become fascinated by the camera views that we can watch that are supposedly live from the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve watched many hours of this footage and it has caused me to do research on things I don’t know about when I see something. For Example, today I saw them lowering something that looked like a grid of cement and it had the word Submar on it. I looked up Submar and found out that they make Subsea mud mats. These mats weigh about 5 tons. If you’re interested in knowing what they are for and can do just go to http://www.submar.com .

I’ve also been on the website for Transocean and also Subsea 7 which operates the Skandi Neptune that is one of the ships that is controlling the ROV’s in the Gulf for this particular spill cleanup. I’ve also researched and watched many videos on the ship “Discoverer Enterprise” and all the technology it has.

I’m not in any way saying that because of all this BP is clear and free. No way. What I’m saying is that I’m torn. I don’t think that people realize how many people are working around the clock and how many ships, drilling rigs, supply ships, drilling ships, support ships, and people are working on this.

Yeah it’s fucked up. We can either bitch and moan about it or have a positive outlook and figure out ways we can help.

Our government wouldn’t have the slightest idea on how to stop this; especially at a depth of 5000 feet. The best people for fixing this are already on it. The only thing better I think they can do is have more people from all the other competing oil companies (like Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips) helping BP to get this under control.

I’ve seen many pictures of dolphins, turtles, birds, and other animals/mammals all dead because of this spill. It’s horrible. I hate it. It makes me angry but it’s taken me a long time to realize that anger doesn’t usually get things done in a proper manner. It usually just makes more trouble. I’ve learned this the hard way throughout my life.

I do think it’s somewhat shady that sometimes BP will switch the feed to an ROV that is not anywhere close to where the real work is being done. I don’t like them hiding things.

The oil industry has technology and science that is second only to NASA and the Space program. That is amazing. Watching the technology being used and seeing them do what I have seen them do under 5000 feet of water is freakin’ unreal. Those ROV’s are badass and the folks operating them are doing a kick butt job.

Seeing the effort they are putting forth in the Gulf is Amazing and the Technology is Amazing. The damage that this ongoing leak is creating is tragic and astonishing to say the least.

I’m not saying BP kicks ass. They have kick ass technology however and I’m glad to see them using it. They just should of used it long ago.

I know BP has TONS of other live feeds that they are NOT showing us. I bet at a minimum they have about 12 live feeds coming from the Deepwater Horizon site. What we see on the dedicated ‘live’ feed I think is sometimes not live and it is what they want us to see. I think when they do certain work we are looking at some goofy BS on another ROV facing somewhere else. This can be seen in the very last picture below. I took this screen capture tonight. This is a picture of either a stationary camera or an ROV looking at a piece of the horizontal riser lying on the seafloor spewing oil. It’s not near the main well head where the BOP is at.

Below I’ve put together some pictures that I thought were neat because I had never seen an ROV come up from 5000 feet and be pulled up onto a ship. I’m betting by the name on the cameras that this ROV was pulled up onto the ship “Skandi Neptune”. I took these screen captures on Saturday May 29th.

Here you can see the ROV has already come up from 4990 feet and is at 1944 feet.

Next is an image showing the ROV at 985 feet and still coming up.

Here it is at 345 feet and still coming up. Not sure if that light is daylight or something else.

And now 193 feet…..

11 feet before surfacing.

This next shot shows right after it was brought out of the water and put on deck.

After this I could see a person walking around it and it looked like they were pressure washing the ROV.

After being washed off it was picked up by a crane and moved to a location on desk where the floor looked like what you see below. This was about 7:30PM Gulf of Mexico time.

This last ROV pic was at about 8:30pm Gulf of Mexico time and you can tell it was getting dark and they had lighting on deck.

Here’s the last pic of the horizontal riser as stated above in the beginning of this post.

Here’s the live feed for those of you that don’t know.


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