BP Oil Spill in the Gulf is Just Horrible

I am not going to accuse anyone or bitch or moan or say ‘fix this now’ or anything that everyone else is saying already.

I can only say that it is sad, and it is going to have a very long lasting impact on our entire globe. Not just the sea in the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s just so much crude and so much already leaked (and still leaking) that I have no earthly idea how in the hell they are going to clean this up. It’s just mind boggling.

I think we need to stop all off-shore drilling period. Land leaks do not do the damage that an ocean leak does. If we must drill, drill on land. I say we stop it all together. I know it’s easier said than done, I’m just saying.

All of the bullshit finger pointing has to stop. BP and TransOcean need to take full responsibility for this mess, front all the money, and fix this problem. I don’t care if they go out of business doing it. They need to do what is right.

We are in a metric shit-ton of a mess here folks.


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