Random Thoughts for May

+ I’m tired and I’ve not slept much in the last two days.

+ I wish cell phones were never invented.

+ I cannot believe anyone would buy something called “iPad”.

+ Code Red Mountain Dew!

+ ZDP-189 = the stuff.

+ “Shit My Dad Says” is a good book.

+ I’ve always had good luck with HP Printers.

+ I smashed my iPod with a 5 lb. sledgehammer. On purpose.

+ Multitasking is total bullshit for humans.

+ We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan? Fuck.

+ Nobody should ever use terms like “team building” or “synergy”. What….are you fucking drunk?

+ Greed will kill this planet.

+ I will stock up on incandescent bulbs. CPF bulbs are too “cold” and they will never be the same.

+ More people should read, and turn off the TV.

+ Animals are wonderful.

+ Quantity time with your kids is way better than quality time.


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One response to “Random Thoughts for May

  1. Jen


    Chivalry should never die.

    Whoever invented the term “metrosexual” should be strung up.

    Mullets are ridiculous and should be illegal.

    You should have to pass a test to conceive a child.

    American Idol = PUKE

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