More Random Thoughts…

+ Thank God for the rain.

+ Glad to have a job.

+ Happy I’m married to the woman I love more than anything.

+ People that wear their pants below the ass are fucking idiots.

+ My next vehicle will be a full size pickup truck.

+ I think we are very near to the end of days. Seriously.

+ Our government has gotten so big that the left hand has NO idea what the right hand is doing.

+ Most people are NOT observant enough.

+ Jay Leno does NOT need more makeup or hairspray. Dang man, enough!

+ I have to remember that “This too shall pass” can be applied daily to many things.

+ Everyone should always carry a good pocket knife. No cheapies.

+ TOW Missiles are freakin’ fast.



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2 responses to “More Random Thoughts…

  1. Retired LE

    Obama is doing what Osama could not – tear this country apart from within.

  2. Yeah, tell me 9/11 was not an inside job. It’s so freakin’ obvious. George Bush Jr. was a monkey.

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