Cuyahoga Falls 12th Street Dustbowl

Well my street is officially a dust-bowl. I guess the city of Cuyahoga Falls has chosen to contract out the replacement of the sanitary sewers and the storm sewers. That’s fine, but Cioffi Construction has been contracted to do it and I think they are doing a pretty shitty job. All I’ve ever heard about them is how they have low bids because they throw shit in and do a messy (just meets code) job.

So my street had a ditch about 6 feet wide down the center and now it’s been filled back up with dirt and back-fill gravel etc. Problem is, there is gravel and dirt all the way down the street. They could have sprayed it with some tar or some other stuff to keep the dust down. So instead of keeping the road closed to everyone but residents it’s open. Now people are flying down the street like it was made for baja and it kicks up plumes of dust from the dirt. This dust is ending up all over my house, cars, everything. I can’t even open up my windows for some fresh air or else all I get is dust and then it comes in and settles on everything in my house.

It’s a fucking wreck and I’m pissed off. It’s a fucking sub-par job at best. There is a guy down the street from me that has written (in the dust) on the back window of his van “Go around the block next time. The Dust Bowl.” It’s true. Twelfth street should be closed and allow only residents to traverse it.

Oh well, I guess this too shall pass.


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