Which Mass Storage Driver for Dell Optiplex 780?

Having trouble finding which driver you need to install for SATA on the Dell Optiplex 780? Yeah me too. So after much trouble and lack of documentation on Dell’s website I figured I’d post it here after finding it on a Russian web site. For the record I was installing XP Pro 32-bit (for work). Had this PC not been a ‘test’ PC it would be running Windows 7.

And yes I put in the freakin’ service tag at Dell’s website.

In the BIOS it comes by default set to ATA instead of AHCI.

You need to install the Intel ICH10D driver.

With the proper SATA driver installed you can reboot and change it to AHCI and it will boot. Without the proper driver and set to AHCI the box will simply blue-screen and constantly reboot until you switch it back to ATA or throw it on the ground.

Hope it helps someone else.



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12 responses to “Which Mass Storage Driver for Dell Optiplex 780?

  1. Spanko

    Awesome! You saved the day šŸ™‚

  2. yay

    Yay! i was wondering why my ahci image was not working on these new machines. even the inf files look exactly the same. (ich10)

    also i have found that they come with “low power mode” enabled which specifically states that it turns off the onboard nic when the power is off thus rendering wake on lan useless. For shame dell!! i already have to turn on WOL and now have to turn this on as well.

  3. Glad I could help folks. Thanks for the info on the ‘low power mode’ also. Good stuff.

  4. Ramesh

    Thanks a lot! it’s really helpful

  5. Matt

    I’m have the same problem. Where did you find the Intel ICH10D driver to download?

  6. Adam B

    The Mass Storage Driver for installing Win XP on the Optiplex 780 is:

    Intel ICH8R / ICH9R / ICH10R / DO / PCH

  7. Rick F

    Our 780s were blue-screening, and Dell recommended a bios upgrade to A05. Seemed to help, but now we cannot reclone our images after that…it won’t find the DHCP after the bios update. Any suggestions?

  8. Joe

    Turn off RAID in BIOS if only using 1 hard drive and enabled Legacy under DRIVES. Booted right to XP disk and accessed the Drive for install just fine.

  9. lux

    Thanks you !

    Dell web site is just a piece a **** for finding that kind of information !

  10. Seth

    Changed from raid ahci to raid ata and worked like a charm!

  11. @Seth, so you changed it back so you didn’t have to install the driver? I’m confused.

  12. Glenn Pringle

    Hi guys,

    Where I can find the driver for Windows 7 64bit?

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