I like the night…

It’s about 18° Fahrenheit tonight outside and we just had about 13″ of snow Friday night and Saturday morning. Everything has been plowed and shoveled and most, if not all, roads are passable. Tonight it snowed another inch and it’s just crisp and pretty outside.

I had to take a trip to the post office and I prefer to use the Automated Postal Center and go at night so I don’t have to deal with all the Yahoos during the lunch hour. I took my “post office trip” tonight at about 10pm. It was beautiful out. Stars in the sky, cold and crisp and not many people on the road. I like how things look at night. Different signs and lights and neon here and there. Night is just much more laid back than the day. I’m for sure a night person.

If I had my choice I would like to work 2nd shift so I could enjoy the wee hours of the morning when I got home from work.

Random thought: My wife and I just got into a little argument and she’s pissed and went to bed. Oh the fun. Hey, that’s all part of marriage.

Embrace the night.


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