Merry Christmas and Thanks to all the soldiers

I want to say Merry Christmas and thank you to all of the soldiers. I don’t mean the ones just in Iraq or Afghanistan. This goes out to the soldiers all over the world. Whether you work at a desk or are on the front lines your job matters. Whether people agree with the current administration’s decisions about if we should be at war or not, we should always support our soldiers. Don’t NOT support our soldiers just because you don’t like a political decision.

Thanks to all the soldiers from Austrailia, France, Germany, Canada, and all of the other NATO forces that are also at war somewhere either helping out in Iraq, or Afghanistan or somewhere else in the world.

I just want to give out a thanks to you all. I pray for you all daily. I have a special place in my heart for soldiers. Nothing I could ever say or do would be enough to express my thanks to you for what you do.

I thank you very much. I also pray you have a safe deployment and get home safely.

For those that have given their lives so that I may be free, “thank you” is not enough, but it is all I can say over this simple medium.



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