As of late I’ve started to get the feeling that I need/want less things. It’s a good feeling really.

As Tyler Durden said in the movie “Fight Club”, “The things you own end up owning you”. I don’t want that.

I’m going to start getting rid of things (or give them away) if I have no use for them. Why have 10 spares of something? Why have all this neat stuff just to look at? Why have stuff at all? If it’s not a tool to help me do something, or a thing to sleep in or sit on, or something to help me prepare or store food and water, what do I need it for? It occurs to me that we seem to work to get stuff and then need places to put stuff. Why?

Why are people hoarders? I don’t mean the people that have like hoarders disease or anything either. I mean why do people in general collect things or trinkets or anything? Why do people collect baseball cards, or pocket knives (like me) or anything for that matter?

I have enough pocket knives to last probably five lifetimes. I don’t need but one or maybe two.

This is a good read regarding minimalism. <——-clicky clicky

We all need to give up the pursuit of things.


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