Idiot, phone book, and a hotel

So, I was staying at a Hampton Inn in Columbus and I got talking to one of the ladies at the front desk after a few days. I had complimented them on how well they had been cleaning my room. With the exception of the Park Hyatt in Chicago this particular Hampton Inn (at Pulsar Pl.) is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

When I told the lady that I really appreciated how well they have been with my room she was shocked and offered me free drinks and snacks. I said, I appreciated it but no thank you. I was then told by her that not many people make compliments, they just complain. She had just recently gotten off of the phone with a man that would not check in unless he could take a phone book to the room. I understand maybe they used to do this in the past, but shit, I’ve not used a phone book in about 10 years. Welcome to 2009 for fuck’s sake. They had like 3 phone books that guests could use in the lobby and then move along. Why the fuck do you need to have a damn phone book to take to your room? Get over yourself. There are more things in life than having to be Mr. Super-Empowered-Jerk-Guy and impose your will (or try to) at a hotel franchise. What a fucking moron!

So for anyone interested the Hampton Inn in Columbus is a great place to stay. Technically I guess it’s in Polaris Place, but none the less. Give it a try.


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