Just some thoughts…

Tonight (well actually tomorrow at 14:05 GMT) there is a full moon. You can always tell; at least around here you can. Everybody seems to be on edge, the hospital Emergency Departments get full with crazy stuff, and people behave like huge asses. It never seems to fail. Every time I’m having a crap day or people are being asses I check the moon calendar and find out it’s within a day or two of a full moon, or it’s a full moon on that day. I mean damn. People need to chill back and quit being in a fucking hurry all the time and shit. Fuck me.

Energy drinks. They suck. They cost too much money. They are a fucking scam. They are not good for your heart, or body, and all they do is sugar your ass up and then let you down about 4 hours later. And no…….I’m not a salesman for “5 hour energy” That shit sucks too. How about this, don’t drink goofy shit. Drink some green tea, or have a soda every now and then. Moderation. Done deal.

My 2007 Honda Accord: It kicks ass. I’ve got 38,540 miles on it so far and it’s been flawless. By the time I had 36,000 miles on the 2001 Ford Taurus I had before that it was in the shop about 3 – 4 times already. And not for regular shit. Stupid bullshit that thankfully was covered by my warranty. Plus….the V6 SE model that I have has some good horsepower for a family sedan (240hp). She’s niiiice!

I have about 5 knives that need sharpened. Some are mine, some are knives that people sent me to sharpen. I do it as a hobby but I’m damn good at it. I can get a butter knife to shave hair off your arm, leg or whatever else you want to shave.

Don’t forget………”Rock out with yo Glock out!”.


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