Artwork from Jim Davis

I have a good friend who works in a prison in Pennsylvania. He is a really damn good man and I wanted to post a little something here for him. He’s just started selling prints of his artwork and I think that everyone should go buy one. Seriously. What’s $40 these days for a print of a drawing made completely by hand with either pencil, charcoal, ink by a skilled individual that likes what he’s doing?

The guy has talent and I am proud to have one of his drawings (of a Bobcat) hanging in my living room.

I’m not posting here about this because he needs “help”. The man has skills and I wanna get the word out.

So, go talk to my buddy Jim Davis and buy something. I’m sure he has something that you like. If not, wait a week or so, he’s got more to put up.

Check it out here:

Great guy, great artwork, great job he’s doing for the community at that prison. It’s a tough ass job too. That’s putting it lightly.

Jim, God Bless you brother!


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