Random thoughts…

+ I’m thankful I have a job.

+ My eyes are closes as I type this.

+ I’m tired.

+ I have a Stanley measuring tape on my desk beside me.

+ I have a fully serrated Spyderco Endura 4 in my pocket.

+ Yep, that’s a hard drive spindle.

+ Dust, papers, and a spoon all exist on my desk.

+ I worked a 12.5 hour shift last night.

+ Tomorrow will be a good day.

+ The older I get the more I know to keep my mouth shut.

+ Women are right a whole bunch!

+ Google says it would take me about 9 hours to walk to work.

+ I like using plus signs as bullet points.



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3 responses to “Random thoughts…

  1. lisajan

    Hi, Dave! I stumbled on your site. Well, from WordPress.com.

    I’m glad you’re a Christian.

    I’m thankful my husband has a job. And I’m thankful I’m a woman, so I’m right bunches of times. LOLOL Just kidding.

    Speaking of tired, I’m so tired my eyes are burning.

    I’ll have to do my random thoughts on my blog, if I have any. Thoughts, that is. LOL

  2. That is random!

    Working 12 hour shifts blows.

  3. CJ

    WOW! You guys are nuts…

    >Fellow Christian

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