Cell phones, and texting

Everywhere I go I see it. Someone on a cell phone. Kids walking down the street side by side texting someone else. Today I saw a kid riding a bike with a backpack on and trying to hold onto the handlebars with one hand as he pedaled up hill and talked on a cell phone with his other hand.

Why are the kids walking side by side not talking to each other? Why are they texting someone else. How about pick the fucking phone up and talk to them instead of back and forth texting?

I heard some lady once say that she wishes there was a way to talk into the phone and have it converted to text so she wouldn’t have to use the little keys to type text messages. How about this…..here’s a solution. Talk into the phone with another person on the other end then you don’t have to text. For fucks sake people.

This shit is getting ridiculous. I realize that texting comes in handy sometimes but use fucking common sense. If you’re too dumb to realize you shouldn’t text while driving then I hope you drive off the road into a ditch. Maybe then you’ll learn……if you’re not dead.

People act like if they lose their phone or their crack-berry that fucking life as they know it is over.

Here’s an idea: Throw the fucking thing out the window, or off the back porch, or into a bunch of wet concrete and let it go. The world is too connected and it’s going to hurt us in the future.


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