Google Chrome OS

Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later……Google coming out with an OS. With how bad Windows Vista is and the current state of things in the world, and just the United States economy, I guarantee you that tons of people are going to be running the Google OS when it comes out in 2010.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate RC and it’s pretty good. It’s not “great” however like you would expect after a flub like Windows Vista.

I think the general public (myself included) is tired of Microsoft and Apple. Not so much Apple but competition is always good. The folks at Microsoft have sat on their ass for so long that they no longer innovate. As much as I don’t like how Google data mines everything, they sure do innovate.

Microsoft just doesn’t get it anymore. Plus, Steve Ballmer was about the worst thing to ever happen to Microsoft. He just sucks. He’s a cocky jerk-off that behaves like a hyper 14 year old kid. Dork.

Yeah Google Chrome OS is going to be based on Linux but who cares? I don’t. The thing is, if there was any one company that could take Linux and build it from the Kernel up and make the code nice and tight yet without all the BS…that company would be Google. Heck Microsoft hired a bunch of Linux people and what did they do? Nothing.

I would bet a paycheck on the fact that the Google OS will be very slim, nice and tidy. It will boot up in about 10 or 15 seconds at worst, and it will just work. It will not need regular updates like Microsoft does and it will not need all the bloatware that is required on a Windows desktop to keep it free from viruses and malware.

Google makes stuff that “just works”. I mean just look here:

I can tell you there there is no way that I will pay to upgrade or buy any Microsoft OS if I can get Google OS for free. Ubuntu Linux and Fedora (by Redhat) are very close right now at being easy to use and also user friendly. Now that Google has their hand in the Linux cookie jar, Microsoft is done. This is the beginning of the end for Microsoft. Google is already talking with big OEM’s to get the Google OS preloaded on certain machines.

Read more here:

This is gonna rock!



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2 responses to “Google Chrome OS

  1. achugh

    Google is heading in the right direction, no doubt, but you cannot just shut Microsoft off. If Google has 30 million user base for Google Chrome, Microsoft has much bigger user base with even a flop operating system like Vista.

    I am not support Microsoft or Google but let’s be fair. If Google can pull it off with their OS, I would be happy to have an operating systme that is “good” as you rightly said.

    Last thing – Steve Ballmer shouldn’t be where he is right now…Bill Gates, with all due respect, has made a horrible choice for his company…Mr. Gates should have stayed where he was.

    Morever, let’s see how the war goes…I would stay out and just watch the show…

  2. Chrome OS, hmmm i’m curious

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