Quit buying stuff made in China!

For crying out loud people, quit buying stuff made in China. I mean fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Every fucking thing I pick up at every store says “Made in China” on the fucking tag. Fuck I couldn’t even buy toothpicks that were NOT made in China here locally in Ohio. What the fuck? This is pissing me off to no end. And why is it happening? Because we let China export a shitload of stuff into our Country while the USA doesn’t export shit back. I’ll pay an extra $5 or $10 for an American made toy for my kid. I’m tired of my wife bringing home a toy for our kid only to have it break the first day. I then look and see “Made in China” and have to glue it back together. I’m about ready to put all the broken shit in a pile and ship it back to China. What a bunch of bullshit.

On top of that how about how China treats animals? Just search YouTube for China Animal Cruelty and you’ll see what I mean. It’s total bullshit. People in China have no moral or ethical values it seems. They see people as a fucking thing, like a plate or a bowl or a car bumper.

Fuck am I pissed about this shit.



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3 responses to “Quit buying stuff made in China!

  1. Deon

    Hey Dave. Couldn’t agree more. Even refuse to buy Spyderco’s made in China!

  2. Don

    im with you when i am at walmart i read the label if i see china it gets put back wow the money you save doing that

  3. Ardenys

    Good night, I can’t seem to find any more made in America products go rommmmmmmmmnnnnneyyyyy. Yeahhhhh Dominican REPUBLIC is with you, I hmmm maybe I am with you can’t tell what’s in the mind of my country men

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