In Chicago

Well I’m in Chicago with my wife and I gotta say that I love the city. It’s pretty busy. So much so that I don’t think that I would want to go to New York City. Chicago is just about perfect. Not too busy but not too boring either. It seems like NYC would be fucking hectic all the time. I however have never been to NYC so this is just a guess.

I love the John Hancock building. It’s just beautiful. I’ve not even been in it yet but I can see it from my hotel room. We’ll head up and eat at the top later today most likely. I love the white lights at the top at night.

I’m sitting in the hotel right now in a “window seat”. It’s a seat beside the window that’s really long enough and wide enough to sleep on. Since I’m on the 10th floor I can see the stuff going on below and it’s really cool. I look out the window and see the John Hancock building and it’s a marvel of engineering. Wow.

It’s about 73 degrees here today and overcast. Looks like it’s gonna rain. I can see the lake and it doesn’t look like it has many waves. I’m used to Lake Erie which gets really big waves due to it’s shallow nature.

The old Water Tower and the old #98 Fire Station are really cool. Old school at it’s best.

Giordano’s Pizza is what we had for dinner last night. It was the best pizza I have ever had. I love it. I wish I could take a whole bunch home.

I’m happy I’m here in Chicago.



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4 responses to “In Chicago

  1. stop being a cry baby!! support the us!! stop making other countries rich!! do your research!! just because they make a honda in the us does not mean they don’t own it!! you know nothing

  2. do your research!! stop making other countries rich!! just because they make a honda here in the us does not mean they don’t own it!! and stop crying!!

  3. What you should really do is actually put your comment under the proper post you are referring to.

    Also, if you could speak in sentences maybe I could understand you.

  4. Rohit

    i actually came to know more abt chicago city by playing the Midtown Madness game! i searched quite a few things on the internet though living here in India.
    i like the ol’school stuff u r referring to.

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