Update on Internet Explorer 8 (working fine now)

So in my previous post I stated how I hated IE8, at least on my home PC.  Well here is what I found out.

It all had to do with Spybot Search & Destroy software.  I removed that application and then followed the instructions here .  That site explains how the antispyware software puts all these restricted sites into the restricted sites list and that IE goes through that list before starting up to the home page when you launch IE8 and/or open a new tab.  I downloaded the Deldomains.inf file and then right clicked on it and chose “install”.  It did it’s thing and fixed my issue.

I have to give all credit to this fix to the nice folks at www.mvps.org .  Great site and good people.

Due to this I have IE8 running on everything I own (even my couch) and I have no problems and it’s much faster than IE7.  I love it.

Gotta give mad props to Microsoft for this browser.  It’s finally a step in the right direction!!! 🙂


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