Anxiety and weird feeling on the front of my neck

So over the past 3 to 5 days I’ve been having this weird feeling at the base of the front of my neck. It’s not so much pain as it is annoying. It’s really hard to describe. It’s almost as if someone is holding their hands around my neck yet doing it lightly. I can breath fine and I don’t have any shortness of breath. I have had anxiety and “worry” issues for years now. I take Zoloft regularly and I take Xanax on an “as needed” basis.

I’m the type of person that gets all worked up about something like this and thinks “oh no, there must be something wrong with my heart or maybe my carotid arteries are clogged or something. I tend to go a bit overboard with trying to “self diagnose”. The Internet is not a help these days it just makes it worse it seems.

I try to get a good cardio workout in at least 3 times a week where I walk fast on the treadmill and get my heart rate up to about 155bpm and keep it there for about 30 or 40 minutes. I did this on Monday and my neck/upper chest felt funny the entire time. No different than when I am not exercising.

In the past I have had blood work done, a stress test, Holter monitor etc, just because I’m anal about shit and want to make sure I’m “OK”. I had all this done about 3 years ago. The docs all said everything was just fine.

Right now I am 6’1″ tall and I weigh 280 lbs. I used to weigh 314 lbs. but I lost the weight and still need to lose more. I don’t smoke, I drink occasionally but usually it’s about 2-3 beers a week at most. If not beer it’s Chianti (wine).

If I am standing up and I bend forward 90 degrees like I am half way to touching my toes, I can feel the weird feeling in my neck get worse. It’s almost like pressure. If I didn’t know any better I would say that I had pressure on my carotid arteries or something. The feeling has been with me constantly today. Not pain…..just annoying kind of weird pressure. It feels kind of similar to feelings I have had in the past when I have had anxiety real bad or some sort of anxiety attack. However if I take Xanax usually I’m fine after a short while. In this case I take Xanax and it helps a bit but the feeling doesn’t go completely away.

I have no idea what it is. I did talk to my doctor today on the phone and she said that this could be anxiety induced and that if I’m not better by next week she would like to see me.

I really just wanted to share this in case anyone else has had something like this and knows what this is. I also figured this may help someone who is having the same feelings.



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  1. Desmond

    Hi Dave, Ive had exactly the same thing for the past year or so following a period of anxiety. Now that the anxiety has subsided i am also left with a weird pressure like feeling in my neck or what seems to feel like my neck. I am searching to find out what it is whether it is a muscle related thing (your nervous system is messed up and causes spasms), i also feel off balance sometimes.

  2. tom

    hey dave, you need to chill out and think practically, if youve been doing alot of excercise then perhaps youve strained the tendons in your neck, relaxation shots can be administered by your GP, make a quick visit to put your mind at rest, could hurt right dude?

  3. Bobby

    Hello, I could be wrong, but my psychiatrist told me that this happens from heavy breathing do to anxiety. try

    Breathing in and count
    1-2 hold
    breath out

    and repeat ., Repeat on a day to day basis untill it because normal and the counting because normal, you won’t even need to count the number anymore. It seems to help, yet, myself I look for better answers to this feeling.

    Doc says I’m just breathing to fast and its causing my neck to feel this way. So breathing techniques help.


  4. Cecelia

    Wow! When I read your story above I couldn’t believe it! I have had the same symptoms lately. I too suffer from anxiety, but never felt this much tightness in the front of my neck before, just as you describe! I actually thought I was either having a heart attack or a stroke! I now feel it is from a little too much Yoga. Some of the poses have me twist my body to a side angle (such as triangle pose) and you can look up to the ceiling. I have been doing this quite a bit in class I feel I might have strained the front of my neck muscles. I do notice when I get stressed out it feels like someone is slightly choking me. I hate it, I hope if I rest a bit it will go away.

  5. As a panic attack sufferer for 20 years myself, I find your topic very interesting. In my experience you need to realize that you have this problem, and be open about it. It helped me.

  6. Carolyn

    I also have this feeling in front of my neck. I have been under extreme stress the last month. I believe this may be the case but I have an appointment with the cardiologist.

  7. Ann

    I can’t believe that there are other people out there who are experiencing the same feelings as me. I don’t have pain in my neck but I feel like I am being choked inside my throat but I can breathe just fine and am able to swallow. I also feel like I want to keep touching the front of my neck but there is nothing there to feel. I don’t like the feeling at all! I went to the family practice doctor today and she says this is an anxiety related problem. I have 3 teenagers this could go on for many more years!! I seem to be storing my stress in my neck thus causing spasms. She suggests resting my neck. How does one do that? Her other idea is for me to try acupuncture. One more thing…when I’m laying down resting the feeling goes away…??

  8. JR

    I have exactily the same issue. I have also done the EKG/stress test thing… thinking I had some kind of heart issue. But all is normal, strong, and healthy. I am convinced it’s anxiety related. I worry continually about everything and am anxious virtually all day long with that sensation in my chest and neck. I also suffer from migraine headaches stemming from neck muscle tension, and acid reflux/heartburn… probably all interrelated to anxiety. I guess it’s good to know that others experience it, and that it is only Anxiety. Relaxation through exercise, massage, reading, sleep, etc. will probably help the symptoms. Perhaps counseling will help you talk through what is bothering you, and to get to the root cause of the anxiety. I should follow my own advice…..

  9. Thanks to all of you who have left comments. I wanted to update you to say that this lasted about 2 weeks and then it was gone. I’ve not felt it again and I’m doing fine.

    I’ve dropped some more weight but I stopped exercising and I need to get back on that.


  10. Andrea

    Glad to hear it went away. I suffer from anxiety as well and googled my symptoms and up came your blog. While I don’t wish the feeling upon anyone, it was kind of reassuring to hear that others were having the same issue. I, too, immediately thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. I went to my primary doctor and they didn’t seem too concerned (normal heart rate and low blood pressure which she said was good/common for a young person). It’s been about a week since I’ve been feeling this so I hope it goes away!!

  11. JayMarie

    Wow…I’m glad I found this site. I experienced the same thing today. I was feeling great all day and this morning as I had my first class (I’m a teacher) I felt he weird pressure in my neck. I went to the school nurse and had my pressure checked, since it felt like intense pressure in my neck. She said it was ok, but the feeling continued all day. I had 5 days off of work and I didnt really want to believe that coming back to work with the kids (who annoyed me by not completing an assignment) would stress me out that much, I guess it did. I’m actually still feeling the pressure as I speak, but I feel much more comfortable going to sleep tonight as I was even afraid to do so.

    Guess I have to implement some relaxation techniques. Never been tested for anxiety attacks or anything, how do you know if you’re getting on.

  12. Julie

    Thank you so much, Dave and other commenters, for adding your thoughts. I googled “weird neck feeling,” and found your page. I also feel a lot better after reading similar descriptions. I’m hoping that anxiety/stress is the cause also.
    I am wondering if anyone could tell me if this might be a symptom of withdrawl from antidepressants/anxiety medication? (Effexor)
    I am slowly (very slowly) “weaning” myself off of it after many, many years, and I’m wondering if this might be a symtpom (or perhaps the result of “feeling” my anxiety more, since I have less medication to do it for me)?
    Did anyone think it might be from a lot of computer work?
    Also, Dave, did you only ever get it once? Or is it a “come and go” thing? One person described “wanting to keep touching the front of my neck” (as if something was there), and that’s exactly what I feel. I also thought of a weak turtleneck around my neck.
    I’m hoping that people will still reply (since the last post was a good 6 months ago).

  13. Julie,

    I still read comments and reply. I’m glad people are getting some help from this post. It was really a one time thing for me. I think it was during a very high stress time in my life. I am on Zoloft and it works well for me. I do notice that sometimes if I miss a couple days of not taking it, I can tell. I feel pretty anxious and stuff. Same thing happens when people get off Xanax. I’m not sure if it would happen with Effexor or not, but I can tell you that what you’ve described is right on with what I had also. I did feel the weak turtle-neck thing also. It was weird.

    I pretty much figure that for me it came from a few combined things.

    -High stress or worry at that particular time in my life.
    -Lack of exercise.
    -Forgot to take my Zoloft for a couple days.
    -Drinking a lot of caffeine.

    I hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  14. Julie

    Thank you so much for your speedy reply!!
    I actually exercise a lot (almost every day). I initially thought that I may have “pulled” something (doing a lat pull down, perhaps, or when squatting…..not that I lift with heavy weights or anything, but just maybe from the tension?). I started feeling it on Sunday night, and now it’s Wednesday. I worked out on Tuesday and today, and it doesn’t get better or worse. Didn’t really think about it during my workout. My doctor saw me on Monday, and did all of the neck checks and found nothing. I have been weaning off Effexor since July (from 10 years on 75 mg…..down by 5 mg every 2 weeks….and now I’m at 50 mg). This would be my first (only) withdrawl symptom (if it is that). I’m wondering if NOT being on as much medication means that I’m “feeling the stress/anxiety” more (and it just happens to be in my neck)?? On the other hand, it could be something really bad, and I’m thinking of the worst, like I always do. So far, I’ve thought of MS, cancer….even though I get (more than) regular doctor check-ups and tests.
    I so appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

  15. Julie,

    Sure! I know how it is to wonder what is wrong. I can only suggest to not search the Internet. My wife had to tell me to get off WebMD because I would search to see what I was “dying” from. πŸ™‚

    Now I just ignore stuff unless it’s really obvious or I need to call 911. I still go for my regular checkups and stuff but I don’t go nuts worrying about it on the computer anymore.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you have a good night.


  16. Stephanie

    Hello Dave and others.
    Thank you so much for posting this. I too have been feeling this neck thing. I though I was going crazy feeling this and I was googling everything i could think off that could be causing this. The Internet can be a scary place sometimes.
    I just had a visit with my GP. Worring about my heart. He did and EKG and it was fine. He said I had anxiety and I was a little depressed. Which I knew I had anxiety but depression I didn’t know that. I didn’t feel like jumping off a bridge. LOL. Anyway he gave me xanax to take when I felt overwhelmed. The thing is I’m not a pill person so I guess I will have to find another way to relax when Im starting to feel overwhelmed.
    I do have a question for you all. Do anyone you have acid issues too? I know I do now but only since this anxiety thing started back July.

    Thank you again for posting about this.

  17. Julie

    If you don’t mind me asking (because I am still suffering, and it has been just over 3 weeks):
    Do you have the “weird feeling” in your chin area also? I feel like it’s my neck, but also chin (and maybe even jaw, but it’s hard to tell since it’s not a pain, but just a weird sensation/feeling). Does it go away (or seem less intense) at certain times? I’m still freaking out because I feel like I’ve done everything (seen GP twice, got two massages, took Ativan for anxiety, stretched, stopped chewing gum completely, tried to rest my voice when people said it could be from teaching/talking), yet it’s still there. I wondered if it was the Botox/Juvederm, but I’ve been getting that for 2 years and never had this before. So now I’m convinced it’s something bad. My GP said she can’t “feel” any bumps/lumps, and I have no pain, so she said to wait and see. I’m still weaning off Effexor (anti-depressant), so I keep thinking maybe it’s a withdrawl effect, but she doesn’t think so.
    In answer to your question, I have no acid reflux issues.
    Anything you (or anyone else on here) can add is so incredibly appreciated.

  18. Julie,

    I honestly believe that it is probably a withdrawal symptom of getting off the Effexor, but I’m not a doc.


    Glad to help. That’s why I posted because I figured I couldn’t be the only one having this issue.

    I honestly think you’ll both be fine, just give it some time, and try to relax (yeah I know).

    The Xanax work wonders for me. It is good stuff and I can see why it’s a DEA controlled substance.


  19. Julie

    Is Xanax at all like Ativan? Is it something you take “as required” (ie., when I’m in the middle of major panic/anxiety, as opposed to Effexor, which I am taking — but weaning — every day). For both of you, did taking Xanax make the symptoms go away (at least temoporarily)?
    Many thanks……many, many πŸ™‚

  20. Julie,

    Xanax is like Valium but it doesn’t last as long. It makes you feel more relaxed. It REALLY takes the edge off. For me it lasts about 4 hours. I like that. It’s not something I take every day, but it’s something I take when I feel like I’m in super panic/worry mode. It takes about 40 minutes to kick in and then I’m calm.

    Xanax is just the “name” given to Alprazolam by pharmaceutical companies.

    Not sure if it is considered sort of a tranquilizer or not.

  21. Cynthia

    I have the exact same pressure/choking feeling in the lower front of my neck. I’ve had it for about a month now. It seems worse when I lay down on my back and I seem to be more aware of it when driving. While I’ve had anxiety issues in the past, I thought I was pretty much was over all that. The only other cause I could think of was hypothyroidism, i.e. goiter, but I have none of the symptoms except having trouble losing weight, but I could say the same of all my friends who don’t have any thyroid issues. There also doesn’t seem to be any visible swelling of my neck with this pressure feeling. I’ll try some relaxation exercises. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  22. harriet

    thanks for the advicee. I now know an not alone and will try to adjust my life

  23. jenny

    hi guys, thanks for all the shared thoughts about this irritating feeling in the neck. Right at this moment i am having this stiff, annoying sensation on my neck & jaw and it has been like this for the past 2 days now. I feel some sort of anxiety but i am not convinced that this is just related to stress. I have not seen any GP yet but i would. Thanks again guys and i will keep on following any updates from this site.

  24. Jess

    Hey, I was having the same thing and researching the exact area. It seems to be where the thyroid gland is (on me anyway) I wasnt aware I had a thyroid issue but I guess anything is possible at this point, I don’t have panic attacks or too much anxiety but this feeling is about to make me start having them.

  25. irina

    I came here the ssame way as everybody else did – googled pressure in the neck and I do to suffer from the anxiety for many years now. Mine feels just under the jaw on the left side and it,s been for several month now. I have never taken any pills for my anxiety. Lately I,ve found that New chapter brand coenzyme complex B helps me with anxiety a lot, I only get this feeling when I forget to take the supplement. Be well Everybody!

  26. Ashley

    Absolutely crazy. I googled weird feeling in neck and the first post that popped up was this. I feel exactly the same as everybody who posted this. I have had extreme anxiety for a year now and everytime something happens to me i’m always thinking the worst! I take xanax to help my problem and i’ve discovered it really works wonders but don’t recomend it for everybody because it is extremely addictive, but it definitely gets the job done. I’ve had the same feelings, as if someone were choking me but can breath and swallow just fine. I feel as if my glans are swollen but I am not sick nor have I been since i’ve noticed this feeling. When I drink alcohol I’ve also noticed the feeling goes away. I was scared something was wrong with me but after seeing everyone’s posts I feel much better. Anxiety can do crazy things to people but try and think positive. Take care!

  27. Cynthia

    I found that taking some time out, and taking long, deep breathes helped a ton. I haven’t had the problem since about a week after my first post, so I am attributing it to anxiety. It’s always a good thing to watch for and try to keep under control.

  28. Isidar Mirimith

    I have the same issue. I’m currently taking 4 online classes since Jan. and have noticed an increase with this sensation. I have lost weight 96 lbs and have maintained a 76lbs weight loss consistently for 3yrs. I do a lot of cardio but the stress from these classes seem to have a more pronounced affect on this feeling esp when I lay down. I also notice this when more when I’m pmsing. I hate it because my husband loves to kiss my neck but no one can come near my neck when I’m like this.

  29. Ashley H

    I have the exact same thing!!! It started when I was 17, and I still have it at 20. I am a wife and a mother. I try not to stress… But even days I’m not stressing I will get the weird tightening feeling in my neck(left side) I can feel my pulse and the feeling makes me constantly want to rich or hold my neck which makes it feel so much better. I don’t want to live my life like this. Sometimes it gets so bad that I just want to be alone. I have suffered from anxiety and mild depression as a teen and still have the anxiety. Never took any medicine for it because I believe it is all mental, which is. I use to suffer from panic attacks, but not breathing heavily or anything like that is was more like I was disoriented. Everything seemed different. Sound if my voice, noises and my breathing seemed and sounded louder & faster. My mind would race and I would say the same things over and over again in my head and couldn’t stop. It would last for a couple minutes. It was really scary! I don’t want to take medicine. I want it to go away naturally. I find the feeling in my neck comes when I think about it. And gets worse when I’m having a convo with someone I know or someone random. It gets to the point where I want to stop talking to the person and run away. It’s crazy. How am I supposed to get a job ever. I never talk about these things to anyone because I know they will just say it’s all in my head, which yes it is… But they don’t understand the feeling. I talked to my husband about this before but he doesn’t get it. He thinks I’m over exaggerating…. That I’m overly dramatic! I need help.. I do. I can’t have this problem constantly…

  30. Ashley H

    Sorry about the typos…
    Using my iPhone. :0/

  31. David C.

    I’m new to this anxiety thing and I’ve been takin ativan I recently started to get this feeling in my left side of my neck it doesn’t hurt just pressure and aweful uncomfort what can I do I am one of those people that if I feel something I think its fatal or serious

  32. Holly

    I too have this feeling. I am the same type of person a worrier who thinks everything leads to death – I have gone to neurologists cardiologists and er doc after er doc but the new difference is the pressure in my neck I feel like the collar of my shirt is a bit too tight around my neck!!!! I am on Ativan for anxiety and constantly try to fund cures for my hypochondria and I know it’s not rational but I can’t stop the thoughts

  33. Hanna Feek

    I have front neck pressure as well. Thought it came specifically because my blood pressure is too high. I know it’s time to see my doctor but admit I am a bit reluctant because my I follow an excellent diet and exercise regularly. Six months ago I was confronted with a “flee or fight” situation which was very stressful. Not to get into too much detail but simply put, my municipal planning dept. took control of my life. With a lot of effort/determination I in buying some time, at least until the Applicant (my neighbour) provides up-to-date environmental impact studies for his cemetery proposal. The Town & Applicant feel my concerns are unfounded yet I feel extremely anxious about the idea of burials taking place close to my fence. Reading everyone’s comments has helped me realize that I need to manage my anxiety as well as my blood pressure:)
    It will be interesting to see what my doctor will recommend.

  34. Kathy

    No one here has mentioned sinus congestion. The neck pressure feels like a sinus pressure in your neck. When I bend over I have to grab my neck because it hurts, just like your head would hurt. I am worried it is a thyroid growth or condition, because when I swallow sometimes I can feel something get caught and when I touch the gland and move it I can feel a little bump on it. Does anyone have these symptoms as well? Also my ears are clogged and water seems to drain from them frequently. It feels as though all my glands are filled with water at times. My eyes also have pain when I rub them it feels like there is pressure there as well. Could this all be allergies?

  35. ok really weird we all have the same problem, has anyone been to the doctors to actually have test. im going to ent the symptoms i have is the pressure in my lower neck feels like im being chocked. when i lay down its better, i as well have anxiety but it only happens when i have the pressure, in the car its worse heat gets it aggravated the cold air conditioner blowing on neck bothers it and i cant stand anything touching my neck i feel like its swollen on my lower neck its driving me crazy consuming my whole life feel like im losing my mind.


    I am 54 and have the same symptoms.Tugging sensation on left side of my kneck. Some days I am aware of it all day. Other days very little signs. When I worry about it I feel worse including diorrhea. I go to my gym 5 days a week in the morning and find this relaxes it for a few hours. More aware of it when driving sometimes. I find that it eases off when I am doing some intensive activity involving concentration, including socializing. Also can feel a bit tired middle of day. I had a cyst on my thyroid and got that and half my thyroid removed in February 2011. Felt fine for weeks after that and got the all clear regarding cancer and calcium levels. I also fnd that alcohol eases it – guess that is a relaxer – but not a very clever one. I am a born worrier – allways early for appointments, worry over the most minor things. Guess I have got to find a way to chill out other than hammering it at the gym.

  37. so having a cyst on your thyroid did it show in blood work that the levels were off or did you have to have another test.i went to the ent he told me i had gerd gave me meds lets see if it works. he put a scope in my nose down my throat wasnt expecting that and was praying not to have a panic attack. but he said all was good down there no tumors or cysts in throat and vocal cords looked good. keep ya posted.

  38. Amber

    Hi everyone,

    I can’t believe there are so many people with the same symptoms and no one knows what it is/how it started.

    I’m 20 years old, 5ft8, slim, 9.5 stone and healthy. I do not smoke, I don’t take drugs and I don’t drink alcohol.

    I have been having a weird pressure on the front of the top of my neck at different sides at different times, there seems to be no pattern to what triggers the strange sensations. It comes and goes at different times of the days, when i’m relaxed I notice it more.

    7 months ago I had a complete change of lifestyle (Which I think may off triggered my anxiety, if you can call it that)

    I had a completely new and exciting job, from working a few easy shifts a month I was to train full time for my first ever full time job both day and night shifts. I was thinking maybe the massive stress difference could of taken a major effect?

    I travel 4 hours in total each day, on my feet pretty much all day, pressure to look glam and learning a new skill mathematically.

    I’m now fully into the job and slowly starting to get used to the extremely tiring changing work hours, I thought my anxiety would go away but it hasn’t just yet.

    I’m both mentally and phsically tired and drained after shifts.

    When i’m working, shopping, seeing friends and being active is when it feels fine and is not noticeable.

    It never hurts it just feels like someone is holding and sqeesing my neck. I have a massive fear or choking, being strangled and needles.

    I am allergic to pet hair and dust mites which I have antihistimines for and some times this helps the strange pressure around my throat/neck.

    I haven’t been to the doctor about this purely because i’m too scared and terrified they will put sonething down my throat. (I’ve read online that quite a few people had this done and as a result the doctor found nothing)

    I’m not sure if this is linked but this other act had become more regular, when i’m eating I feel like I can’t swallow my food and have to eat much slower bit by bit, drinking wise I have to sip small amounts at a time.

    But then another time I’ll be able to eat and drink totally normal.

    When having the weird sensation around my neck I can breathe and swallow as normal, I never have the weird feeling at the time I have the swallowing food problem if that makes sense.

    Does anyone else have a similar eating problem?


  39. Ok was fine for a month after meds fir gerdnow have the neck feeling again but also have sinus issues went to doctors said glands were swollen had Fluids in ears si maybe it’s just that anyone have same

    problem after being diagnosed gerd wondering if I even have it

  40. Mr. choked for two weeks

    Oh…thanks Lord there are others with this s%&tty problem as well, I tried something for gastric acids in reverse, but isn’t that for sure.
    I tried some natural (homeopatic drops) valeriana, that worked for me as well as doing a lot of excersise.

    streching neck work sometimes with deep breaths.

  41. Cynthia

    Since I last posted on this thread, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I just started with a low dose of Armour Thyroid. Since my immune system is attacking my thyroid, I still can have that choking sensation or the base of my neck feels warm. I do have a lot of hypothyroid symptoms, but this was the one that prompted me to get tested. It turned out to not be anxiety at all. I would recommend if you are still having a problem, get a _full_ thyroid panel with all the antibodies test (not just t3 or t4). Fortunately, the second doctor I saw was able to diagnose me.

  42. Jasmine

    Haha that’s how I feel exactly!!! I’m really glad you posted this because now I feel better. Going through all the diagnosis of thyroid or throat cancer online was freaking me out and the diagnosis were not exact but after reading your information about anxiety I realized I’m the same way like a panic struck person who freaks out about everything and then I realized I’m not alone and was laughing when I read
    Your article in realize that is exactly how I feelyour article because that’s me to a t

  43. mariann

    Hi i have this problem also, i feel like a hand is pressed against my neck its been like this quite a while. about a year ago i was laughing out loud when it went against my breath, my airways shut down and i couldnt breath at all, i began to panic. my partner gave me water to sip and my breath slowly came back, i really thought i was going to die there and then. for about 2 weeks after i kept feeling it coming on i was terrified, i also start feeling like i was choking and i couldnt swallow without panicking it was horrible, i think this was when i began to feel the neck pressure. it eventually went untill early this year my dad passed away and it started again. i was told it was panic attacks, it seems to be related to stress and anxiety but unfortunately the symptoms make me more anxious and stressed. i was beginning to think it was something more serious till i read all your stories. i have it now for the past week or so and iv tried every form of relaxation with no luck. it could be connected to the fact that i cant speak up for myself when i feel i should so im holding it all in, i cant cry when i feel hurt or sad, maybe my emotions are so bunged up inside they cant get passed my throath so its choking me, maybe i should just scream it all out, when im alone that is Lol

  44. dave n

    There is a way to be cured of this forever and without drugs. It might try to come back but with the power of the cure it can’t take hold of you again.

  45. I’m 16 and I keep having the same exact problem It’s starting to get on my nerves :/

  46. James

    I started to have the same feeling after I had a bad tachycardia. I was so worried about having something wrong that I actually had a few panic attacks as well. I’ve been having the same strange feeling for the last three months now.

    I went to the Cardiologist to rule out any heart conditions and everything came back negative, although the Holter did register that I was getting tachycardia at least 4 times a day. However, I do have a sub clinical hypothyroid problem, so my doctor attributes the tachycardia to this.

    I went to a Naturopathic doctor, and he ran a saliva hormonal test panel and it came back with the result that my adrenals were hyperactive. During the whole day, except in the afternoons, my cortisol levels were above normal. So now, I’m in the process of getting this under control. Heightened Cortisol levels are associated with anxiety, panic attacks, insulin resistance, etc.

    However, my doctor wants to rule out an environmental stimulant to my body that is causing the problem. (i.e. mold/fungi (I live in a very humid apartment, so there’s a high risk there), parasites, etc. ).

    What I’m trying to ask is if any of you have had a hormonal saliva test or any other kind of test that shows how your adrenals (specifically cortisol) are working in your body?

    Maybe, the weird sensation on the neck is related to high cortisol level. I have a theory that that could be connected because high cortisol also disrupts the proper functioning of the thyroid and we’re all getting the same weird feeling around the thyroid area.

  47. James

    Not sure if my first comment was posted, but has anyone had their cortisol levels tested?

    The reason I’m saying this because my Generalist doctor is a conventional medicine doctor but also uses a lot of alternative medicine procedures. He tested me for thyroid problems and adrenal problems, and when I started with him I was both hypothyroid (sub clinical) and hypo adrenal. However, it’s almost two years later and right now I’m hyper adrenal and hypothyroid.

    My hyper adrenal problem seems to stem from an instance where I had a very strong tachycardia episode that scared the sh** out of me and ever since then I’ve had about four panic attacks, the tachycardia (although not as strong as the first one), and the strange feeling on my throat that you are all describing.

    He determined my hormonal problems by doing a thyroid blood test and a saliva hormonal test panel. I did all the necessary tests with my Cardiologist also, and everything came back negative except for the holter that showed the tachycardias that I’m suffering. However, these are easy attributed to either the Adrenals or Thyroid being imbalanced.

    As an additional note, it is interesting that heightened cortisol levels can disrupt the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and I’m certainly feeling a strange sensation in my neck. It would be interesting to see if you guys test out our cortisol levels and thyroid levels to see if there is a correlation. Another worthy note, is that specifically for the thyroid, if blood test comes negative, you should look for physical markers of hypothyroidism, like dry skin, brittle hair, baldness in any area of the body, low growth of brows in the outer area of the brows, puffiness especially under the eyes, coldness of extremities even when others are hot, and the best indicator is taking your body temperature. In my case, the way I do it, is that I take my temps three times a day and then I average it. If my average is below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius then it’s an indicator of low hypothyroid. So, if you have any of the above markers, plus you have a low body temp, then it’s a high indicator of subclinical hypothyroidism ( not showing on blood test).

    If any of you have done any of these test and know your results it would be great to compare.

  48. James, thanks for contributing. I had to approve your first comment for some reason. I’m no longer having the feeling by the way. I haven’t had the feeling since I wrote this entry in my blog. Weird huh. πŸ™‚

  49. Liz

    Glad I am not the only one out there feeling like this. I had this feeling before just before my sister past away I guess I was stressed at the time. But now I think about it I did try making sure I used salt that had iodine in it and it helped. whether it went away because of that or because when my sister died I was under less stress I don’t know but Its back and worse I may be having a bit of anxiety what with starting a new job soon and that is why its back again Just feels like either i have a string around my neck and when i touch it nothing is there. kinda creepy.

  50. lisa

    wow, reading all of these posts makes me feel less alone! i started getting this weird ‘throat sensation’ 7 years ago. it came on at a totally random time while eating dinner.. thought it was my heart (as it caused my heart to go fast, probably due to the fact that it terrified me). i have had 2 kids since and still get it on and off. i describe it as a squeezing, choking (but can breathe and swallow normally) sensation. it kind of comes on slow, like ‘waves’ and then leaves. i feel it from my adam’s apple down as far as the middle of my chest. it makes me want to cough a lot. very weird and difficult to describe to my doc, he thinks i’m crazy! i also have suffered from anxiety my entire life, beginning as a young child. i was always so clingy to my mom and worried about death. i started getting heart palpitations shortly after i got married (isn’t that ironic as i am now in the middle of a divorce!). i have been in and out of my doc’s office and the e.r. a few times as well over the years. have had all of the tests done… stress, holters, echo’s, ecg’s, i even had a ‘lung function’ test done as i was worried i was getting asthma. everything always comes back normal. still getting all sorts of heart-related issues as well… fast, slow, pvc’s, flip -flop sensations, and these weird sharp and kind of painful beats that feel like a major shock or something..?? i am 32 yrs old, female, petite and in good shape. have extremely healthy lifestyle…so it’s so frustrating!!
    anyway, thought i’d share my story too. i keep telling myself..geez, i’ve lasted almost 10 years with all of these ailments, i must be fine. it’s just hard to function properly.. my sister said something that made me laugh the other day.. “the day you actually discover that there is something wrong with you is the day you will finally rest and be happy”. i think she’s right, but i would like to change that…

  51. Dee

    At 37 Im a female SCAD survivor and had 2 stents placed in my left coronary artery.
    It’s been 4 months since I’m on Plavix 75 mg and a baby aspirin a day.
    I’m concern about this strange pressure in my neck…it’s more so under my jaw directly connecting with my neckline toward the left and radiating a strange discomfort like feeling toward the front ( keep in mind your thyroid is located at the base of your neck) At times its a sharp sensation but subsides and fades to a mild feeling of something there…I don’t feel a lump. But that odd sensation is there….almost pressure like…WEIRD!
    I definitely have mild anxiety issues….but after being diagnosed with a rare heart condition who wouldn’t!

    In the past, I had the same thing and at the time I was fighting a virus. I was given a steroid shot and felt better after a week…the neck thing disappeared.

  52. robert

    I have had this feeling ever since I was I child, I used to tell my mum that I had “the neck” feeling. Like someone was pressing their hands on my neck. It has been chronic, for instance I can’t wear t shirts or turtle neck jumpers, can’t have baths, can’t have my neck exposed at all. Recently I have had high anxiety in my life and “the neck” has come back! I find water helpful, having a shower or going for a swim etc. Would love not to have it, it’s really irritating.

  53. Dave

    Ive had constant pain in the upper part of my neck, its usually worse in the morning, but also becomes painful after eating. I was diagnosed with having GERD (gastroesophogeal reflux disease) and i was hoping the diagnosis would fix my problem but it hasnt yet. Theres one reason i dont believe its related; i have pain near my nodes nit inside within my esophagus. Is anyone elses pain near the nodes?

  54. I have had this neck problem following two panic attacks. Does anyone else seem to have pressure in their forehead/temples/behind their eyes? These combined, i am constantly searching the internet for answers i can’t find. Some tell me it’s all in my head but i am pretty sure it’s physical but am not sure what it is! If anyone has any further info, please write back!

  55. Jason

    I also have this neck problem, it came about completely randomly and doesn’t want to go away.

    The front of my neck just feels funny, as simple as that, it feels like I need to feel to always feel the front of it and that it’s simply uncomfortable.. very difficult to describe… it usually goes away if I am super busy at work, or doing something I really am having fun with (socializing, playing my video game, etc.). It gets worse when I have downtime or am bored, because I think about it.

    Some days are better than others.

    I figured it was all mental, because when I don’t think about it, it’s not bothering me, but maybe I’ll see a Doctor just to make sure it’s nothing physical. Even though it’s mental, I can’t seem to ignore it. It’s simply there, annoying the hell out of me. As far as anxiety goes, I had a lot if it when I was younger, although really not much of any now, so I don’t think that’s the cause. I’m also not any medications except what I take for Asthma.

    Anyways, it makes me feel better to see others with the same situation as me, I thought I was just going crazy. I’m pretty sure when I attempt to describe this to my Doctor, he’ll think I am crazy. Ah well, gotta try….

  56. marlene

    hi my name is marlene
    i have had this weird feeling imy throat radiating to my chin and ears it is not painfull it is very strange iam wondering if ae who has this proble is taking blod presure tablets called amlodipine i am sure this started when i was prescribed them

  57. Courtney

    In about a week I’m going on a choir trip for school. We are competing in Washington DC and that’s about 15 hours away from home. I have OCD and a lot of anxiety, and lately I’ve been having this tension in my throat. I’m sorta happy that I now know this is linked to anxiety, but I just hate it! Sometimes I feel like I can’t breath or swallow food and drinks. I feel it right now. I hate this and I hate being anxious. For some reason though I feel like this isn’t anxiety. What if its like a serious problem?! I DONT WANT TO DIE! I’m scared to death. My mom keeps telling me that it’s just because I’m nervous, but what if it’s not. I’m so scared πŸ˜₯

  58. Emily Watson

    I’ve had exactly the same feeling. Been to the ER a few times in the past 6 weeks, Dr’s office 8 times, been to the ENT for a scope of my neck, xrays, gastro dr. for endoscopy and all they say it’s a combination of anxiety, Gerd, and sleep apnea? Who knows?

  59. Julie

    Hi Emily,
    I’ve described this “weird feeling” as a tightness in my neck and (kind of) under my chin area. There is no pain or stiffness, but just this “feeling” that something is there, and it feels off. It feels like I have to keep touching it, if that makes sense. Like you, I’ve had many medical tests, and I still can’t believe it’s just anxiety. I’m convinced that I “did something” while working out, or is a disease/illness that has gone undiagnosed. It feels better to read that others experience the same thing, but everyone is a little different, and I still don’t know what it is. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Jan

    Here’s a new twist to this topic…hope someone out there can somehow relate to it.

    I’ve had this similar feeling for many years, going back to when I had a “whiplash” about 13 years ago. I seem to remember that the symptoms appeared around that time but can’t say exactly that the feeling was there just before or after. At that time it was a vague kind of sensation that I couldn’t really describe (and still can’t!); however, it has become gradually worse over time, and to the point that it’s been very disturbing over the past few months. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for scoliosis (41 degree lumbar/26 thoracic). I mentioned my symptoms to the doctor, and in looking at the X-Rays, he pointed out that my cervical spine is very close to my windpipe and could very well account for the strange sensation in my throat and neck. He offered no solution other than a neck pillow.

    I should also mention that it worsens under anxiety. Also, upon awakening in the morning, I seem to be hardly aware of it. And further, when I’m engaged in conversation or activity, I seem to not even be aware of it.

    To back up, I saw my GP before seeing the chiro. She thought it could be either the carotid artery or thyroid. Both test turned out negative. She said: “anything that you’ve had over that long a period will go away”. I’m certain she thought I was a head case!

    So right now I’m up a creek and don’t know where to turn. I feel that I have something that can’t be fixed and I’m certain that’s creating even more anxiety!!

  61. Kyler Gilleta

    I to have had this feeling in my neck, the front of it of this pressure or somewhat burp that feels like it needs to come up. Feels like im getting strangled. In the end if you read all these comments you will notice that every single person has said they have anxiety, your head can play many mind games on you and this is one of them. Just think when you dont feel it, your not thinking about it, when you do your getting all worked up about it but thats because you are thinking about it. I have been reading all these comments due to the fact i have that pressure as well and everyone is saying ive had it for a year 2 years 3 etc. if it was something bad, it would get worse, and it certainly wouldnt just stop if you stopped thinking about it. I believe that when its time for you to go its time for you to go, and the last week i have been thinking that and my anxiety is gone and that feeling has been way better. You have two ways to live oyur life, one being scared something is always wrong with you or 2 living your life enjoying the things you have and not worry so much about all the little things. Think positive be happy and i bet most these pressure feelings will go away. Anxiety can do crazy things to you, in the end noone can stop it accept you.

  62. linc

    I have had this same sensation!!

  63. jesse h.

    i have the exact same feeling in my throat as if someone has put there hand around my throat but not applying pressure.. i do smoke but it dosent seem to make it any worse.. i have been to the hospitial 2 times in the last 3 days. nd they have run test nd done blood work. but have told me that my lungs nd heart are all working at 100%…. i have been under alot of stress latley,but cant figure out why stress would cause this feeling. i feel i cannot enjoy life with this constant anouying feeling in my throat. i have never suffered from anxiety before in my life. ive tried breathing exercises but it seems like it just makes me think about it more,which makes it seem ever more anouying, im relieved to see im not the only 1 with this problem.. i also have noticed when waking up in the morning i almost dont even notice it.. but once im fully awake it seems to come back, when trying to go to sleep it becomes almost impossible not to think about it ( which seems to make it worse). As most of you have mentioned, it dosent seem to bug me as much when im not thinking about it, unfortunatly i cant seemed to stop thinking about it for longer than a minute, also im not the type of person to be afraid of death,so i cant see why this feeling will not go away.. does anyone have any other ways to stop or prevent it from accuring other than breathing exersices? if so it would be greatly appreciated. ty to all who have posted on this page, u have been most helpful

  64. Brooke

    I get this feeling all the time and I am only 14. It is worrying me a lot and I don’t know what to do.

  65. david

    this really all seems like alot of stress but as we all know stress is very bad on the entire body not to mention the heart.. im 30 yrs old and im guessing from everything ive been told and read i have anxiety issues. all the doctor recommended meds do work but at a small price of causing other issues.. im in the process of learning to deal with my stress which is due to prior deployment to iraq and now being married. i dont deal very well with stress now days for whatever reason. from what ive been told not sleeping and having alot of stress that is pent up can produce anxiety. Until last october i had never had any issues with anything, just out of the blue bam i got hit with a racing heart, numbness all over my body, tight chest, shallow breathing, almost blacked out a few times and feels like my blood pressue jumps through the roof. i do have a hiatal hernia and a bad gallbladder. im not exactly sure if any of those are causing my anxiety or if its the other way around..

  66. I just wanted to update this for those of you that subscribe to this thread or even just happen upon it. This is Dave, the author of this blog and this post as well.

    I have not had another bout of this weird feeling since I typed this original story in 2009. I was way too worked up about stuff in my life and it did me no good. I am no longer on Xanax at all. I’ve been off of it for about 2 years now. I feel great. I think ultimately the solution (for me) was exercise as well as just letting go. I had to realize that no amount of worrying that I could do was going to fix anything. I also had to realize that none of my problems meant that it was “the end of the world”. In the grand scheme of things I was worrying about crap. Just total crap.

    If people are bothering you, forget about them. Ignore the idiots, bullies or what have you. Spend time with people that you love or like very much and that don’t get you down. Depressing people just breed more depression. Stay out of that loop. If someone is a constant downer to you stay away from them. You don’t need that bullshit drama in your life. Life has enough drama without you letting someone create it for you.

    Relax, and slow down a little. Unless someone is dying, chances are whatever you “need to do” will be there again tomorrow. I’m not suggesting procrastination but I’m saying to not get all worked up about stuff you can’t change. If you can, change jobs to one that you like or that has nicer people. Also realize that if someone named “Bob” is an asshole at your current place of work, there will be a “Bob” no matter where you go. Every place has it’s good and it’s bad.

    I’ll write more later if anyone wants to hear/read more but for now that’s all I got. πŸ™‚

  67. Declan

    I seem to have the same problem, except when I cover my neck with my shirt it’s seems to sooth the feeling. It’s almost as If something is about to grab at my neck and my necks in this constant spasm trying to act against this ‘force’. I have been to a special masuse ( forgive me I don’t know the correct term) and she ‘claims’ that in a previous life i had my neck slit. I don’t know if any of this is true, probably nonsense but it did really feel like it ment something. Anyhow if you need to chat about something hit me up

  68. Jaime

    I had previously posted about my situation, and like many of you I had the whole gamut of medical tests done to me and all is well. I’m perfectly healthy. Therefore, my next step was to explore the fact that this was emotional/psychological. I went to the psychologist and he told me that I was pretty much normal and that I just had to work with my mind and the situations and/or thoughts that would trigger this feeling. I tried that for a while, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.

    One day, I was so sick of feeling like that, that I thought of looking for information about how one could achieve emotional release. I knew that the onset of this feeling started at a time when I was dumped by a boyfriend, and I was in the middle of laying off a whole department. So I started to explore, what techniques existed out there to help me achieve that, because to me it felt like a bottled up mess of emotions. That’s when I discovered EFT (Emotional Release Techniques). Since, conventional medicine didn’t work for me, I thought what the heck, I’ll give this a spin, and I’m so glad I did!! It took me a few rounds of the technique to work for me, but it did help!

    Just to give you an example, I was drinking the days prior to doing EFT meds like Vistaril, Tila and Chamomille teas, and homeopathics to calm me down. After I did EFT, I stopped everything, didn’t need it.

    So, I think you could look into this. There’s tons of videos in Youtube that teach you the “basic recipe”, and you can do it for yourself. I warn you that when you first look at it, it looks and sounds very weird, but what do you have to lose?

  69. Tommy

    Hey, in response to Julie way up there:


    **My Story**

    Yes. I do believe that this neck pressure, in my case, is directly related to withdrawal (benzodiazepine (diazepam/valium use on and off for 7 years, 2-5mg a day)). I’m a 28 yr old male, 5’8″, 205 lbs. Back in March, for a month, I tapered off of 2.5mg of valium. I officially got off the stuff on April 27th. The first 2 weeks of being off, I felt this way (weird bodily sensations (almost like having the flu), muscle stiffness/tightness, restless leg syndrome, tinnitus, light metallic taste in my mouth, amongst a whole host of other strange bodily phenomena). One of the more pronounced features of this withdrawal has been what everyone describes here…a strange, pressure on the front of my neck, on both sides, from right under my jaw-bone, all the way down to the tops of my rib cage. There’s nothing painful about it, just a pressure that raises concern and, above all else, is annoying.

    The good news…after a week or two off of the valium, the feelings went away and I got to a point where I felt almost totally normal…but, had a bit of anxiety one day 2 weeks ago and took a tiny little bit of valium…ever since then, I’ve been having these exact same withdrawal effects again. Two things that I think are going on: FIRST and foremost, doctors will sometimes not even bother checking up with their patients 6-12 months after they have begun withdrawing from a benzodiazepine due to the fact that it is common to have withdrawal symptoms pop up in clusters (sometimes a chain of good days, sometimes a chain of bad days) on and off for up to a year–some patients will feel that they are fine for 2 months, then get thrown into a whirlwind of varying levels of typical benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms (whose breadth and width is BROAD (check the wikipedia page on Benzo withdrawal for the exhaustive list)). So, in other words, you’re going to be fine (but it never hurts to get sized up by a licensed physician). These reports, which seem so common in a thread like this, of “feeling strange but the doctor says I’m perfectly fine after I take all these tests” are very typical stories from the drug using / withdrawal-related anxiety community. Do not worry, you’re not alone, and many people in this community who have taken the right steps have ended up feeling perfectly normal/healthy after some time.

    Another effect to be considered (with particular attention to my case):
    KINDLING – when alcoholics will go through alcohol withdrawal, jump off the wagon, start drinking again, and then quit again, they experience an effect known as ‘Kindling” wherein the experiencer feels the withdrawal considerably more intense then the previous withdrawal. Since Benzos, just like alcohol, affect GABA receptors in a similar fashion, I would not be surprised to hear that Benzo withdrawal has the same effect. As a personal piece of advice from recent experience: once you decide to get off of a benzo/anti-depressant, you should probably STAY off of it…though I only took a small amount 3 months after quitting, I believe it has played a role in resurrecting some of my previous withdrawal hell. So, I’m off of alcohol, caffeine, right now…taking magnesium powder supplements in the morning, trying to get some light exercise (which gives me relief), doing breathing exercises to relax at night (while watching ASMR videos on youtube (look them up, GentleWhispering’s are some of the best!). Also, getting down on all fours, supporting yourself with your KNEES And ELBOWS, resting your FOREHEAD (particularly the space between your eyebrows) on the palms of your hands, or your knuckles, and taking relaxing, gut-based deep breathes (breathing out with an “FFFFFFFF” sound (or imagine breathing through a straw) can be very helpful (i don’t know why…maybe because it takes pressure or sensation away from your chest, thus decreasing attention that area, thus making you less anxious)).

    ALSO, last but not least, is TOLERANCE WITHDRAWAL. Remember, you can have withdrawal effects even when you haven’t quit the drug. This means that your body has become all to accustomed to your regular dose and wants more, thus giving you withdrawal symptoms.

    To everyone: never forget that your body is designed to heal…just think of what happens when you get a cut or catch the flu. Relax, suffering is a part of life, and be brave/strong…this too shall pass.

    Sorry for the long rant.

  70. Tess

    Wow, this is exactly what is happening to me. But I found out I have a high riding jugular and that my carotid and jugular are very large on one side and very small on the other so I don’t get enough blood flow. However I
    Didn’t start getting this symptom until my thirties. When it started my blood work showed b-12, vit D, iron deficiencies and high white blood count . Curious if anyone else blood work is off? I wonder if imbalances in the body cause or make it worse?

  71. jenean davis

    Omg! I have been feeling the weird neck tightness and also a weird feeling in my chest. For about 2 weeks now i have been dealing with anixety for 13 years now.
    i have been to 4 hospitals and my doctor everyone say im fine. i have had all kinds of test done everything is fine all i want is to feel normal again .i have started back on lexapro 20 mgs for the last 2 weeks and i still feel awful. im nervious and panicky everyday .right now im going thru a very hard time in my life im very stressed and angry and in alot of emotional pain. i pray to god that he take away all of the awful feeling that im feeling and this weird neck and chest thing i feel i have a illness that is killing me from the inside. im so scared and can’t nobody help me im in therapy and its not helping either i feel like my doctor or therapist don’t care am so afraid that i will feel this weird feeling in my throat and chest forever .and thank youyou dave your story give me hope that i will one day feel better .i cried when i read it because you are the only person that has said that the weird feeling went away.

  72. -=[Message from AUTHOR]=-

    I am blown away by the amount of comments I’ve received on this blog post.

    Again, I want to let you all know that I have not had this feeling or problem since I originally posted about it on this blog. I used to take Xanax as well as Zoloft. I’ve been off of the Xanax for about 2 years now. I’m better off because of it.

    Jenean, I will pray for you that your feeling goes away. I know it’s not fun. My wife was on Lexapro at some point as well and it didn’t do good things for her. She had some goofy feelings due to that drug. She’s no longer on it.

    I never felt depressed or anything I think that I just had low seratonin and due to that I would have anxiety about certain things. Being on Zoloft has helped me greatly. I feel pretty normal. I think that I just used to worry about stuff too much and now I sort of go with the flow more. I don’t mean that I have “conformed” I mean that I don’t dwell on things that I cannot change. I try to stay positive.

    Let me know if any of you have any direct questions or anything and I’ll help how I can. At the time I didn’t know what to do which is why I reached out on my blog. I never figured I’d get a response. I’m glad I did, and I hope it helps other people.

    -Dave πŸ™‚

  73. Lynn

    This must be the OMG thread as I also have had this feeling on and off for about a year. The latter part of 2008 I had surgery on my right carotid artery, it was 99% closed. I should note at the time I was only 59. The surgeon enlarged the artery with gortex. Fast forward to 2011 and I started having these weird feelings on the right side of my neck. The artery feels like a tight rubber band being stretched and sometimes when I turn my head to the right it seems to be worse.I have always been a calm person and I have never been on antidepressants, but in looking back this last year I am in a miserable relationship and I’m sure that is causing stress in my life. I now need to make some happy changes in my life!

  74. Susie

    Unbelievable. After 10 days of feeling weird, I finally was able to put a description to what the front of my neck was feeling like and ‘googled out’: “I feel like there is something tight around my neck” and there is Dave’s post!

    I THANK YOU Dave and EVERYONE for your posts. I feel so much better now knowing that I am not on the verge of a heart attack, a blockage in my arteries, high blood pressure issues, or some crazy disease! I know where my old bottle of Valarian Root capsules is and will go and take one right now. This IS simply anxiety!

    I own a small business and between the staff and the customers needing me just a little too much at times, it can be stressful. I love them both but just have to RELAX and go with the flow for awhile and let them work out their issues without me! THANK YOU EVERYONE! You literally saved my night. I can’t wait to read some of these posts to my worried husband. πŸ™‚

  75. P-unit

    OMG I cant believe soo many people have experienced this. I thought I was going mad. I have experienced several panic attacks before, but occasionally get this weird sensation in my neck. It feels like a wave of cold and tightness at the same time. It doesnt affect my swollowing, but can cause slight soreness in my ears too. its like a tingling sensation but my skin is cold to touch. It gets a little better when I look up or stretch my neck. I also have a thick neck (doctors have carried out thyroid function tests in the past – but I was clear). I have been through a traumatic couple of years, after caring for my dad and him dying in my arms from Lung cancer and it has definately had a huge emotional affect on me. I intend to book an appointment to see my doctor, but I do feel a little relieved after reading all the postings.

  76. Stacie

    Your post helped me too! I’ve been having this choking feeling for the past week & a trip to the ER today didn’t help one bit. I think they figured I was crazy & blamed it on my anxiety. The feeling is similar to having something caught in your throat or a tight feeling around your neck. Putting my chin to my chest seems to help but my mind tends to race with all the crazy medical problems that it could be. Hoping I can be calm & get over it! Thanks!

  77. Altheia

    August 28,2012 at 11:08 pm
    It is with bittersweet emotions that i read these posts. I have had panic attacks before but never the tightness in the neck. I thought I was having a heart attack. I decided to google my symptoms and came across Dave’s blog. It was comforting to see that I was not alone and that I could put a name to what I was feeling. Reading all the experiences faced by everyone made life easier to deal with.
    Thank you and keep blogging.
    Btw breathing and praying helps.

  78. I get an email notification every time someone posts a comment. Every single time someone posts a comment I get a good feeling. I feel better because I know that more people are coming together to deal with this feeling. I’m not sure what it is, other than pure anxiety. Thank you to you all for posting comments. I know this is helping other people; that can be readily seen here. Thank you, as well as “glad I could help”. πŸ˜‰ -Dave

  79. Tecia

    I just started feeling like this today, so I googled it. I thought I didn’t have any stress and appeared to leave a normal life but I guess it is anxiety. I can’t sleep because if I lay down it feels like someone is choking me. My head gets warm and as soon I sit up the pressure is relieved. I have never taken pills so I am curious as what to do. I am in tears cause I keep feeling like my throat is closing in.

  80. Susie

    Tecia ~ As for me I tried Valerian Root capsules. They helped me feel a bit less edgy. Today I am okay. Yesterday I was feeling the ‘choke’. One item in my life was eliminated today.Apparently, it was a major item that needed dealing with head on. I leave for an eight day vacation Saturday and of course, undoubtably added to my anxiety. It is hard for me to ever get away. I worry about things ‘back home’. It is just the way I am wired. The ‘choking’ feeling is a first for me though. I do plan on sharing it with my doctor when I return from my trip. If he tells me anything interesting about this ‘condition’, I will share it with ya’all.

  81. cat

    Wow! I pinched a nerve in my neck about 7 weeks ago. I became depressed just sitting around. I am normally a very active woman. I recieved a cortisone shot and right after that I started getting sensations in my chest and neck. Mind u , the shot was in the shoulder. On the left side of my neck, right under my jaw, near the node I started getting a tingle, kinda would run a bit toward my face. Then right below my left clavicle I would get a pressure. It would like rotate . Then the feeling of the lump in throat…I read some where that cortisone made antiexy worse. I to have had blood test , cartoids check,even a brain ct. I think my anxiety was brought on by my pinched neck nerve. Scared I wasn’t going to get better,scared the chiro made it worse,scared the mri made it worse…scared..scared. so after reading this I think I might be able to het a handle on it. Mine comes and goes…worse at night, drives me nuts…

  82. OK, i googled about the strange feeling in my throat and this came up. Like a lot of people I am pretty nervous (all the time) but it could be a lot of things. I had something like this before and it turned out to be my thyroid swelling up so I am kind of worried it might be that again. Best thing is to go to the doctor if exercise and relaxation, therapy, and meds don’t work- just in case it is not anxiety.. I just had a checkup and felt fine and now this! so it is kind of ironic. I have to have blood work done anyways and I see she has thyroid tests listed so I guess I will see how that comes out. I hope it is not something horrible but I want to get to the bottom of it. Take care everybody- look how well Dave (the guy who started this thread) is doing. I hope we all feel better soon and get some relief.

  83. fabian

    Great to hear im not alone ..i think whats obvious from this is that there is an obvious consistncy with anxiety ! We all worry to death about silly minor siutations i think training ourselves to release and avoid anxiety is the true answer this is just my analogy i too was worried yet curious about this condition ! Hope everyone is well, peace

  84. Greetings Dave…. I just googled these symptoms …. and LOOK, I’ve found your blog. I have the same light feeling on the skin, in the front of my neck. I am currently in the process of moving & starting in a new workplace (yes, anxiety provoking, plus I’m susceptible to anxiety energy symptoms, anyway. Plus I have my subluxated my back from the physical moving of things, in my apartment.) I notice though when I’m in the midst of something which makes me very happy, I don’t notice this strange sensation.
    Through the years, I have had physical symptoms manifestations from vertebrae subluxation, from time to time. Usually these symptoms are quite strange… but after a chiropractic readjustment, yep, the symptom clear up- hence, they’re all due to vertebrae subluxation. I’m going for a readjustment on Monday w/ my chiro & will have a massage therapist friend work on me. And just work on relaxing the mind, through meditation. I hope to find complete relief, very soon. It’s totally just an irritating thing, this strange sensation in the neck, and began to worry me a bit, quite frankly.
    Hope all have relief from their suffering! We all can heal our bodies holistically with good nutrition, meditation, positivity exercise and a bit of patience. Dave, thanks for this post, and all the great comments, everyone! It gives true solace to not feel ‘alone.’
    PS ~ Good for you being of Xanax, Dave. I’m an addiction counselor, at that drug is a menace.

  85. nina k

    Hi guys!

    I have had that feeling before! It was a year ago, when I felt that in my throat! It feels deep and in the back almost! A bit in the middle of the throat! Bot to scare any of you, soon after this feeling, I had lumps in my neck and under my armpits! After xrays and ct-scans, I was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 26! It is one of the easiest form of cancers to cure. But I do encourage everyone, who has had this feeling and it hasn’t faded, go get checked and scanned! I had 2 big lymph nodes in my chest which seemed to cause that pain in my chest and throat! And soon my cough was getting worse and couldn’t breathe at some point. I had to share this, in case anyone is feeling the same! Good luck!


  86. HRD


    I have this feeling too going on for 2 days now. I guess I am not the only one. The feeling started to fade today. once you convince yourself it is anxiety only and nothing to worry about the feeling starts to fade.

  87. isibella

    OMG – That’s just for effect as this does seem to be Dave’s thread of omg I too have this neck symptom!
    Here’s my version: I have been suffering with for the last 4 years, a strange sensation that I get in my upper throat in the front right below the chin. The sensation could be described as hands being held around the neck, a pressure or puffyness, however I am still perfectly able to breath and swallow despite this strange sensation. There is no pain, only weirdness. I do not take any drugs so I can’t blame that, unfortunately I suspect it is hormone/thyroid gland related. I used to believe it was caused whenever I ate anything with MSG in it, but I just don’t know anymore. It lasts roughly 2-3 hours then fades away. The nice thing is I can say having had it years that it is definitely not life threatening, so if your having it for the first time don’t panic, you can still breath and it will go away, more than anything it’s just an annoying sensation. I’ve been to doctors, had full blood work done all to no avail, I wish someone could put a name or cure to this sensation, or at least let us know what causes it beyond vague terms like “anxiety” This is a clearly a very real unpleasant sensation that many people are suffering. Hopefully someone in the medical field will read Dave’s post some day and try figure out a cause/cure for the rest of us.

  88. brenda

    I too have been having the same reaction and I too suffer from anxiety attacks..I have been very overwhelmed at nursing maybe it can be or have to do something with anxiety! Be blessed.

  89. Susie

    I have an earlier post on this blog talking about un upcoming doctor’s appointment to discuss this ‘choking’ issue. I went and he placed me on Zoloft at 25mg per day. WOWWWWEEEEEE! What a difference in my life! I am 54 years old, own a very very busy business, and am on the go at all times. I have never been on an antidepressant in my life. I am far from a ‘depressed’ person so I never explored this avenue with a doctor. The anxiety I had was quite apparant. I worried about EVERYTHING. I love to travel but the anxiety and stress I experienced before the trip was ridicilous not to mention the same ON THE TRIP! I never knew how bad it was until I started taking the Zoloft. The things in my life I used to take over-seriously make me chuckle now. I have been taking Zoloft for about one month. I treat people, things, encounters, experiences, life – so much differently now. I sure wish I had gone down this road previously. My husband is astonished at the changes in me. Oh! and I have not had the ‘velvet choke’ in weeks now. Clearly anxiety. We are going away this weekend to San Francisco and I am excited, have not even started to pack, and really do not care if the preparing for the trip goes “correctly” or not! As for me, Zoloft is a miracle. Thanks again Dave for your original post. Also, I really enjoy receiving posts from people via email from this blog. Good luck everyone!

  90. Sarah

    I’m so glad that I found this. For the past six weeks I have had the same symptoms. I demanded to see my GP last week, and he put me on beta blockers – I presented with tachycardia when I saw him. My pulse was 112bpm at rest. I have to have my bloods tested to rule out a thyroid problem – which I don’t believe I have. I think it may be anxiety. It’s an illness in itself.

  91. Lucy gerrard

    Well your post certainly helped me πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been feeling like this for over two weeks. The hands around the next is a perfect description. I also suffer with terrible anxiety especially with health related things. I’m worried about throat cancer, thyroid issues… All sorts because if this sensation. I haven’t been to my doctor as I worry they will take one look at my notes (anxiety) and fob me off!

    Anxiety is an awful thing and I totally sympathise with you .

  92. Erica

    Hi Dave … Today was the first time I felt the pressure in my neck and also in the back of my head. I went to the E.R And theres nothing wrong with me. i also suffer from anxiety what makes it worse that I have a thyroid problem so when I feel something odd I think it’s the worse what if ??? So this week all be going to see my doc hopefully it’s nothing bad

  93. Suzy

    Wow as every one else has said.. This is my story…I have allergies also seems to compound it…On Zoloft too, feeling comes and goes and is awful.When i lay down at night and have time to think and worry it gets worse….Thoughts from anyone would help.. Thanks be well out there..

  94. Susie

    Suzy ~ I started taking Zoloft while I was having the neck choking feeling. It took about 2 weeks for the choking feeling to completely go away. It came and went. I feel better than i ever have. As I have posted earlier, I have never taken any kind of antidepressants. This is a first and Zoloft was chosen. Who would have ever thought it would change my life. My anxiety level is so low to none ti is unbelievable.

  95. masenwe

    I live with this feeling since the age of 9 to the present age of 37, which will worsen if I conduct meditation.

  96. Dany

    Hey dave, omg I have the exactly the same thing for the past few months, actually it started before 3 months…
    1- I feel like a weird pressure in the front of my neck
    2- I also feel like I want to keep touching the front of my neck but there is nothing there to feel.
    3- And sometimes feel like someone is holding their hands around my neck.
    4- I can breath and swallow very normally
    Very worried about if it’s a neck cancer or something worst πŸ˜›

  97. Dany

    yeah, forgot to mention that i do workout daily, eat healthy all the time and dont smoke.

  98. dany

    Hey dave, omg I have the exactly the same thing for the past few months, actually it started before 3 months…
    1- I feel like a weird pressure in the front of my neck
    2- I also feel like I want to keep touching the front of my neck but there is nothing there to feel.
    3- And sometimes feel like someone is holding their hands around my neck.
    4- I can breath and swallow very normally
    Very worried about if it’s a neck cancer or something worst :s
    I do workout daily , I eat healthy all the time, and I don’t smoke.

  99. Amy

    I have been suffering from the same “theres something around my neck but nothings there” thing since I was a teenager. I’ve never associated it with anxiety before but when it happened this week, I decided to google it and found almost everyone linked it to stress and anxiety, and this has been a really stressful week. Good thing is, it usually lasts a week and bugs like crazy, but then goes away. I’ve noticed that if I am working or have my mind occupied I don’t notice it at all. It’s the worst when I’m sitting down thinking about how annoying it is. I suggest taking a bath, or doing some relaxation techniques, and doing something to occupy your thoughts. Hope that helps.

  100. Carolyne

    Well I’m only 14 and I also have this issue I didn’t know what it was until today. I’ve had it for about a year now and now I’ve finally figured out what it is. Does this mean I’ve an anxiety problem I’m so worried how do I know?

  101. Susie

    No one here is a doctor that I have have determined so far. We are all just regular folk who stumbled onto Dave’s blog about this neck subject. Carolyne, read back through the previous posts and see what you gather, and discuss this with your folks as well. I know for me I am so glad for the day I found this blog. I was so worried about this feeling I had with my neck! Personally, I am a person who worries about stuff and overthinks about stuff. Zoloft is my helper on this matter. I hope to stay on it for a year of so and see what happens after that. Once I discussed this with my doctor, he agreed about this feeling being an anxiety issue. It cleared up immediately once it was determined that it was anxiety and I started taking the Zoloft. Good luck!! πŸ™‚

  102. I’m so glad that this single post has generated so many comments of people trying to help each other.

    Carolyne, just don’t worry too much. I can tell you for a FACT that too many girls your age worry about so much stuff. Blow it off, let it roll off your shoulders. It may seem like the end of the world now but it’s not. I didn’t learn this until I got older. Hopefully you can learn it earlier than I.

    Worry doesn’t solve anything. And yes I know……all this is easier said than done. πŸ˜‰ -Dave

  103. Mine simply went away. I had it on and off for about 2 months this past summer (July/August 2012). There is hope for all of you. I don’t get it any more.

  104. Kelly

    Hi Dave,
    I guess I am the New Year’s Baby for 2013 with the first post…Ha! Googled this strange neck sensation and here I found your blog. I am amazed at how many people have commented. I asked my Dr. about it this week while at a regular check up and he listened, tilted his head to the side, and went on with the exam with no comment. Owell! R-E-L-A-X, I guess… Thanks for reading your posts! πŸ™‚

  105. Jennifer Reyes

    Hello everyone,

    I suppose Im the second after Kelly for 2013, couldn’t believe this was posted 4 years ago! aha Well yeah I believe everyone here found your blog very helpful as I do,
    I as well have a strange feeling on my neck, like pressure. I actually suffer from panic disorders and reading this made me realize what if its my panic and worry causing my weird sensations, its just not around my neck as well, I get headaches as well and it happens in the after noon as soon as I get back from school. Does anybody get headaches? I hate it because I feel like other things are wrong but I just hope it isn’t. I have an appointment to see a Cardiologist on the 28th of this month and I hope they tell me everything’s normal because with anxiety and panic your heart rate becomes rapid and you can consider it to be a heart attack when reality it isn’t and I find myself always like that. I am young and barely starting to work for my future and I just hope this goes away. Its been 1 week already and I keep getting headaches with it. I seen someone post something about having GI problems and this is how it all started for me, I graduate and out of no where I started feeling a weird feeling, thinking it was my heart but it wasn’t and I found out it was because a bug and Its causing me to have gastritis. Well anyway having this GI problem led me to have anxiety and little by little I ended up having panic attacks more and more till it led to me actually having a disorder. It sucks because I honestly don’t want to be feeling this way, I want to live a normal healthy life and this just depresses me and gets in the way of me going out. If anybody out there is experiencing Panic Disorders check out I recently found this and it really helps with anxiety disorders. Its a natural way in controlling it so you wont be on pills.Its pretty scary to think about being on them. I hope I hear something back. Thank you to anyone who read this.

  106. Madcowx

    Got this exactly same feeling a few days ago first time in my life. First i was like wtf, my neck muscles are so tight its unbelievable, then i thought i have goiter lol. Yes this is anxiety and the pressure you are feeling on your neck is your blood pressure that is going high, How do i know? One time when i got this feeling i went and took betablocker and it helped quite soon. I’ve also checked my BP while having these anxiety attacks and my numbers are HIGH!

  107. Tonya

    Wow! I have had this same feeling for 2 weeks now. I thought it was from allergies and sinus issues. Never thought it could be anxiety related. I don’t suffer from anxiety like some of you but I did have a sort of traumatic event happen to me in December so maybe that is the cause. It comes and goes. I honestly don’t know what brings it on and what makes it go away. Some days I don’t have it at all and some days it’s all day long. I have to remind myself that I can’t eat, breath and swallow so I’m not dying. I also get the weird under the chin feeling, not sore to the touch but a little tender. Sometimes the neck feeling is like something thick in my throat and I find myself swallowing a lot. I’ve been going through physical therapy as my neck muscles on the left side are extremely angry as well as the trigeminal nerve. Going to the Dr on Monday to discuss this. I am hypothyroid so it could be my thyroid gland. Could also be fibromyalgia like symptoms. Thank God I am not alone, not crazy and there is hope!

  108. Bird Bird


    Everyone here on this site needs to research Intestinal worms. I know that this is a subjectg that no one wants to talk about or even think about the possibilty of having worms. Intestinal worms are not confined to just the intestines they can travel to every square inch of the body and no organ is exempt. When I lay down at night I can actually feel something moving inside of the lower portion of my neck it really feels to be quite large in size and it is pretty strong. I can feel it as it snakes down into my chest cavity. As it passes by my heart it slaps up against it with its side to side motions. I experience a thump thump on my heart.I know it sounds crazy but honest to “God” this is what I feel. I have always been very intune to my body. Intestinal worms are right here in the USA and they are abundant and it is so easy for them to make you thier new host. Everyday we are all exposed to intestinal worms and parasites and if I had to take a guess I would say 95% of people in the USA are infested with a least one parasite or worm., Please take my advise… educate yourself so that you will know how to better protect yourself and by protecting yourself you will be adding alot more quality to the live you live.

  109. Susie

    Tonya ~ Intestinal worms are easily taken care of in humans. Go to your doctor. They are extremely easy to detect as well. Perhaps you need to go have this checked out.

  110. Susie

    Sorry Tonya. I just received an email of a post and thought it was yours! I did not read yours and assumed that post was yours because you are the last one to post! It was actually meant for “Big Bird”. I do not see that post here. Must have been deleted.

  111. Bird Bird, personally I think that the “intestinal worms” suggestion is garbage. I originally marked your comment as SPAM as it seemed so goofy but I’ll let it go for now.

  112. JB

    Some very real illnesses can involve what looks like anxiety or what can be mistaken for anxiety. Consider the connection between thyroid issues and GI issues (which could include more common overgrowth of bacteria, slower digestion of food which can cause the overgrowth of bacteria, dismotility which describes how the muscles could become uncoordinated
    in the movement of food through the stomach and the intestines. This can also be a problem for the esophagus, and this could create the problems and feelings described in so many blogs concerning the throat). In addition, a wealth of problems including the GI and the thyroid, eyes, lungs, food intolerance etc etc etc can be related to mitochondrial disease or deficiency. This most likely could be secondary mitochondrial disease as a result of issues that list under MD. Primary mitochondrial issues would present at a young age, so don’t worry about what you read online about this. If you are older, it could be secondary mito if at all. Also, do not forget the parathyroid glands, which are found in the thyroid. They are the size of a grain of rice, but can develop a benign tumor that can cause a number of issues described throughout the blog. If you suspect this, you would need to check your PTH, not only the TSH. If you were to have a parathyroid issue, your potassium levels might also be high, which could give anxiety-like symptoms. It would be important to consider the Free T3 and Free T 4 in addition to the TSH. While you are checking all this in the hopes of ruling them out, you would want to check Vit d, B 12, magnesium, calcium, cortisol, potassium, adrenal issues/ hormones. Don’ t forget the pituitary gland, which is involved in thyroid function somehow as well. Speak with an endocrinologist, possibly a rheumatologist/ immunologist. If you read on and visit enough doctors, you will find that many of the triggers for autoimmune issues like Hashimotos, RA, etc. are unknown. Thay only know that Celiacs disease is triggered by gluten and the inability to break down the gluten protein. Some of this reading may lead you to concerns of enzymes and there function. People with Hashimotos sometimes feel better if they avoid gluten in the diet. Interesting? It is a puzzle. I wish everyone well. I have searched over the years myself, and found answers or parts of answers on blogs, listening to people share. Best of luck.

  113. Paul

    Hi, I have the same problem. For me it is caused by anxiety…..I suffer with Health anxiety, and the minute I start getting something in my head or I worry about something…Bang..Neck problems. What I have found is rubbing the trapiezus muscle at the base of the neck just on top on shoulders eases the problem a lot. The omohyoid muscle and the Sternohyoid muscle which come up from the Clavicle bone both seem to be over laid by the Trapiezus (I’m no doctor by the way !!! this is stuff I have worked out myself over the years). Tension in the Trapiezus muscle is common with both Stress and anxiety…..So to cut along story short has anyone tried a deep tissue shoulder and back massage ? When I have had a massage my neck feels fine…..Until the next episode of HA !!! Hope this is of some help to at least one person.

  114. Susie

    Hi Paul ~ I know countless people who LOVE massages! I have had THREE in my entire life and EACH SESSION resulted in pinched nerves…neck, shoulders (BOTH!), middle of my back. I will never forget the pain and agony. All ended up at a Chiro’s office to get them unpinched. I wish I was one of those massage people but apparently I cannot be one! Not sure why this happens. Also, I did not find any of them relaxing in the least. They were painful. Weird, I know. My remedy for my anxiety is always working to make my life as simple as possible. When it gets complicated, my body freaks out and many negatives things start happening. 😦

  115. Jane

    Well, I am here from googling weird sensation in my neck as well. I pretty much decided I had throat cancer and was dying. Lol. But like so many others here, I have a history of anxiety issues. I haven’t had many in the past few years…But this week has been stressful. I feel much better after finding this blog. It’s a feeling of thickness down the left side of my neck. Sort of a cold feeling,that radiates to under my ear, but not painful. It’s really annoying and worrisome…but judging from how many people on here have experienced this, I am now sure it’s anxiety related. I am so glad that I found this site !

  116. Susie

    Jane ~ landing on this site was such a fabulous thing for me too! I am a stresser and try everyday to not stress (LOL!). Anxiety is a big one for me too. I seriously thought I was dying until I found Dave’s blog. Glad to hear you found it too! Hang in there. The world needs people like us to take care of the little things others tend to overlook! πŸ™‚ Susie

  117. Hey, Dave here. I’m so glad that people are still being helped by my blog. I thankfully have still not had this feeling again. Hopefully I never do.

  118. Will

    I am so thankful I found this website this feeling has been happening on and off for the past few weeks now and it’s starting to really take its mental tole on me, and I too work out frequently, and for be it seems to happen when I’m getting anxious or thinking about it.

  119. Eric

    i’m very stubborn when it comes to going to the doctors. so finding this site was a blessing. sounds exactly like what i’m having. not really pain, just discomfort. as if somebody was pressing down on your throat with their thumb. And i’ve also dealt with anxiety, ever since the 7th grade which was 8 years ago. so i really think this helped alot to ease my mind. at least i hope it’s all anxiety related. if anyone has any tips i definately wan’t to hear it. thanks again.

  120. Jyby

    Let me ask you this, how long are you sitting? If for more than an hour at a time that is too long! Have you got up walked a mile? If your tired doing so, keep trying! It doesn’t mean your diseased it means your lazy! Do you have forward head posture? This can cause stress in the neck, including venous(circulatory stress). Do you constantly think about your body? Many muscles in the body are called “emotional responders.” To the OP, get your weight under 250! Abnormal body weight puts a lot of biological stress on the body. To all who suffer(including myself), accept and replace our thoughts! We will all die soon, we’re healthy, so why go about our live like some terminal cancer patient?

  121. Shea

    I have somewhat like all has mentioned though it is at the top of my neck, right side and I can feel a very strange pulse. This is not my carotid pulse! That is normal! I do not have anxiety and I do not exercise. This feeling does feel like I am wearing a turtle neck! This is the 4th day! The strange part about this is that I when I feel “the weirdness” I can feel pulse like movement that is like a bunch of something flowing through in a clump and then no feeling and it starts all over! Can anyone relate?

  122. Eva

    hello! my name is Eva and i am 15 , I’m soo hqppy i found this website because i havr the same problem as everyone else. i could believe i am currently depressed or have anxiety because i get this feeling during school ( school brings LOTS of anxiety) . i searched this up because im not very close to my mom and i wanted to see if others have the same feeling. i will force myself to talk to my mom about taking me to tje doctor now (: i also read some tips and will try to do them thanks.

  123. Hey Eva,

    I’m the author of this blog and this post. Nice to see you found this post to help you.

    I’m sorry that you have a lot of anxiety. That completely sucks. Now I know that you didn’t say that you are suicidal but I’ll just say this anyway. Please don’t ever do anything drastic like kill yourself. Hopefully that sort of thing doesn’t cross your mind. Just know that all of us have been through something similar to what you are going through and that it is so NOT the end of the world.

    If you’ve not read all the comments you should take the time and do it because there are lots of great comments on this post.

    There is so much to live for after you get out of school. I didn’t really care for school much myself but I got through it. If you have any questions please ask, we’ll be glad to help.


  124. Susie

    Hello Eva ~ Everything passes with time. Always give yourself time to get through everything. Time is a precious gift. Get things together with your Mom. Girls need their Moms. She is not perfect. I am a Mom. I have a daughter. The teen years are so rough! I went through it. My daughter went through it. Hang in there, Eva. I promise it will get better. You’ve just gotta place one foot in front of the other and keep on moving forward through life. πŸ™‚

  125. Angelica

    Very interesting. I have been having the same exact feeling on the right side of the lower front neck. It does not hurt, it just annoys me and It wakes me up at night. It does not hurt when I swallow and I breathe normally. Yesterday I felt like it moved and it was stuck on my throat, it started hurting and when I swallowed it hurt so much.. i was freaking out.. and then it kind of moved back to the place it usually seems it is always on. I am on zoloft as well. But I have been diagnosed with a cyst on my thyroid. Not sure what this is but I’m going to get an ultrasound and see my doctor because this is scaring me so much!! 😦

  126. Amanda Hill

    I was so glad to find this page!! I ,too, was having the tight neck thing and have been diagnosed with GAD. I thought it was my heart or that I had a blockage in my veins. and yes searching and ready so much here on the internet can make you worry worse, but in this case made me feel better. I think I will try acupuncture as it has worked for me in the past. I take Celexa 20mg and Xanax as needed. did well on it for a few months and then took myself off but the anxiety is back so I’m now on day 2 and hoping to get the good results I had last time. I felt so much better after 2 weeks, more energy , and no constant worrying.

  127. Julie

    I have been having the same weird feeling in my neck. I have major health anxiety as well. Is that what you all have decided is the cause? It sucks that health anxiety causes health problems! lol What a fun cycle! I am going to an ENT specialist next week because if I do not get it checked out I will never stop worrying. I am anti-pills, but I am so temped to get on something so every time I have a headache or sore throat I do not think brain tumor or throat cancer!

  128. Jeanne

    I have anxiety for about 17 years, I can’t have anything around my neck. And I have the feeling of hands around my neck all time. I am trying to get a job and all I keep thing about is will I have attack, can I do it. I worry all the time it never stops. Please help me.

  129. Jesse

    I cam here for the same reason as the others. I’m honestly surprised that there are a lot of people suffering from that feeling. But after i read many comments i noticed that we don’t all have the same feeling. I mean some people said they can’t handle anything on their neck while it is the opposite for others. For me, i have a real need to keep touching my neck. I know it’s weird and that’s what makes it harder. When im with people around me and have this feeling, i try to touch my neck in a way that looks like im just scratching it. I even try to put a pillow on my neck if im sitting or my hair in order to not appear awkward to others. Its like i keep wanting that something is in contact with my neck. There’s no pain, nothing physical im sure cause its like limited to my skin. Nothing inside. Sometimes it gets very intense that drives me crazy and i start to press on it or scratch in a hard way just to feel relief. I dont take calming medicines..i dont like them and never tried to. I do stress and worry a lot. I go once a week to my psychotherapist. I told her about that feeling that was hard to describe. I just hope it will get better with the therapy. Good luck for everyone! Sorry for my bad english!

  130. ammi

    Omg i had the same thing feels like somes got their hand around my neck its very scary

  131. aaron

    hey everyone. ive read most of the.replies and i was wondering…. with the.neck thing does anyone also experiance the.sensation of having your fingers slightly pressed on your juggular(sp)? thanks


  132. Susie


  133. Samantha

    I also have these feeling. I have suffered from anxiety for about 3 years now. This is a new feeling to me which makes it that much worse. I have also had an EKG and stress test done and it all came back with normal results. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful information on how to make it go away or ease up. I have tried breathing exercises and keeping calm. I have been suffering with it on and off for about 2 weeks now. The feeling seems to be so overwhelming it seems like it will never go away and stay away.

  134. Jennifer

    There aren’t words for how glad I am to have found this blog! I was pretty sure I was going crazy (or on my way to a heart attack)! Like so many others, it feels like some has their hands around my neck, but they’re not really squeezing – no trouble breathing or swallowing. I was on a very low dose of Amitriptyline for IBS, but the dry mouth was causing all kinds of problems – went to 1/2 dose, same problems, just took longer to manifest. Have been off it for two days, hoping once it’s out of my system this will be better. However, today I’m just glad to know that I’m not crazy or alone in how I feel!

  135. MVP guy

    hello there! Anyways i have mitral valve prolapse/dysautonomia. i kinda experienced something weird in my neck last tuesday when i was stuck in a traffic and i noticed that the gas was near empty. i had a panic/anxiety attack with palpitations because i was scared id run out of gas.. anyways good thing there was a gas station nearby before the car lost its fuel. Anyways, after that i kinda experienced a slight neck ache on my neck after that panic attack. The feeling is like someone is lightly holding my neck. i can swallow and breathe properly neck just feels tight. wonder if this will go away, been feeling it for 3 days. this is just feels so weird.

  136. Hi everyone, the same problem here for number of years but good news you can control it.
    I had two Panik attack in 4 years. Has been treated by the best Dr in uk, germany and cyprus.
    People, there is nothing wrong with your tummy, thyroid or heart. Trust me. It’s just anxiety and stress. When you know it, try to tell your self, that faster you clm down, the faster feeling in your neck goes away. I usually give my self a time. Something like, ok, it was a big stressful week and I knew I’m going to end up with this presure in my neck but in 3-7 days it all gonna go away. If you don’t tell/talk to your self, nobody will help you and feeling will just grow more and more and presure will rise more and more. This is what I do. I take herbal calming medicine, because if go on drags, you become addicted and would not be able to leave without it what we called withdraw. It’s in your head. As soon as you stop drags, you start monitoring your self and then presure coming back. So, let talk to our self positive and reassure our sect about that this feeling will go away in 3-5 days the top.
    Then, exercise. I do yoga which help all the time to relax, I run, I swim and tennis is the best remedy for anxiety. Get all stress out. Think about racket as a frying pan and hit anyone you like therein the tennis court. It will eventually pays off. Trust me.
    Btw, I just came out of the hospital last night with Panik attack again due to the neck presure, my heart start having tahicardio. But I knew last 4 days I experience tremendous stress, so lets just chill people. I have 2 children to take care off and I’m a single mother. So, leave your life and enjoy. Some people disable all their life’s. At least our feelings is coming and going. Take care all of you.

  137. Ashley W

    Sooo glad im not the only one. I too suffer from this same weird sensation on my neck but I’ve noticed one difference. Many of you say that you cannot have anything touching your neck when you get the feeling but I HAVE to have something there when I get it. I usually hold my head down tucking my chin into my chest or if I’m laying ill tuck a pillow underneath my chin. When i get like this even the slightest breeze grazing my neck is too much for me. I’ve suffered from anxiety for about 7 years now and have been dealing with this side effect ever since. Haven’t been to the Dr. about it and Im not on anything for the panic attacks. My trustee pillow seems to do the trick

  138. Stephanie

    This crap is driving me nuts!!I had a sore throat and ear infection so my doc. gave me steroids…my throat never got any better!!I have been to numerous doctors,ent,family doc and not to mention the er!!! I am having all the same problems you guys are having but I feel as if my air way is closing off!!My ENT told me I was having larynx spasms and not to worry I wouldn’t die from it ,just pass out!!! He also took the camera down my nose and throat and told me ,maybe I had silent reflux!He told me to take prevacid in the morning 2 zantacs before I go to bed and drink Carafate before each meal!! My ENT told me since I have been taking all the meds he told me too and it hasn’t helped…maybe it was my nerves!!All I know is I have trouble taking my pills and I am so stressed from this crap!!!I had exploratory surgery a couple months ago…someone said they could of damaged my vocal box!!!!I am going to my GI this month I am praying he can help me!!! I have to drive my 10 yrs old back and forth from school everyday..I am so afraid I am gonna pass out driving or something bad is gonna happen!!I feel as if my head is barely hanging on my neck,my throat is thick,my neck has pressure and feels like someone has there hands on my throat!! I also sometimes feel as if I am choking!!!! I told my doc. let me put my hands around your throat and see if u have anxiety????Does anybody have the same symptoms I do?

  139. Maria

    Well. I feel better I am not the only one having this weird feeling… I started having it like a week ago… but not all the time.. and today it went stronger and I started to be very scared… I am smoker… so I was so paranoid i didn’t smoke at all today. I started looking on the internet… touching my neck like trying to feel a lump or something… The feeling is really estrange, I know it is not infection… I can swallow properly and all… but Yes.. some moments it is really strong, scares me it feels like I have something alive inside… I will try to go to the doctor next week..
    I hope it all end in an anxiety problem…
    I would really like if you have any answer from your doctor, If you’ve seen one, to write it down here…..please… at least we’ll feel better
    Thank you…..

  140. Marty

    Hi People,
    This site has give me alot of relief. I notice there is alot of people asking the same question. Firstly, if you are thinking of taking Xanax dont, ask your doctor for annetex or valium. It has a longer half life and not as bad for you. Secondly all the symptoms mentioned, tight neck racing thoughts, stress, acid reflux are all inter-related. I have them all and i have had them all of my life. Its a learned behaviour and its very hard to unlearn it. When you stress your arteries contract and increase your blood pressure. You will notice your muscles, they are tight and you need to relax them. I know its hard to believe that we are all bringing this on our selves in a way but it is true anxiety is horrible and we all have it. Its bad for your heart the other day o had atrilal fibliration which means your heart beats out of rythym and out of control in terms of beats per minute. Trust me you will know if its your heart that is playing up. You are feeling releases of adrenaline and seritonine together. thats what makes you feel over whelmed. I also feel of balance sometimes and this is called labrynthitus. I have had that and that causes anxiety and vice verser i think. have you people heard of Behavioural Cognative Thearpy BCT. Challanging your thought process… eg: if a close friend was feeling like this what would i tell them it was or what would i tell them to think. or have i felt like this before? what happened before when i felt like this? is this time different? i have had all the checks on my heart done and there was nothing wrong its more likely to be me and not the 5 doctors i have been to see.

  141. Marty

    Hi People,

    I kept feeling tight in front of the neck yesterday and it did my hed in so i had to go to the doctor because i am a stress head like everyone else here and worry way to much. He checked me over and done and ECG on my heart checked my pressure and everything was fine. he said it was anxiety so just to let you know: the tightness of the neck is definately anxiety in this instance. The thing i have found with anxiety is that it always seems like your heart and it always involves your stomache thats because your stomache is a nerve certre for emotions. sometimes refered to as the second brian. The stomache shares alot of nerves with the heart, thats why you feel like you have heart pain when you are having acid reflux.

  142. George D

    I have had this same thing since I was a child. I too suffer from anxiety and occaisional insomnia. Interestingly enough, the anxity began only in the past few years (I’m 25) and with it, “the neck” from my childhood has returned after not being felt for many years. When I was young I was able to cope with it, now bouts of it can keep be awake for literally days at a time. I have health anxiety as well, but because I have had this my whole life that has never been a concern. The only relief I can find is moving/talking/being active. Sitting quietly (or worse, trying to fall asleep) makes it feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. Its a horrible feeling that can take several weeks, months, or longer to “get over”

    Sorry folks, but I think many of you are chasing straws with the search for the cure. As far as I can tell, its an exceedingly rare anxiety symptom. Anxiety reduction techniques (CBT, distraction, meditation, self talk, etc) seem to help, but attempting one in the middle of it is like telling a person having a panic attack to, “calm down!”. Xanax at least takes the edge off the feeling to let me sleep, but that isnt of much use either when its 5 am and I need to be at work in 2 hours…

    If nothing else, it is comforting to see others have this issue. Like most other anxiety related issues, thinking about it and obsessing over it will make it 100x worse.

  143. Chris F.

    I’m really glad I found this post. I’ve been dealing with some crap for a while now too. About two months ago I had what appeared to be a really long panic attack that lasted a whole night in which I had convinced myself that I was not going to wake up if I ever did get to sleep. That was quickly followed by many restless nights of my heart waking immediately out of sleep from beating so hard and fast.

    Like I said, it’s now been two months and I have seen a doctor who put me first on Paxil, followed by Xanax when that didn’t seem to work. I kicked both of them cold turkey because while they did seem to stop the weird minor panic attacks (if that’s what they were) I was having withdrawal symptoms not even 12 hours after taking. I’m sure I just needed to get my body used to it, but at this time I don’t really want to get dependent on drugs like that.

    I’m currently off everything and have been for over two weeks. Haven’t had any symptoms whatsoever since working my way through the withdrawal phase. But, just three days ago I started having that weird feeling in my neck as described in the original post. Now, I don’t eat all that well and I certainly don’t exercise regularly. Which of course I know I should and I have been slowly working my way to fix that.

    My neck feeling is just a little different it seems. It almost feels like my jugular on my right side is straining. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a sensation that I’ve never felt before and it does worry me. I’ve been doing relatively well with just relaxing and shrugging any anxiety away. I’ve gone on walks the last two days just to get the blood flowing, but I’m starting to think I need to get this jugular thing checked. I have two different feelings.

    One is random and happens even when I just sitting around (which unfortunately I do quite frequently). Like I said it almost feels like a tightening of my jugular on my right side or like what you would picture less blood or a sputtering would feel like passing through a large vein. I know it’s gross, but it’s all I got to go on.

    The other is both sides of my jugular when I have attempted to lift some weights. Nothing too strenuous. Just some 25lb dumb bells and some pull ups. I stop as soon as I feel the slightest bit winded. But, that feeling is like my blood has a bit of hot sauce in it and my jugulars are just more sensitive to it.

    I’m pretty sure I should get it checked out. I’m currently on a cardiac event monitor, but I doubt any of this would show up on that. I at least seem to be sleeping soundly still. That’s the only consolation I’ve got at this point.

    Thanks for posting this, I do feel a little better.

  144. Tanya

    Hey Chris, Just exercise a lot to get the stress out and you will be fine. There is nothing wrong with your heart. Its just a stress gets into you. Look, try to write a note when and how those episodes appear. You will see, most of the time after the stress situation. As soon as you in stress, the next day or day after you will feel tightened in your neck. Other then that there is nothing wrong. I do yoga when it happen or push ups and you will feel immediate relief. Tennis is the best but I could never get my partner in time. Also reading is calming you down. Try to read aloud.
    I have these episodes time to time but being a single mum of two Im trying to keep calm and do sports instead of panic. What else to do?
    Keep calm and relax and do some massage with hot stone. Its perfect for calming some nerves down!
    Good luck

  145. Chris F.

    Thanks Tanya. I’ll give more working out a shot. I definitely think the walking has helped. The neck feeling happens less now. I’m hoping it’ll just go away and it’s something I can just mention in passing at my next doctor visit.

    I don’t know why I feel like my life is so stressful. I mean I don’t have kids to look after or a significant other to entertain. It seems like it would be perfectly logical that this kind of thing would happen to single parents who might feel like their drowning from time to time. But, I see lots of single parents that seem to be just fine.

    Good luck to you as well Tanya and everyone else.

  146. Rebecca

    I get this too, had the same thoughts and it scares the crap out of me. It is worse when i tilt my head forward or lay down. It keeps me awake at night for hours!! I dont know what it is!

  147. Neeraj sharma

    This is the same story of mine… today I will pressure on front left side of neck…it was feeling upto my jaw…I am also suffering from anxiety problem from past 1.5 year. I had 5-6 ecg and many time blood test. Now I am turned little over weight and my uric acid level slightly increased which resulting more anxiety. ..

  148. eva

    Hello everyone ! I’m back and i just wanted to say that i really appreciated the time you two took to reply to my comment. i am now 16 and i still have the same problem. i honestly didnt talk to my mom about this because she doesnt understand. My anxiedy gas gotten worse honestly 😦 im not as depressed i guess but the neck feeling has gotten so bad that i sometimes have my boyfriend put his hand on my neck and he already knows. I feel like i want to choke myself and i even once made my bf choke me till i coughed and i didnt even realize it till he told me to stop , yeah its crazy. perhaps ill convince myself to come out of my shell and talk to my mom. thanks guys ,


  149. me

    I have the same thing. When i start feeling like i have anxiety my sinuses are usually screwed up. Only proof i have of this is that i have taken medicine for sinus infections in the past and when i get that cleared up it stops the anxiety. I personally think the sinus pressure and other effects of sinus problems have a major effect on anxiety. Sinus problems

  150. Stephanie

    Just to let you guys and gals know you should really get your thyroid checked!!When you go to the doctor and ask them to run tests they only run 1-2 test and don’t test the whole thyroid function!!!Ive been to several doctors begging for help,they all wanna write you off as being crazy!!!Also get checked for candida,I also had that because they kept giving me steroids for everything I was on qnasl and a metrodose pack!!!! Yeast ran wild ,I couldn’t eat cause I felt as if I had no way to swallow!!!! Now because I had candida which is fungus overgrowth I have costichondritis,so whatever you do don’t just give up because you know your body!!!!!!!! I too had sinus infection,thats what it started out as a sore throat,than one thing lead to another and I couldn’t get nobody to listen but they didn’t care one bit to take my money!!!!!! I went to an ENT 4 times whom told me I had nothing wrong other than nerves,I had an endoscopy,seen my lung specialist had a sleep apnea test and it was negative,seen my heart doctor and he could of cared less,went to a pain clinic and they did nothing but send me to a chiropractor for my neck!!!!Went to ER over 20 times cause I couldn’t breathe!!! Also went to my family doc. over a dozen times!!!I finally went and got a second opinion and that lady was mean and said all the other doc. says nothings wrong and I had to tell the idiot that’s why I wanted a second opinion,so she did what I asked and felt my neck and that’s how I got the ultrasound on my neck,which showed my thyroid is huge and does not work and has nodules!!!!!! Than I went to my gyno and told her everything I have been threw and she looked in my throat and everywhere else and it ends up Im eat up with candida!!!!That’s why your throat feels like a hand around your neck and if you have symptoms of too much saliva also its because your body starts to fight off the fungus in your throat which causes excess mucus!!!!Before I found out anything I googled everything and went and bought kids liquid mucinex for the excess mucus!!I am still very miserable and pray I can get threw this!!!!! I pray for all you guys and gals on here!!!I was also told I as having Larynx spasms for tensing up not being able to swallow!!!Needless to say I have lost a lot of weight and a lot of hair!!!

  151. Woah when I looked up this exact same thing I thaught it would be difficult to find some answers I’ve been having the same thing on the front of my neck light pressure as if someone is choking me but really gently and come to think about it it very well might be from anxiety and stress as I have been having problems the last couple of months from not hearing from my boyfriend at all and all of these stories about very similar things really bring some closure to this πŸ™‚ always feels a lot better to have some answers to be able to treat it ……. well dave you sound like your going through the same kind of thing as me maybe not exact same circumstances but the stress and anxiety really hope that all of these answers have helped you out too and you can work everything out and hope all of you do aswell πŸ™‚

  152. Worried one

    I have exactly the same! It seems like it is a common anxiety stress related symptom after all! Thank you

  153. Susie

    Isn’t it nice to know that you are not suffering from someone crazy! Just stress/anxiety!

  154. Zorelle

    I have been feeling the same, I am 17 years old and completely healthy. Last week I was diagnosed with bipolar and I already know I have anxiety issues. I feel as if the left side of my neck is swollen, but it doesn’t hurt it feels more numb or something, I can’t explain it, it’s really annoying. When I breathe in I feel a sharp pain in the left part of my chest. Everyone says it’s anxiety but the truth is is that this feeling is causing more anxiety than the anxiety is causing it. I am afraid to fall a sleep because I am convicted that in will die in my sleep, no shortness of breath but I am convinced that my throat will swell in my sleep . I cannot describe the feeling exactly it just feels numb or swollen. Then I freak out and feel light headed.

  155. methzillaheroine

    Hey, everyone. I found this site after googling something about my neck hurting after eating salty foods. I have dealt with health anxiety for about two years now. You notice a slight pain and think it’s cancer, then it goes away and some new symptom appears–I know the routine. My neck pain started with a warmth and ache under my chin and also the upper sides of my neck. At first I thought something was wrong with my carotid artery since I have a slightly high blood pressure, and according to my most recent vitals, a more than slightly high heart rate. Then I read that these could be symptoms of a wonky thyroid and that calmed me down a little. I went to the doctor a few days ago with the intent to talk about this issue and depression treatments, but funny enough I only mentioned the latter to her. I’m gonna start on some Zoloft for the depression pretty soon so hopefully that will help nip these issues in the bud; the blood work should help too.

    But my mom also said my face and neck area looked swollen and pale when my most vicious attack happened, so that’s concerning. I also noticed I’ve had some rare instances of my heart fluttering in the past couple weeks and I had something scary when the pulse in my neck was racing extremely fast.

    I probably should broach this with my doctor. It’s comforting to read that this is probably just anxiety, as I don’t want to be dealing with any actual medical problems. I hope everyonein the comments section can get some help with their mental and physical symptoms. All the best

  156. Stephanie

    It kills me when they say its anxiety!!!Cause hell yal it is when its messing with your air way!!! I have found out that I have all kinds of things wrong with me …since I last wrote on here!!!Trust me people when your body is telling you something ……..there is something!!!!! I have a huge multinodular goiter ,plus I had to have one nodule biopsied and it made my neck swell!!!I went to an ENT doctor one said I was crazy and the other said I have LPR!!!!I am now getting out of my home town and going somewhere that I will be treated as a human instead of a basket case!!! Its so easy for a doctor to pass you back and forth and write you scripts on top of scripts and tell you that you are crazy instead of running test!!!If its your thyroid blood work along doesn’t show it….my bloodwork was fine but they did an ultrasound and my thyroid was6.2 cm on one side and 6.3 on the other and my nodule has grown in two months!!!!Plus you could also have candida!!!!So listen to your body and keep fighting until you find a doctor that will take time!!!!!!

  157. Jessica

    same issue, as long as there nothing im scared of hurting me in my life. i do not have it. as soon as my boyfriend does something dumb i get it. if im behind at work, same thing. it is your brain. i told my doc, she said anxiety causes the most strange things. yes, but what are you going to do for me about it? lol. she gave me zoloft, no thanks. i like my brain, i dont want drugs to make me feel ok. im tough, strong minded and been through hell and back. and still a great happy person, but this physical impairment on my neck bothers the shit outa me. its exactly like you descride. light pressure. i thought maybe i had a major health issue too at first. it took me 6months at least to put a finger on why it was happening. 2 years later i still have it and i blame my ex. He put me on cloud 9 and then he just did everything he could to make me miserable. the first time i got the feeling was when his ex walked into the restaraunt i was working at and i tried to pretend like i was all cool and calm. I think that triggers it as well, acting. you have to find peace of mind,be yourself, stop the bc games you play,stop being around people who will hurt you, and stop slacking in all areas of responsibility. then you will realize everything is great, and no more tension around your neck. Voila!

  158. Jessica

    we care too much….

  159. Annette s

    I am experiencing the very same thing. Was hospitalized for 3 days. Stress test, Ct scan with contrast. All good. Doctor says it’s anxiety and esophagus spasm because of the anxiety. Thank you for sharing. It helped me to not feel alone. Question, has your blood pressure risen suddenly?

  160. Miss Fanny P

    i have had this now for the last few days and i am so relieved to read this as i was beginning to convince myselkf that a) i was having a hearty attack and then b) i must have soime throat cancer
    Maybe i do…but at least for now i can relax a little and blame anxiety and see if it passes πŸ™‚

  161. Drew

    I’m of the strong impression that the cause of this annoying peculiarity we share is 100% physical and not caused by stress or anxiety. Allow me to elaborate on my tightness around the throat experience.

    I developed the unfortunate habit of cracking by neck all the time, and this persisted for 12 years. I also engaged in strenuous yoga classes six times a week for a year, and after overexerting myself in the plow position one morning, I had the same incredibly uncomfortable sensation around my throat and near the bottom of my neck for the remainder of the day. The severity of this discomfort was quite noticeable on days I went to yoga class, and it also caused me to lose sleep for weeks. Before the initial onset of throat tightness, I had quite the leisure lifestyle with minimal stress.

    Extremely worried I had developed bone spurs after years of cracking my neck, I immediately booked a flight home to see my doctor. He noticed nothing unusual after I had spent thousands on tests; chest and neck x-rays, blood samples, and an ultrasound on my thyroid all came back normal. I also saw an ENT for a laryngoscopy, and he noticed some slight redness in my throat that he suspects is caused by GERD.

    I’m 29 now, and that occurred 8 months ago. Immediately after I received those test results and through today, the frequency and severity of the throat tightness sensation has notably diminished. I’ve just restarted my trading career, and even on the most stressful days when I lose five or ten thousand dollars, I don’t notice any throat tightness. On days when people piss me the hell off and I’m of the agitated mindset that everyone in this world is awful, I don’t notice any throat tightness.

    Times are tough, life is rough, and everybody has stress and anxiety. When a doctor attributes the cause of your condition to these mental triggers (probably because that’s what you’ve communicated to him), it’s absolute hogwash. The logic is quite simple: anxiety makes your condition tenfold worse because when you stress, your muscles tighten, and when you focus your attention exclusively on your throat, of course you’ll feel like someone’s choking you. And of course you’ll feel like you’re going to die if that’s what you legitimately believe after scouring the internet all night and obsessing over it.

    Easier said than done, but the best solution is just to forget about it or, at the very least, try not think about it. It’s really not a big deal. I lost my mind when this first happened. I’m fine now, and I just tough it out and deal with the minor discomfort when it occurs. You’ll notice from all these posts that your condition is somewhat normal. Everything is normal, and you’re fine in this regard.

    Secondly, don’t strain your neck muscles when you’re exercising. If you must attend yoga classes, don’t engage in downward facing dog or plow, and don’t look up when you’re in triangle or twisting triangle. Bodybuilding with high intensity for the last few months, I’ve just noticed today that I have the habit of tightening my neck muscles when lifting heavy weights (or when doing anything that requires more than a regular exertion of physical effort for that matter). Pay attention to your daily activities, even while doing something as simple as reaching for a cup on the top shelf of your cupboard, and note if you’re also tightening your neck muscles.

    Of additional importance is avoiding any regular activities and breaking any habits that would displace any unusual pressure on the neck. If you crack your neck all the time, you must completely cease cold turkey as of this moment. Sit, walk, and stand with a proper posture at all times (back straight, bottom of the sternum lifted as if by a hook, shoulders back, chin lifted and parallel with the floor). Every surface on which you regularly sit for more than fifteen minutes must be firm. The highest frequency of my throat tightness occurred specifically when I sat on my leather couch to watch an hour of television or a movie every night. If you have plush couches and chairs, they must be discarded and replaced.

    I also have a premonition that a seemingly unnoticeable burping habit may be one of the key underlying causes of the tightness around the throat. I’ve never noticed how frequently I subtly burp throughout the day until today. When I burp, I suspect the area of the throat where I feel discomfort is weakened from either stomach acid that comes up (my theory is that this is simply a burping habit, not GERD where I eat something and, beyond my control, acid comes back up) or from muscles that tighten around it. Does anyone else notice this?

    It doesn’t seem as if there’s a perfect solution to eliminate the throat tightness 100% and forever. Doctors seem to be rather oblivious to our condition, so let’s keep sharing our thoughts and progression so we can at least make it go away 99-99.9%.

  162. Alexis

    Thank you so much for this page. I have been suffering from (what I now can admit is) major anxiety problems for more than a year. It is has affected my life with panic attacks, paranoia, and lots of digestive symptoms. I have spent the year + going back and forth between specialists trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Additionally I have been to the ER far too many times as I freak out when my heart starts racing/ stomach painfully cramps/ side of my face goes numb/ etc etc. every symptom of major panic. I was raised with the stigma that mental problems and treatment meant you were not a capable person.

    I cast that aside and am taking the first steps to controlling my anxiety problems. While I have not had a panic attack since starting medication (Passion Flower, an herbal alternative to MAOI with far fewer side effects) I have spent all day feeling like I am being choked. I remember this feeling as being part of my manic attacks and I have been trying to control my anxiety all day and remain calm with this pressure. You all, every person who wrote something, have helped me…I will wait a few weeks and see if it gets worse or better before I run back to the doctor again.

  163. jade carmona

    Hey I’m Jade. And I’m 17.
    I’m ocd, adhd, and bipolar.
    I’ve had this problem with having to hold the front left side of my neck for 11 years now and lately it’s been getting worse. I cannot have anything touch my neck, at all. My hair has to be pulled to one side and I have to sleep a certain way. Swimming is hard for me. I’ve shed many tears lately because of this. I want it to go away so, so badly. It’s really frustrating, especially when my lived one simply kissed my neck and I freak out on him. It’s like an itch, I cannot leave it, I HAVE to touch it. Right now I got to the point of so much frustration from jot being able to sleep because I have to touch my neck instead of getting comfortable, that I decided to look it up, thing is you cause base it on stress, and it goes away quickly. I’ve had this since I was a kid only nowadays do I have stress. If you have anyyyyyy helpful input please PLEASE help me. My email is
    I’m pretty sure it’s ocd but I cannot deal with this any longer!

  164. Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for your blog. I had a feeling the problem could be related to anxiety, because it seemed to get worse if I drank more than 4 cups of coffee in a day. I live in Washington, quitting coffee isn’t an option for me.

    But like yourself, I thought I had a tumor or a dissecting aorta. I just want my Xanax back! I am going to a doctor soon, just to get a second opinion and perhaps an MRI!!! Sigh.


  165. Eric

    Hi Dave/All,
    Like everybody else here, I’m thrilled to find this conversation.
    I have been experiencing this sensation since just after my GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) was diagnosed. I have lost over 20 lbs from the anxiety, which is not good because I am already a thin person. I started Zoloft and Klonopin and noticed the sensation after the Klonopin started to wear off. It may have also occurred while the Klonopin was still active. I originally attributed it to either Zoloft or Klonopin. Now I do think it may be anxiety. Mine also comes with a strange dry feeling in my throat sometimes which makes me concerned that it might be Candida or cancer, but I know it’s most likely anxiety.
    I do have Tinea Versicolor which would indicate Candida, but Candida, in truth, is a bit of a chicken & egg problem with anxiety. But a great reason to change your diet and lifestyle, that’s for sure. Even if it is Candida, I’m not going to let it send me into another anxiety spiral.

    I would add to this conversation that it’s incredibly important to do as much as you can for yourself outside of the Medical realm; We too often forget how the body knows how to heal itself from many things. Sleep and exercise are both very important. If you are consuming lots of processed food, caffeine, sugar (esp sugar), start SLOWLY weaning yourself away from your old diet and into one that has foods that support a healthy body & mind. Then there are other things you can do to change your thought patterns if anxiety is an issue. I have had meditation suggested to me so many times and have finally started seriously meditating. It really does help. So in other words, do NOT underestimate your ability to help yourself – by getting answers about your throat/thyroid/anxiety, etc., but also doing your best to heal naturally with your own abilities and thinking outside the box. Best of luck to everyone.

  166. Katie

    I have suffered from anxiety too. I too have that feeling in my necks as though my veins are clogged or something. My anxiety has been under control lately but I’m taking college classes that have me under some stress. What I suggest is going to the chiropractor weekly or at least a couple times. Maybe even get a massage if possible!(:

  167. Amanda

    Wow!! I can not believe I stumbled upon this blog and found people describing the same symptoms. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and went off of Zoloft not too long after finding out I was pregnant. I have suffered from anxiety, depression, panic attacks since I was 21. I am currently 27. During my first pregnancy I was stress free. This pregnancy I have so much anxiety it’s awful. I’m trying to make it until the end of my pregnancy medication free due to the effects on the baby. I worry 24/7. These past several weeks have been very rough on me especially with my job. I have this feeling of “pressure” in the front of my neck like someone is pushing on my windpipe and esophagus. No shortness of breath no trouble swallowing. Just this awful feeling. I’ve felt around thinking I have a goiter and my thyroid is enlarged. I have no other thyroid symptoms. Then I think I have esophagus cancer. See how bad my anxiety is??? Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Going to the doctor in 2 days.

  168. Jason Huang

    Greeting to all, may peace and still upon you. I am having his feeling too. Not haven’t it for quite awhile but suddenly came out again yesterday. Yea did had abit things worried, but now think of it it’s unnecessary. I pray everyone find cure and get of know yourself more plus like what Dave said worrying more doesn’t help abit and it purely craps. Strength and courage to us.

  169. I thought I would add my version. For about 10 months I have had this constant feeling in my left neck area. I have never been prone to anxiety her head health issues until this. I have seen multiple doctors of different specialties and had blood work and other exams and been told I am fine. I think it is a copout to call it anxiety. I have noticed a physical change in sensation with some very specific activities. One is driving and sitting in the car. Two is riding on a roller coaster. Three is going down an elevator. Four is flying on a plane going up. These are all activities that I did for 40 years with no problems. Now I often experience the choking feeling as if something is moving physically and I could choke. It is most noticeable on the roller coaster and the airplane. Again, things I’ve done for years with no problems. I have had a number of massage therapist and physical therapist tell me that where I am touching is exactly around the carotid artery you. When I bring this up to doctors they scoff it off as if nothing at all could possibly be the problem. The lack of curiosity from the doctors astounds me. If this matters my left salivary gland is also enlarged for much of the same time. I have seen multiple ENTs and I have found them to be quite worthless. They tell me that that size is normal. Again, it hasn’t been that way for 40 years so I’m not sure why it is now but they don’t seem to care. There seems to be nothing obvious they find when they look down my throat so I am usually quickly dismissed.

    My theories have involve the hyoid bone or something pressing against my carotid artery. I noticed when I get too relaxed when driving my car I feel like I could choke and have to sit straight up nice and tall. On the roller coasters going down and then into turns it very much is a physical feeling that I can feel it moving. To chalk that up to anxiety to me is a cop out. I don’t know who to see from here.

  170. Ruby_K

    Seen where a woman named Cynthia hit the nail on the head! Just went to Family Dr. this morning. Gave him symptoms of “choking” or pressure on throat. Immediately he said ….
    Hyperthyrodism. A simple blood test will give us the answer. Piece of cake ….

  171. Kathy Mc.

    I have the same sensation in my throat that feels like something lightly around my throat. I’ve had this off and on for 10 years. I went to several doctors they thought a thyroid problem but it wasn’t. It was finally decided I have what is called Globus Hysterics.

  172. Leigh

    I have the same feeling in my neck. It’s not painful just pressure when I bend over or lay down almost the feeling when you are upside down and all the blood goes to your head and you feel pressure…i’m not on any anxiety meds or have any type of anxiety but this has been concerning me too. Sounds like the same thing, or similar. Sometimes the pressure feeling is in my head as well and I feel like I need to sit up to make it go away.

  173. Samuel

    It has been great reading through this site for some extra information, I started on 25 mg first few days then 50 mg sertraline a week ago to help rid me of my terrible anxiety aswell as to help me beat my addiction to marijuana, I also get the weird throat feeling of something stuck or choking but also breath fine. I found out the 2nd day mixing it with mj really messes up the effects so definately quit that.
    I read up on the throat chakra its colour is light blue,so I started wearing a light blue rock bracelet and it has help a lil with clearing up the feeling as I believe crystals have great healing powers.
    It is a side effect of anti-depressants/anxiety pills the feeling, however I’m going to purchase a full chakra crystal set to help with all the chakras and possible blockages of definately advise people to give it a go if nothing else works because like I said only wearing the light blue bracelet seems to have helped.
    A good clear quartz crystal is also great for all round healing or amethyst under the pillow to aid sleep πŸ™‚

  174. Pam

    I have been feeling these exact same feelings but on the right side of my neck and jaw near my ear, it feels as if someone has their hand over my neck/ jaw, but sometimes I do feel an ache in my jaw. But the worst thing about this whole situation is that I might have my wisdom teeth comming out (but i cant see anything comming out yet) so sometimes i think its a heart attack, wisdom teeth, tmj, and on rare occasions (but its the most rational cause) anxiety and stress. Im 18 years old and I have been very scared of having a heart problem and get scared everytime I think of having a heart condition. Thanks for all the support everyone its really helping me get through this.

  175. Keyla

    I just turned 22… feeling the same way. I cant sleep or do the activities i did before. Im always worried about my heart… i feel like an old lady.. really need help 😦

  176. Jam

    I have had the issues with the neck for 2 wks. I have gastric reflux (Sx done in 2003 to wrap my stomach since the flap quit working. Prior to that in 1999 I was dx with Graves disease (hyperthroidism) I delt with those issues for two yrs before my GP finally listened to me and blood tests confirmed. Mind you thyroid issues can be genetic. My father had a goiter the size of a goose egg- I was dx and then my middle daughter has Hypo. My oldest daughter is in the process of testing as she is having major issues also. Do not just rely on a partial bloodtest as sometimes it will be normal. Request a full panel. I argued with my DP that something was def. wrong but she would not listen. It took 6 mths to see a Endo Dr. and at first he did not believe I had any issues till he did the Thyroid uptake test and he found my thyroid wasn’t working. He was shocked that I did not go into what is known as Thyroid Storm.. I was on some potent meds for a year to get things back to normal. I then developed Diabetes & my brother developed it just prior to me. We both had Triple bypass sx in 2009 at 6 mths apart & now I am seeing this happening again. Wish me luck as I venture back into the unknown that is called the Twilight Zone. I am betting my disease has reared it’s ugly head after all these years in remission.

  177. Coty

    I have the same thing I’ve been eating a lot more and lifting weights iv been trying to gain body mass

  178. Kaustubh Bhide

    Thank you for this post.. what you said about Internet is right.. it makes it worst.. and even I’m into this self diagnosis thing.
    last month for the first time in my life I had panic attacks or anxiety…
    the cause of worrying is gone now but what remaining is symptoms…
    tightness at the base of lower jaw.. on the wind pipe.. throat muscle stiffness, tenderness n nausea…

  179. Nichole

    This was spot on helpful, honestly the first time I have ever found anything on Google that was ever spot on, to the T on what I needed answers for. My friend has had this same feeling for a couple days periodically throughout the days, and it started after he got prescribed xanax. After starting his xanax, when he had an anxiety attack, they were much worse than before he started his prescription and we both thought something was severely wrong. This has helped so much, and I may be exaggerating or being overly grateful, but this was an amazing find. Thank you, from us both!

  180. Im only 13 and self diagnose everything and im so glad people feel the same thing i must of been worry so much that i got this annoying thing its like there is something in my throat but there is nothing there thanks guys πŸ˜•

  181. lewis brown

    Hi, Im 15 and am struggling with anxiety, i have this currently and I carnt sleep because my hearts going about 7490654367 mph…. Thanks for dropping my heart beat a tiny bit with this post, relieving to hear I’m not the only one, anyone know a good way on how do get rid of my anxiety, without using prescribed drugs, because I’m paranoid about them and don’t trust them, thanks

  182. isabella

    Hey guys, I found out what was wrong with me. I thought I’d share. Like a lot of you, I was getting the sensation of my neck being swollen, like someone was lightly holding their hand around my neck. However I could breath ok, but was still bothered by this sensation, that would come on sometimes every single night, and would always last anywhere between an hour or more. It was really starting to bother me. I read this forum. I wanted to believe it was anxiety, however I am not an anxious person and have never suffered a panic attack, and yet can be reading a book quietly and happy and still experience this neck symptom.

    Here is what I did to solve my “puffy neck” as I had nicknamed it problem.

    Every time I experienced the hand on neck uncomfortable sensation I would open my laptop, open my health diary, write the time at which it occurred, write EVERYTHING I had eaten that day/just before, ANY medications I had taken, and write how long the attack lasted, and finally if I was feeling anxious or not etc.

    After keeping a health diary of my “puffy neck” attacks for one year, I was able to look through all the “attacks” and see which word popped up in all of them.

    Milk, every time I drank a glass of milk or ate dairy products, roughly an hour later I would experience the neck symptom.

    Milk had and never would have never even occurred to me because I drink milk and eat dairy products like cheese on pizzas, chocolate icecream etc SO often. To be sensitive to it would be ridiculous, I drink a pint of milk every day! I never had hives, or itching so it couldn’t be an allergy right?

    It was really upsetting, and I actually didn’t want to believe it, but I tried just for experiment sake to cut out glasses of milk and dairy products.

    No neck symptoms, it all just went away, I couldn’t even believe it, it turned out I had a very mild milk allergy. The neck would swell, not visibly, and not enough to cut off the airway, but just enough to make it feel like a hand was around the neck.

    I’m not saying you have a milk allergy, what I’m saying is that if this symptom bothers you like it did me, and you suffer from it once a week, every day or even just a couple of times a month you should write down everything you ate each time you experience this, it doesn’t hurt to write it down right? Then once you have gathered enough data, just look through all the foods, see if anything matches up and try and eliminate that food, even if it’s a food you love or think is fine. It’s worth a try, also get your thyroid checked. hope this helps! Let me know if any of you do end up trying this and if it worked for you like it did for me.

  183. Diane Cavanagh

    Hi Dave,
    I can’t thank you enough! I have had this feeling for the past couple of months & feared the worse! I thought I had a life threatening illness (throat cancer). I also have this weird feeling, as if someone has their hands round my neck but very lightly. I have no trouble swallowing & have no pain but constantly feel the need to touch my neck! Finding your blog has, for the moment eased my fears. I have never suffered anxiety/depression to my knowledge, although I have had huge stresses & worries for years. I now wonder if I have internalised these feelings & this has resulted in a physical condition? I will be seeking medical advise & hopefully it will be anxiety related rather than life threatening! I will keep you all posted re the outcome.
    Once again thank you to everyone! I feel a little less crazy now!
    Sending my love to you all
    Diane x

  184. Donna

    I am so glad I found this post – I’ve thought I was losing my mind – have had EKG, fine – stress test, fine – ER bisit (thought I was having a heart attack), heart was perfect! – hospitalized for 24hrs, multiple EKG’s, fine – blood work, thyroid-kidneys-luver-blood sugar, fine – heart monitor halter for 24 hrs, fine – heart monitor for 30-days, fine . . . Cholesterol, fine – all blood tests, fine . . . And now, tighteness and that ‘weird’ feeling on either side of my neck . . . I am an anxious person – almost 50 yrs old; doesn’t help that I have a 4yr old and my 26 yr old daughter living withme (constant chaos and ZERO relaxation time), i am pretty fit, run 5Ks, 10Ks, and a couple 1/2 marathons last year and cycle quite a bit . . . It’s scary not being a medical expert to know that everything is okay (or not) . . . I will stay tuned to this post as it’s comforting knowing I’m not alone in this . . . The original post was back in 2009 so I’m hoping the thread is still alive . . . ;o)

  185. shan

    Thanks God i found this site. It is a relief not to feel alone with this weird feeling on my neck like someone’s holding my throat. I am suffering from anxiety as well. This weird feeling on my throat started when i panicked 3 days ago because of my friends friend took my daughter to the park without letting me know they just disappear

  186. shan

    Sorry accidentally hit the post from my previous comment. To make the story short they left without my permission so i worried to much running to the shops to the other park hoping i could find them. Im so scared thinking he took my daughter and wont see her again cause i dont even know that guy who is my friends friend. I should try doing breathing technique my gp has thought me.

  187. Linda

    Hi everybody, I am a 47 year old with anxiety. I have had anxiety since I turned about 40. I felt like every ache or pain was something serious. I have a “lump sensation” in my throat for about 9 months now. ENT put me on 80 mg of Omperazole per day. It did nothing. He says it’s LPRD, similar to Gerd. Anyways, I have read so much about this lump sensations and it is called Globus. I have been dealing with it because I think that it is stress related. Recently now, for about 1 month or so, I have the weird sensations in my neck.k I too thought it was a stroke or my carotid arteries etc. It feels like tingling in a way, not the choking feeling so much like some people are feeling. It is so hard to describe. Sometimes I feel it in my chin area, like under my chin and sometimes jaw, but mainly the front neck area, from ear to ear basically. I saw my GP last week and she did basically a routing check up on me, but thought it was muscles and also anxiety. She knows my anxiety is bad. She checked for signs of stroke etc, but all was fine. Thanks God!!! After reading your posts, I am wondering if I am experiencing the same things as you are. Sometimes it almost feels like a numbness. Does anybody else have this. Also, does anyone else have globus or the “lump sensation” in your throat?

  188. I have had the the same feeling for about a month now, had blood test done all good but my thyroid reading was bad 6.6 under. active one of my thyroid is 3.3 cc and other side 6.6 cc doc said he will give me another blood test in 3 months if the reading is higher he will put me on some sort of thyroid Medicean

  189. Hi Shaz again I forgot to mention I have this feeling all the time ,it’s not to bad in the morning but feels worse at night and I allso suffer with anxiety doc put me on karma helps me sleep but I still have this strange feeling

  190. Claire

    I am going through the same neck issues as well and I know it is stress. It is a tightening and tingling feeling in my neck.

  191. Hi ,mine feels like it is a dry feeling right in where my thyroid. Is

  192. Christine

    Hi, I have been having this weird thing with neck at the front for about 5 months now really hard to describe the feeling and it comes for about 5 days then goes but always comes back it’s really horrible the worst thing I’ve ever had really bothers me. This all started when I knew I was miscarrying last summer n was really stressed and anxious. I had 2 big panic attacks and was then this came I really wish it would go.

  193. rosa64

    Hi. I’m also feeling this tightness in my throat and upper part of my chest. It feels like I’m being strangled with an invisible rope, or being choked, but no pain. Last Saturday I had the worst migraine that made me threw up seeing the light, hearing the sound of the TV, plus the stabbing pain behind my right eye. I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t. I took Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, alieve, but never they helped. I asked my husband to get me some migraine reliever from over the counter. I took 1 and quickly the migraine was gone within 5 minutes. The next day, no more worst migraine but this tightness in my throat started. When im standing up or sitting, I feel a little betrer, and feels like i want to burp always: but when I lay down, I feel like I’m choked or being strangled. It feels much tighten and it affects my head, like I am strangled or something like that. I’m kinda feel lightheaded. Now I’m worried that I will not be able to sleep at night, or the migraine will come back. I’m worried if it’s gonna be something serious…

  194. Hi rosa, I have I have had that feeling went hospital. And it was intergestion I know that sounds hard to believe but try drinking some milk next time and let me know how you go and suck on some quick Ess .

  195. Stacelet

    a year after losing my job and basicly my livelihood I had been fine until one day in Feb, boom! panic attack for 5 hrs and now anxiety and more attacks. I think a delayed reaction to trying to cope! I have also got ibs now due to the acid belly from the adrenaline. i have seen doctors who say it’s just anxiety! i have been to acupuncture and he said my pulse is weak and there is a link from the gut to the nervous system. I researched this and discovered probiotics and healthy gut flora are key to anxiety problems. i am a tiny bit calmer but now have neck choking thing also and head fog which is so frustrating!!!! im in catch 22 i cut out gluten junk food sugar and caffiene but new feel even worse 😦 can’t eat can’t go out arghhhhhhhhh so hard 😦

  196. Holly sara

    Wow first off what a relief to know that I’m not alone! Hubby thinks I’m weird when I try to explain what I’m feeling. Pretty much spot on with the description of throat sensation feeling like I want to take a scarf off but nothing there when i go to reach for it… Haven’t had a chance to see a Dr about this as I dont have insurance. This has prob been my longest lasting anxiety symptom- by the time I work up the nerve to get whatever current symptom checked out they usually pass… This one is lasting for about 4 weeks really can’t wait for this one to stop as it is so unnerving … One thing I was curious about- is everyone sleeping on a descent mattress? I’m probably reaching here but I know we’ve been overdue with a mattress for at least 6 months and switched from pillow top to memory foam 3 weeks ago (a week after throat thing started) i returned it after 10 days because it was too firm and now back on old mattress intill I find a softer memory foam mattress that I like or a new pillow top- bit I think the throat thing was less when I was sleeping on the new mattress? Is this making any sense? Just curious….

  197. Orlando

    Im not sure whats going on with me, but with the reserch iv done, i have somewhat come conclude that it may have generalized anxiety, im thinking that it has to do with some type of trauma on my neck, that occurred to me when i whent for acupuncture treatment for my right uper shoulder discomfort, but that same day got a fever and woke up in the morning light headed, unexplained worrying, light headed and constant thinking of its hard to explain. that feeling of something wrong in my mind was overwhelming that i could not sleep and had muscle spasms for 2 weeks straight and a month of constant thinking/worry that i canot explain and would not let me sleep it was a really unpleasant feeling.

  198. Allllli

    Hi everyone

  199. Allllli

    I am still suffering from that feeling heaviness under my neck.
    It is horrible please anyone tell me a way how can i prevent it !
    I will be very thankful if you people will give time to my request and tell me that what should i do to prevent it !

    Thanks !!!!!

  200. Marley

    Anxiety in my world is a viscous cycle… I worry, A LOT, and about everything. But, this IS what Anxiety is. Worrying is what we with Anxiety do! We are programmed to worry, as if worrying and imagining all outcomes will prevent a bad outcome from happening. We worry about everything from our health, to our loved ones, about our relationships, having enough money to cover the bills, to getting thru a busy day at work or chores/tasks/job complete. All this worrying will and does take a physical toll on our bodies, no doubt about it! This results in tension and aches and pains. Dave’s descriptions was so perfect for so many of us because it’s exactly what we feel. We can easily relate – I certainly can! I in fact have this sensation right now. I also suffer occasionally from other minor weird aches, pains, and sensations. I’ve had it all checked out by the Drs’ and everything is fine. But, guess what, I still worry… This is what we with Anxiety do! I have to remind myself frequently “I AM FINE!” And the truth is MOST OF YOU ARE FINE too! Everyone, please, remember to take a break from your day, dedicate time to yourself, breathe deeply, think positive thoughts (it could almost always be worse, right?), occupy your mind in other productive ways… take a walk, read a book, hit the gym, listen to relaxing tunes with a good set of headphones, be with and surround yourself with those you love. Talk to someone! In talking with others you will hear yourself think out loud, and you will sometimes be surprised by what you say; you will learn new things about yourself in almost every conversation – many things of which may lead to underlying sources of your anxiety. And, most importantly, be good to yourself, don’t blame yourself or turn your anger inwards… love yourself!

    As a wise man once sang…

    “Don’t worry about a thing,
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
    Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing,
    ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!”

    Rise up this mornin’,
    Smiled with the risin’ sun,
    Three little birds
    Perch by my doorstep
    Singin’ sweet songs
    Of melodies pure and true,
    Sayin’, (“This is my message to you-ou-ou:”)

  201. Sarah

    Hi everyone, thank you all for posting and making me feel a bit better haha.

    I have had this feeling for months now, I had what I thought was a throat infection in February 2015, felt like a small thing was stuck inside my throat. Stuck my phone camera in my mouth as much as I could and couldn’t see anything haha. Doc gave me penicillin for if it got “razor blade-y” but it never got that bad.

    Then it went away but a month later it came back, but not as painful as the first time. Just an uncomfortable feeling inside my throat. Laying down would help. Also had chest pains which of course made me think I was dying or something, turns out GERD can cause chest pains, so I attributed the pains to that and treated it accordingly. Drinks lots of water and the chest pains go away in about 10 mins.

    That went away for a week or 2 then then throat sensation came back and has not really gone. I’ve also had a bit of post nasal drip as I have sinus issues sometimes.

    I do suffer from anxiety and probably also depression, as well as a mild form of OCD.

    At the time it started we new that we were planning on moving house in a few months so the stress may have come from that. We’ve just settled after moving (June now) and I’ve still got the feeling but it’s moved from my throat to the base of my neck. Neck glands are also a bit swollen but I did have a cough a few weeks ago and glands can take months to go fully down.

    Also have pains in my neck and down my arm on one side, not sure if it’s from pulling a muscle while moving house though πŸ™‚

    Taking deep breaths in bed while trying to get to sleep does help, but i can never slow my mind down enough to meditate or relax during the day.

    Anyone else have these symtoms too??

    Sorry for being so long winded :p

  202. Susie

    Hi Sarah ~ I too have anxiety, OCD and am more aware of every inch of my body than one human should be. That is the OCD! How about a little Chamomile tea before bed? How about zero electronics including television at least an hour or two before bed? Juts some natural ideas I thought i would share with you. Hang in there. Being hyper aware of everything makes living very tense but you WILL develop ways of relaxing so the body (and mind) can rest SOMETIMES!!!!! Crazy, isn’t it? Ya gotta wonder what other people do with their spare time? LOL!!!

  203. Sarah

    Thanks Susie! I do love the natural remedies, I’ll always give them a go over meds (I can’t swallow pills anyway haha) you’re spot on with the hyper awareness of my body, if anything changes in the slightest I panic heh. Silly brain. I do have chamomile tea but I’ve only used it like twice when I was sick and couldn’t get to sleep so I should definitely start having it before bed.
    Thanks so much for the advice πŸ™‚

  204. Laurie

    Hi everyone! I need some help!!! I have been suffering from tightness in my throat for 2 1/2 years. It feels like someone is taking their blood pressure around my neck. It keeps getting tighter. I feel like I am being tortured. I can’t focus on anything else. It comes and goes throughout the day. I have tried celexa, klonopin and now pristic. I have been in therapy fir the past 1 1/2. I’ve tried acupuncture and hypnosis. The neurologist cannot find anything with my MRI. I am the type of person who is very sensitive to sensations in my body. Any suggestions out there? I feel very pessimistic about finding any help. I can use your help! Thanks!

  205. Cynthia

    Laurie, you could very well have an undiagnosed thyroid issue. Please check this list of symptoms:

    Any anxiety you are experiencing could be a symptom of a under-active thyroid. You are not going crazy. The pressure on the base of your neck is probably caused by inflammation of your thyroid gland or the beginnings of a goiter.

    Please join the “Thyroid Sexy” group on Facebook. You will find links there to tests you should insist your doctor order, or find a doctor who will.

    I can also recommend the book “Stop The Thyroid Madness” to find out if any of this applies to you.

    I was lucky that the second doctor I visited was able to properly diagnose and treat my symptoms, which mimicked yours exactly. I had many of the 300 symptom list for years, but it was the neck pressure that prompted me to seek medical treatment. It changed my life.

    Good Luck to you!

  206. KOK HOW

    Hi dave, can u help me? i am having something like that and it is getting to my limit and i really wanna end my life. could u leave me a mail so i could have a chat with you please! Thank you!

  207. Susie

    Hi Dave ~ it has been 3 years now since I stumbled on to this blog of yours. Thanks again for having it and allowing perfect strangers into your world. The responses from people have been very helpful to many people including myself. As for me, I have not had that ‘choking/pressure’ issue at the front of my neck since August 2012. Zoloft has helped me a lot in dealing with stress/issues that would have normally made me very anxious and nervous. The stress and issues continue to come but I handle them way better than I used to. My business continues to go strong and I am opening another type business next door to me., I should be completely freaked out, but I am not. Thanks to this blog and me allowing myself to understand myself through everyone here – life is good. πŸ™‚

  208. KV

    Hi! I’m new to this. Was googling “heat and aching in front of neck” and eventually found this. So relieved to see other people understanding sort of what this feeling is like. If anyone has any help to offer, I’d appreciate it.
    For me this started a little over a month ago. I’m a singer and felt an ache and heat suddenly when I was singing one day. Went to 2 ENTs (voice is healthy), and 2 different GPs and a PT/acupuncturist I trust. They all ran tests- thyroid is fine, no strep, no mono. My symptoms are so strange, everyone’s stumped. But I took off singing for 2 weeks and the symptoms actually worsened during that time, so I don’t think this is caused from voice but it does affect it. Mine is a heat and aching, sometimes tingling sensation (very uncomfortable) right in front of neck at base, above collar bones. Any ideas? Thank you!

  209. Frank

    hey I have the same feeling. hoping it’ll go away. most likely stress related for me. I’ll try drinking and smoking less staying up all night less etc. glad to see this thread and I’m not dying lol Peace out

  210. Joe

    So I have the same exact feeling as you guys, I explain mine as someone is pressing their fingers onto my carodid artery, or however you spell it. But sometimes it feels as if someone has flicked me almost, and the first time this happened I began to almost faint, my legs got week and my eyesight got tunneled, I actually convinced myself I was having a heart attack at the age 18, I had to run over to a co-worker who talked me through it a bit and I was fine, but I do get these feelings all the time still, it’s been a week now, I do not feel like I will faint every time, only when I check my pulse and convince myself something bad has happened to me, if someone could tell me if I actually have a problem or it’s just anxiety, mixed with a little depression and fear, thank you πŸ™‚

  211. Susie

    Hey Joe ~ No doctors on this blog that I know of – just a bunch of us that all share the same throat thing! Crazy isn’t it? As for me, it was/is anxiety. Once I was convinced I was either having a stroke, or something horrific was happening to me. Now, after finding Dave’s blog, life became so much better. for me. I take a small dosage of Zoloft every morning and situations that would trigger anxiety for me don’t any longer. My doctor played with the dosage over a 6 month period. We have settled on a certain dosage and it really has helped me a lot. Go see your doctor. Share with him the possibility that you have anxiety issues. These day, there are good meds to help make life easier.:) Good luck. Susie

  212. Jay

    Hey guys, I have this… its XANAX or BENZO withdrawal. i can bet a lot if not all of you are either on a benzo, or have stopped a benzo.

    feel free to email me: use the subject “xanax question” so i can respond.

  213. Susie


  214. Anon

    Hey everyone. I’ve been having this problem myself too for a week now. I am 21 years old and have had anxiety problems since I was 13. A week ago I started feeling this pressure/strangling feeling in neck. I do not have hard time swallowing or breathing, it just causes me to panic. The pressure I feel is going from bottom front of my neck and up to under ears and head. Sometimes I get really red eyes, but I’m not sure if it’s from the pressure I feel. A week ago I went to my doctor after terrible panic attack. I was told I have tonsillitis and was prescribed antibiotics and xanax. Also had to do some blood tests and will have thyroid checked a bit later this month. Antibiotics didn’t help with weird feeling in neck, but tomorrow I am going to visit my doctor again and see if blood tests will show anything. Honestly, I’m expecting some thyroid problems, but we will see.

    It feels really nice to find that so many people are having this problem as well. I hope you all are doing well.

  215. arnold

    Hi Guys,

    I had the same problem, recently I had a pressure feeling on my neck which started last week. At first I thought I have a problem with my heart or something is wrong with my throat. I did a little experiment to analyse the cause. Yesterday I walked with my wife to buy something on the nearby store, as we walked by, I felt the same pressure on my neck, but then I tried to divert my attention by talking to my wife, then the pressure was gone. Today I tried to walk again to the same store and had the same pressure feeling. So I think this is an anxiety problem.

  216. Anon


    I got checked by doctor, everything was fine. Doctor said that it might be anxiety. The feeling went away after a week. I was also taking xanax at that time, so it might have helped.

  217. Landon

    Hello everyone. I’ve been having this same issue for almost a month. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for 2-3 years now & had no clue it could have been causing this feeling up until today after visiting my family doctor. I know I have health anxiety, which does not help this situation whatsoever! I’d search google for hours relating my symptoms to horrible illnesses which only makes things worse. I don’t wish this upon anyone, but after reading your post and everyones comments it really helped to know I’m not alone. I also suffer from GERD & a partially dislocated shoulder (hockey injury) that I feel may be adding to the tightness in my neck. I’ll be going for a scope next week to find out if GERD is the cause. I’ll be sure to post my results here afterwards. Best of luck to all of you. I know first hand how annoying this can be.

    ps. I noticed that taking a sauna really helped the tightness go away. Hopefully this will benefit some of you!

  218. Hi guys.
    As some of you felt glad to have found this blog, i felt relieved too, knowing im not the only one having this funny feeling in my neck, and finding that its not likely im having a heart attack or any serious illness.
    First off, english is not my first language so pardon the grammar lol.
    Im 21 from the Philippines. I found out (via google) that im having severe anxiety attacks these last four days. Like, panicking without any reason at very random times. Its scary really, but i have to get over it every minute because the more you panic, the more it will attack.
    This morning my neck started feeling this way. It seems as though someone is choking me lightly, and feels bloated but its not. As this blog says it is connected to anxiety, i think so too. This feeling is provoking my panic right now and its really hard. I cant go to the doctor because i cant afford. So helpless.

  219. Amy Bayliffe

    Hi guys and Dave! πŸ˜€

    Since last week I fell sick with tonsillitis and since that’s gone a day or 2 after I got the same feelings everyone else is having here. I’m from Belgium but have no insurance here so can’t see a doc so easily! It’s a strong pressure on the right hand side of my neck like someone is trying to strangle me but lightly. I can breathe perfectly through nose and mouth and eating i s no issue. But when bending over at work the pressure is enorm as if something is pushing hard into your neck. I’ve had a lot of stress lately (mom and step dad getting divorced, mom been in hospital) and my partner has also been very I’ll. I’m wondering what I can do to get rid of this annoying pressure. Because I worry very quickly over these things and I’m terrified to go to sleep encase it gets worse and suffocates me (I’m sure I’m not the only one here) please can someone help me here. Going to the pharmacy for syrop and paracetomol 1g today. Hopefully it helps a bit because I don’t get a lot of time to rest with me living in a house with 4 kids all the oldest being 12 in december. Thanks guys!

  220. Paul

    Hello everyone, I read theses post and understand what your going through. What all of you are suffering from is called Globas Sinsatia. It is terrible and causes a lot of stress because you think your dying, your not google it and learn about it. It is harmless but it sure can make you sick by messing with your brain.

  221. Paul, I am the author of this post. I do not think that Globas Sinsatia is what I experienced at all. It was much more than just a “lump in the throat”. Mine felt nothing like a lump. Did you read my original post or any of the comments?

  222. Survivor

    First off, thanks to Dave for making this post and saving some lives and somehow made me think I’m not going crazy. This awful feeling had driven a lot of people worried. Right here we can all relate to this stupid awful shit feeling!!! Sorry for cuss in its just makes me feel relieve after suffering for years. Makes me say I KNEW IT THERES SOMETHING IN MY THROAT and now I’m not alone.

    I had been into a lot of medical test and each one came back negative and medicine they gave me is of no relief. I had been into anti depressant medicines and now I’m off with it for 4 years now.

    What pisses me off of this sensation is that makes me hard to breath somehow it kinda stays heavy in the chest. I’m been exercising 4 times a week doing threadmill and dumbells yet it still there.

    Like Ashley described, when I’m into conversation with people I tend to run out of breath it’s like it’s taken a lot of energy out of me and in the process avoids having conversation. This really pisses me a lot the feeling of instead of socializing (which before I used to do) and now tends to shy away.

    Can we all agree……Zoloft might be the answer to relieve us from this tightness in the neck? Is there any difference with Paxil or paroxetine anti depressant which I used to take before?

  223. Josh

    Thank goodness for this post. I too have tight heavy throat in front of neck from jawbone to jawbone. I also have the lump in throat. This all started after I became insanely anxious. Losing sleep and just worn out. I think we can all agree we are anxious and since we know that’s the cause maybe we can mellow out. Just knowing others feel the same way is enabling me to relax a little. Thanks.

  224. Susie

    Josh ~ Perfect response to this post! Your words, ” …and since we know that’s the cause maybe we can mellow out. Just knowing others feel the same way is enabling me to relax a little”. I could not have said it better 6 years ago when I ran across this blog of Dave’s. “Mellow out”. Perfect. You will see results right away. πŸ™‚

  225. Josh

    Thanks Susie. It’s working for me, can’t say it’s gone after a day of reading this blog but it went from constant feeling to only when I get anxious about it. Once I get anxious I start reading the blog and it helps. I’m also being treated for gerd. I don’t feel heart burn but the pills the very least are a placebo affect.

  226. Susie, good to still see you around. πŸ™‚ Josh, it’s all good bro. I’m the author of the original post and it’s nice to see others that have the same issue and benefiting. I mean I’m not glad you have it but I’m glad we can all find some comfort in helping each other.

  227. Josh

    Anyone have/had dizzy spells from anxiety?

  228. sanazzz

    I just got this feeling today.
    I’m only 16 years old. My SAT exam is coming up next week along with a lot of other exams. I have a huge pressure from my parents to do extremely well in school. I’m enrolled in all college-level classes and have been feeling extremely stressed out for the past 2 weeks.
    I concluded that this feeling is because of my stress. (This really upsets me bc if I’m experiencing this at the age of 16, how am i going to deal with more stressful situations in my life when i’m older… High school is supposed to be easy, right?)

    I was kinda freaked out by this, it feels like my throat is closing and that food won’t be able to pass through. Feels like there is a constant pressure on the front of my neck. Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel good!!!

    I will practice breathing exercises, I hope that works!!
    Hope everyone feels better

  229. lydia

    im 34 female and i have been dealing with
    anxiety for a years.. im a massage therapist
    and i also get that feeling of tightness in the throat
    and short of breath.. i strongly feel that we become
    worried of what goes on in our daily life.
    life can get overwhelming, then when we
    feel some type of way with our bodies & we quickly
    jump to worse case of scenario and google
    our symtoms which will play into anxiety and panic..
    ive been to the er, and have had test done,
    worried myself sick, thinking that im
    going to have a stroke, heart attack, cancer
    or something.. dr’s say your ok!!
    a bad diet, smoking, not hydrating enough,
    no exercise, not enough sleep, mental and physical
    stress will send our bodies into a mode
    that’ll make our bodies feel outta wack.
    unless you got some family (genetic) health stuff
    thats going on..
    so as i write this, i want you to think of your body
    as a plant, it needs proper nutrition, love,
    and needs to be watered on the daily, otherwise
    it well wilt away slowly.. i totally feel
    what your all feeling, trust me it sucks,
    but if you think its something major, dont
    diagnose yourself or have the internet
    diagnose you, go to your dr and be pushy
    on the subject of how you feel, because
    you know your body!! sometimes dr will misdiagnose!
    take care! positive vibes and good health to u all.

  230. John

    Hi everyone.. I’m 28 years old and also suffering from pressure in my neck. Gets worse when I Bend down to pick something up and after about 5 hours of it.. I get headaches… I’ve gone to the doctors in multiple states and had blood work done. CT scans CT with contrast. And the only thing that makes it go away is Xanax. If anyone knows how to help me please let me know this is so frustrating and is affecting my work life and home life I’m so glad I found this page…people are actually out there having the same problems

  231. Helena

    I’ve dealt with panic attacks and anxiety since I was eight years old. I only started getting neck sensations in the past year. It feels just like the way my neck and underside of my tongue and below my ears feel when I eat a super sour piece of candy. Usually I’m aware I feel emotionally anxious and then become aware of the traditional symptoms of rapid pulse, rapid breathing, stomach pressure, etc. But, the neck sensations happen before I realize I’m anxious. I have this tightness, then I’ve learned to ask myself what is making me feel anxious. Meditation, massaging my throat, blowing a warm hair dryer on throat, warm drinks all seem to help.

    I have had the whole gamut of medical testing due to other situations in recent years, I’ve even had ultrasounds of my throat to check out my interactive thyroid.

    I really think it’s emotional. After I did some art therapy drawings of my neck, I had a therapist notice that a lot of my issues relate to the neck: feeling that I don’t have the power of my voice due to trauma and abuse, asthma only triggered by rage, feeling talked at but not heard, protecting myself by limiting how much I say.

    Thank you to Dave and everyone else who’s shared their experiences here over the years!

  232. Moe

    Hey Dave,

    Thank you posting this article, I feel pretty much relieved that it’s not only me who has the pressure feeling on my neck. It happened right after my anxiety that I had 2 weeks ago, it comes on and off. I thought first it was a gland problem that I have. I have went for blood test for absolutely everything, they told me I was completely fine. Now when ever I get this feeling I know it is not serious as I thought. Meditation and hot showers do really help. I’ve also shipped magnesium pills to help me relax. I hope everyone will benefit from my post.

    Many thanks

  233. Susie

    Hi Moe ~ Yep! The more people post about their experience and their relief when they figured out what is is the better. Oddly, when I came across this blog nearly 9 years ago and was relieved, I have never had the issue since. I think that for me, it made me realize what an anxious person I actually am. I do take Zoloft everyday for anxiety now. Have for nearly 9 years now. Take care Moe. πŸ™‚

  234. Shreya

    Hi I am Shreya…. 17 yr old… I am am going through the same feeling in my neck…. though it is not often but.. i had the same feeling like my neck is being pulled and a strange pressure in the lower neck… it lasts for seconds and at that moment i have no difficulty in breathing….It happened few times and especially at night while i study…. I am really worried here.. what should i do cause i really can’t explain that strange feeling… It is a bit relief to see that there are many people going through the same….please help..

  235. Bridget Taylor

    I have had this same, pressure feeling down the front of my neck on both sides and thought it might be something to do with my carotid arteries, but that doesn’t even sound plausible when I think about it. It is almost like someone has their hands around my neck at the base, applying pressure but I do not feel any choking sensations. I also have no anxiety and cannot imagine what might be causing this. I too, am afraid if I talk to my doctor about it, that he will think I am crazy. It is very annoying and makes me constantly want to rub my neck on both sides, trying to find some relief! It appears we are all looking for answers and so far, I have found none!

  236. Sarah

    Hi again guys, just had small breakthrough and thought that perhaps I can help some of you. I had read on another site that one woman got actual swelling and pain in her neck/throat, and it was related to her birth control pill! I just stopped mine to see if that’s the case with me (it’s different for everybody, our bodies change the hormone levels as we age so a pill might have worked for us when we were younger might be doing you harm now). And after less that 24 hours I can feel improvement. So I plan on going to to docs and changing the pillow am on πŸ™‚ I still have anxiety and the breathing exercises still work great for me, and I still get uncomfortable sensations in my throat but it’s far less that it used to be πŸ™‚ hope this helps some of you!

  237. Just wanted to pop in again and say thanks to you all for commenting and helping each other. I’m glad that something I wrote is making a little difference for some folks. Keep ya head up and be positive about shit. It doesn’t do anybody any good to worry. In fact, it’s bad for you. I know…preaching to the choir. It is, easier said than done. Believe me. Been there. πŸ™‚


  238. Mary

    I appreciate this page – thank you David! I’m a healthy & well 50 y.o. meditation & yoga teacher, generally not prone to anxiety, and I sleep great and eat well and supplement with good stuff like angstrom magnesium and flax seed oil, etc.

    Though I take no medications, I started to have symptoms of weird neck pressure a week ago, after a really bad fit of coughing that happened simply upon swallowing a bit of water down the wrong pipe, due to being mindless and having a weird posture while drinking. It took awhile to clear – it was the kind of windpipe burning feeling and severe cough sound that was very uncomfortable, pressured, and took many minutes to resolve. Well, apparently, it created an air or gaseaous bubble in my my fascia tissue in the neck area.

    And now, there is remaining pressure in the region on the neck – it kind of pulses or swirls, is sometimes under the jaw area, and is worse when lying down on my right side. It is similar to a largish air bubble, it seems to shift positions and its boundaries change. Two days ago it went into my sinuses and gave me a fierce sinus headache for which I took two aspirin, covered my eyes, napped, and woke up feeling fine in the head, but with the jaw feeling again. I’ve noticed how when burping or passing gas, the pressure is temporarily relieved.

    The pressure is reminiscent of when I was a child and had a bad bicycle accident which was followed with upper chest air bubble feeling, that made my breathing hurt for some time… it went away on its own.

    After reading this blog I was poking around w/ research and found the condition called “Subcutaneous emphysema” which sounds terrible but is harmless, it’s an air bubble situation involving the fascia – and though it can naturally occur after impact accidents, the first official “case” came after a bad coughing episode (like mine!). The body just re-absorbs the bubble on it own – and breathing oxygen-rich air helps that process – but medical people actually bore holes to release the air bubble in conditions where the bubble is a complication of a throat tube, etc.

    Anyway, I feel better just knowing that such bubbles do exist, because the thing sure behaves like a bubble. Just knowing that reduces the tension in my neck. I will continue to work with this awareness, and see if I can get some really oxygen-rich air to inhale somehow. Sucutaneous emphysema sounds scary, but remember, it’s harmless. I don’t understand why no doctors that the many commenters here have seen haven’t mentioned this, it seems like basic health info we should all know about…

  239. Mikahela

    I feel SO much better now knowing it’s not just me! I was particularly concerned because I’m also 6 months pregnant and I was worried it was associated. I didn’t even think it could be tied to my anxiety until I read this and all the comments! I am a yoga instructor and my father is a massage therapist and he’s taught me a lot. And once I ruled out anything heart related I realized it felt a lot like s strained tendon in the neck which is just a very unusual place. But I realized on myself if I go about an inch and a half out and above the inside of my right collar bone, there is a small cluster of muscles and within this cluster a tendon. If you are able to find this area and gently palpate the tendon, it gives some instant relief. Also laying down helpa because your not straining the tendon further by using the muscles in your neck. Hope that helps!

  240. Its amazing what anxiety does to a human body, ive been suffering for years, ive gotten to the ER more then 60times in less then a year all because of feeling pressure on my throat, left arm, back, arms, legs etc. I can’t focus, i can’t sleep, heart beat 100 to 60 it changes quick, uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol , taking 10mg glipizide, 500 metformin 5mg lisiniprol 81 aspirin, 5mg lorazepam, all this medication is making me go nuts, now i made a choice to get healthier, my sugar levels were up in 200 ton300 on normal days, so what i started to do was CHANGE MY EATING HABITS, guess what, it worked…. my diabetes medication now is too much ive managed to keep my levels under 150 and my body is rejecting the change dropping a1c from one month to another was a dramatic time for my body, however whats killing me now is the damm anxiety after getting test done at every local hospital it comes back, sir you have anxiety. Now whats helping tremendously is non the less Magnesium 250mg herbal supplement, im shock how its helping me, but its a process im still suffering from anxiety and keeping exercising is helping alot. Now reading many commens here makes me feel im on the right path to self treat anxiety since its a mental problem.

  241. Sophie

    Wow! I feel so relieved to know Im not the only one suffering from anxiety.. I often wondered am I the only one going thru this?? It’s an issue Ive been dealing with for so long now… It kills me.. I have 2 kids and try to be strong for them but sometimes I am so weak. My anxiety all has to do with dying.. I don’t know why but that’s what I constantly think about and then I panic because I think I have 2 kids they need me I cant go so soon and I make myself go crazy. I honestly don’t wish this upon anybody. Constantly trying to overcome this is hard enough. Ive never took meds I always say to myself you will overcome it on your own. I didn’t get it for about 4 years and then I got pregnant with my 2nd child and bang came back.. I often question myself is it something I did and God is punishing me.. I guess there really is no explanation but its a battle I am fighting everyday. I am just glad to know that I am not alone.. makes me feel a bit better

  242. Susie

    Hello Sophie ~ I so get what you are saying and going through. This blog of Dave’s 7 years ago was a lifesaver for me. I thought I was having a heart attack, a stroke, or an aneurysm! It was anxiety. There is so much information out on the web on anxiety. Do some surfing.

    As for me, I take Zooloft every day and have for 7 years now. I will not take your time with my numerous anxiety stories from the past. Let is just be said that some people are “stressers” and I am one of those people. Now under control, I am still a stresser and I still go a million miles per hour on everything I do on a daily basis. I get stuff done. I make things right. I make things happen. I create my world the way i like it. But I do not have anxiety about stuff that most likely will never happen. Reality is such a sweet, sweet thing. πŸ™‚

  243. Diane

    Hello, I also have had a weird tightening of my neck it comes and goes. It is pretty hard to describe, a slow creeping feeling that seems like it comes up from the chest area up to my neck and my jaw. Feels like someone is choking me and stays there for about a minute, then goes away. I have been weaning myself off very slowly of my clozapam and down to 1/4 of my pill. I also have other symptoms but not sure if related to this weird condition. Light headedness, swollen stomach, acid reflex, which I take omeprazole, high cholesterol, elevated Liver enzymes (I don’t drink alcohol), and had my gall bladder removed, a strange pain under my rib cage and I smoke cigarettes. I need to loose weight I weigh 185 lbs. and I am only 5 3″ . Had an Ekg, they didn’t see anything, and I am pre diabetic.I am 54 years old and keep thing I am going to die, I really don’t feel well, and was on prednisone for chest pains in which they did an x ray because of the chest pain. I have no clue. The doctor’s appointment check up’s are about only 5 minutes where they check the blood pressure, (mine is a little high), they check my temperature, and look in my mouth and out the door. It’s as though I am on a conveyer belt. In and Out. If anyone can give me some advice as I really don’t want to live in the emergency room. Thanks
    I hope it’s not something serious. Pretty scared

  244. Sally

    Hi – I am so glad to find this. I am 46 and have been having this sensation like a pressure and tightening in the bottom of the front of my neck like someone is squeezing it on and off for the past few months. Yes I have been an anxiety sufferer over the years but I didn’t think I was particularly anxious at the moment. I am wondering if it is GERD, my thyroid or an allergy but I have not been a sufferer of those either. It is a scary sensation and has made me anxious so don’t know now if anxiety is also continuing it,

    I have mentioned it to my dr a few times but they didn’t seem concerned. I am going again in a couple of weeks and I am going to ask for blood tests for thyroid and will also try some Zantac to see if it helps. But otherwise I don’t know, I have had heart and lung tests over the last couple of years and they all checked out ok.

  245. Susie

    Hi Sally ~ If you go back many years on this blog and read my first comment, you would think you wrote it! You are me in your comment above. I thought all of those things and more!. Life is so much better after knowing that the neck tightening is not a disease or anything other than a response to anxiety. When I went to my doctor, she immediately recognized the neck pressure as anxiety. I have been taking Zoloft ever since. As far as the heartburn/acid reflex – yep! Got that and have had that for years since as well. I do not fill up with food too high, and I avoid the sweets. It is NOT GOOD for your esophagus to be exposed to frequent stomach acid. That your doctor can easily address. Good luck Sally. πŸ™‚

  246. Jonathan the joiner

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for all your hard work !
    I too have started with this feeling of tightness something pressing on my neck
    The hollow bit just below your apple
    It started when I came back from holiday and got in bed I felt stuffy and like my chest was tight.
    I kept forgetting to breath just before I was nodding off!!and jumping up with my heart racing gasping for air
    This has happened before but not in a long long time
    The next day I started with this feeling comes on and goes like everyone else’s
    I’ve googled and googled …. Not good lol until I found your original post
    I didn’t think I was stressed but must be
    The funny thing is I’ve been waiting for the hoasky voice coming and the soar throat spitting blood ……( worried lol)but it’s been 2 weeks now and no other conditions
    Stress is an horrible disorder which we cause ourselfs
    When I hit return on my phone to post I’m going to stop thinking negative!!!
    Just to say to others ( it’s a very lonely feeling when your have these attacks)
    …… Thanks Dave again for the blog you have helped a lot of people and me too

  247. Mels

    Have the same problem. I can’t sleep at night. What should i do? I don’t have money for check-up. 😦

  248. How about reading the 246 comments above yours?

  249. Susie

    I was just going to direct Mels to the previous posts! You beat me to it Dave. All of the answers are there. You just have to pick the ones that fit you most. πŸ™‚

  250. Maria

    Thank you so much Dave for posting this, I also have the tightness feeling on the front of my neck and it’s been worrying me as it’s been coming and going over the past couple of months. I thought it was from trying a new anti-age cream that would tighten the skin so i stopped using it. Then I thought maybe my skin was dry, causing tightness, so I tried used regular body lotion, nothing helped. I was born with a cyst on my neck that was removed when I was a baby so sometimes my skin feels sensitive in the scar area but that’s on the right side of my neck. I get annual checkups, including ECG’s and blood work. About 6 years ago I wore the Holter monitor and the Cardiologist said I must be under stress, and I was. He also said I have a heart murmur, which causes my heart to flutter (when I’m under stress, forgetting to breathe or drinking coffee). I’ve had a couple of panic attacks, either driving in a large city and going through a certain area or hearing emergency vehicle sirens since experiencing traumatic events. I have been under stress again over the last couple of years in both my personal and work life and believe I must have anxiety issues. I used to practice yoga and kayak but have taken a break for about 10 months and am thinking I need to get back at it to help calm my mind, teach me to breathe and how to relax. I should also try to cut back on drinking coffee, I only have a cup a day but never used to drink it. For 14 years I walked my dog twice a day but when she passed away 6 months ago that sure changed. I think I must be depressed as well, I’ve experienced a lot of loss in the past 13 years of my life (child, father, divorce). My ex husband I have recently reunited and although it’s exciting, there are a lot of issues we are still working through. I’ve been trying to stay in the present moment instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.

  251. Thanks Dave!
    Me too with the neck feeling. Sometimes when I am extra anxious it creeps around the back of my neck and starts up the back of my head. The feeling is almost like putting on a hood of weirdness. The same sensation happens to me if I eat too much MSG.
    My Dr. talked to me about anxiety the first time I had this and I didn’t want to hear it. So he diagnosed me with thrush and gave me an oral medication. It greatly helped… pretty sure it was a harmless placebo. Good Doc πŸ™‚

  252. Myrtle


  253. Myrtle,

    How about not typing in all caps. How about making full sentences instead of a big long mess of text? How about reading through the 252 comments above yours to see how people have been helping each other?


  254. alantag

    I have a similar feeling on my left neck. Two months ago, i had a tonsillitis, which causes my Lymph nodes to inflame on both sides of my neck. I have 3 nodes on the left and 1 nodes on the right. X-Ray and blood tests were conducted to confirm that i have no any tumor or anything, just lymph nodes infection due to EB virus infection.
    After finishing all the antibiotics for a few days, a weird feeling started to appear on my left neck, the area which was in pain during my 3 days at the hospital.
    I am not sure whether its something inside my neck or the muscle that bothering me. I feeling the left neck muscle is tight and uncomfortable, during the night, i have to sleep on the left side because that would give me a better feeling. If i sleep on the right, i will feel the tightness.
    Every time i think about it or try not to, the tightness feeling is still there. Even i am working or gaming, i still feel the tightness that i can’t ignore.
    Its very annoying for me, anyone can advice me?

  255. Jennifer


    Thank you for starting this thread as this is what I’ve been experiencing for the last week or two. I’m 15 months post-Cymbalta taper and I started getting panic attacks BECAUSE of being on that drug in the first place. Needless to say, I am willfully Med-free and am hitting the gym to decrease the frequency of attacks, which have seen a 90% decrease with daily workouts.

    Anyhoo, this tingly throat and chin thing is new, annoyingly scary, and I’m glad to have come across this site. I have an uptick in daily stress due to it being a majorly busy time of year for myself and my family.

  256. helena

    same sensation here, 5 months ago i started feeling like someone is strangling me and the more i focus on it the more i can feel it. if i’m busy or not thinking about it the feeling goes away. but it actually never does. this wasn’t a news for me, in fact it was kind of expected. my mom has a thyroid disease and sure enough when i went to the doc and did tons of blood tests i was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism (hashimoto’s disease). my thyroid is enlarged and has a small nodule but my thyroid hormones are not low enough to warrant a therapy (yet). i’ve been talking to doctors, reading medical literature, patients’ articles, etc. for 5 months now and i found lots of useful info on thyroid disease but no one really talks about the goiter (the pressure in the neck) and this is what bothers me the most, all other hypothyroid symptoms i have are mild. when i asked my endocrinologist about what i can do about the goiter she said – well we can remove your thyroid. really? are you kidding me? that’s like me saying – doc my finger hurts, and she responds with – well we can amputate your arm. that would solve the problem, wouldn’t it?
    it took my mom 28 years to get her thyroid under control, still enlarged but she says she doesn’t feel pressure in the neck anymore. apparently stress makes it worse. it sounds terrifying because i don’t want to spend the next 3 decades feeling like i’m being strangled (now 32 year old/female). i’m still trying to figure out why i developed hashimoto’s in the first place. i’ve always been extremely healthy, grew up in europe eating local organic food only, played sports professionally and i’m still physically active, i’m never stressed, i use organic products only, and i avoid bad chemicals (mercury, bpa, etc) as much as possible. it makes no sense that one day out of nowhere my body decided to start destroying itself. oh and i tried the gluten free diet for autoimmune diseases, it didn’t make a difference :/
    i wonder if the other hypothyroid folks here found a way to reduce or lose their goiter?

  257. Cynthia

    I still get that strangling feeling when my thyroid medicine is too low. I currently take 2.5 grains Armour thyroid up from 2.0 (too low). I have Hashimoto’s and am hypothyroid. Although goiter is normally associated with Hyper (Grave’s disease), I find I still get inflammation and swelling when my T3/T4 levels are low or I don’t eat well and my antibodies shoot up. You may want to shop around for a new Doctor – one who can treat on symptoms, and is not averse to prescribing natural desiccated thyroid as an option.

  258. helena

    Thanks for your response Cynthia. I totally found myself in your description of – feeling pressure in the neck while driving. Now i try to listen to the radio or something else instead of focusing on my neck. I am seeing a new doc next week and waiting for blood results right now. My t3/t4 were on the low border last time and if they get any lower i will ask for a therapy (although that comes with a potential risk too).
    I’m just happy to have found this post and realize that other people have the same symptoms. Thanks for starting it Dave!

  259. Mary

    I can relate to these blog posts, however, mine is more of a pulling feeling when I bend down or turn over in bed. I usually feel it on the left side and sometimes down to my collar bone. I normally don’t feel it too much otherwise. Also, sometimes my neck feels clammy at night. Anyone else get something like this?

  260. Rachel

    Reading this blog is such a relief for me. I’ve had the “tight turtleneck” feeling for 3 months now; I’m constantly pulling on the necks of my shirts in hopes of relieving the pressure, but it doesn’t help. I’ve had this feeling maybe 2 other times in my life, but it went away after a few weeks or so. At 3 months, this is the longest I’ve had it yet. I finally just went to see my doctor about it and she’s taking it seriously, but she’s baffled. She did ask me about stress and I told her it was no different than normal, but maybe I wasn’t being entirely honest with myself. 2 of those 3 months, for sure, did have higher stress. Maybe that first month did, too.

    A clue: the feeling disappeared the day after visiting the doctor and having an EKG and my blood pressure checked. It was gone for 3-4 days until, over the weekend, my husband asked me about a particularly stressful thing that happened at work a few weeks ago. To my surprise, the tightness in my neck returned almost instantly (and hasn’t left).

    Another clue: I used to do cardio exercise 5-6 times a week, but stopped 4 months ago. (I still do a day or two, but not like before.)

    I think I’ll still go forward with the carotid artery ultrasound that’s scheduled and maybe the x-ray that looks for a hiatal hernia, but if both of those come up clean, I’ll assume it’s stress.

    Regardless, my path forward: Get back into the regular cardio, and start taking stress reduction more seriously.

    Dave, thank you for posting this. It’s such a relief.

  261. Ricardo

    Hi, I’ve always thought I had Hypochondria but I have been freaking out (on and off) for months because of this feeling on my neck/throat.
    first I thought I was just nervous about something, as we went on holidays the tight feeling on the right front of my neck went away.

    feeling of pressure on the right side of my throat, doesn’t interfere with swallowing, it’s like a have a scarf folded on that spot, or someone pressing the spot very gently. it was driving me crazy.

    In December it came back, then I convinced myself I had a serious illness, and after that I self diagnosed another 3 or 4 life threatening health problems.
    1 week ago I said enough was enough and went for help.

    Doc (specialist) is sure my symptoms are all related, he asked me a bunch of questions and seemed like he knew me for decades.
    turns out I have OCD, and the neck feeling is anxiety. 4 days have passed since I started meds (apparently I need them to break my obsessive need of worrying about health), and some time from now I’ll start behaviour therapy .

    as of today, the neck feeling is almost gone ( I need to concentrate to know if its there sometimes), I’ve had 2 panic attacks at night but today I’m feeling better, more optimistic.
    also, if you can’t help yourself about googling, aim for the middle ground – search the symptom you are feeling followed with anxiety, search for an animal which starts with the same letter as your symptom, read this blog. just don’t ask anything because he always tells you you are going to die in half a day. It’s quite simple really, the last time I went to the ER (thought my muscle ache was a blood clot) the doctor told me : look, if it was as easy as typing in symptoms and get the right answer, doctors wouldn’t need to spend so much time to get their degrees.

  262. Ally

    Great to read all these posts as I thought it was only stupid me who had this, no doubt anxiety seems to be with most of us, I am awreck at times with anxiety but wonderful to read I am not alone. Keep well everybody.

  263. Jessica

    Hey everyone. I was having the same feeling! It felt like I was being strangled, but without trouble breathing or swallowing. It had been going on for over 2 months. After reading this post and others like it, I assumed it was anxiety. I have a lot going on,and I do suffer from anxiety. I realized that it all seemed to coincide with me switching from Claritin to Zyrtec. I stopped the Zyrtec to see if it made a difference, and the feeling was gone the next day!!! I haven’t had it since! I wanted to share in case anyone here is taking this medication. I’m so thankful that horrible feeling is gone. It freaks me out that a medication was affecting me like that. What on earth was it doing to my body??!!! Hope this helps someone else out there.

  264. Juliana

    Omg I read through every single comment! This blog has helped me in so many ways! I thought I would share my story while I am here. As with everyone else on here, I suffer major anxiety. About a month ago I was at work and I started to feel like my throat was closing and of course, I started to have an anxiety attack on top of that- I was freaking out and crying (as I’m not allergic to anything as I know of) so I was sent home and went straight to urgent care. When the doctor saw me, I kept saying “I have this weird feeling in my throats and my neck idk what’s going on”…. so he says, “well it seems like you’re having an allergic reaction however your breathing is fine and your throats looks clear..” and I saw ok? what now and so he gave me a benedryl and a steroid to help the sensation.. neither worked. So of course now I start to freak out even more and I started googling and self diagnosing and was reading bizzare illnesses- my mom wanted to kill me. So I came across something that fit my situation.. a week prior to all of this I was having really bad pain in the back of my neck, shoulders and trap muscles. I can feel the knots when I touch the area.. So one person recommended that I do some neck stretches and try to get the blood flowing in that area. As soon as I did one long stretch with the muscles in my neck, it went away!!!! I was amazed that our muscles can make us feel like that! So I also went to the doctor to be sure, got my blood work done, heart monitoring- all came back normal. I went to the chiropractor as well and he was explaining to me that when our muscles are under stress, combined with emotional stress, and especially because I have a desk job where I’m constantly hunched over- our muscles react with a spasm and goes into a locked position. That is what I was feeling in my neck throats and chin. So it went away after a couple days and I got extremely busy at work and school and was not able to go to the chiropractor as much so I stopped going for a month and what do you know- the devil feeling is back! However it’s not so much like a lump in the throats feeling, this time around it is more just a light choke on the outside and under my chin where the tounge muscles are.. the first day I felt like this I tried to relax and just did some stretches which helped but it’s still there a little. I’ve also tried passion tea which helps with stress, ashwagandha pills which are an all natural herb to reduce the stress hormone we produce and also improve brain function- so I will try those and see what happens. I’m glad I found this blog as it has helped me relax and not feel like something is seriously wrong with me!

  265. Nel

    I have that horrible feeling too but it’s like on the side of my neck. I keep thinking it’s a blocked artery!!

  266. Rebekah

    Thank you for your blog and the original post and for keeping it accessible. It has all been very helpful to know I am not the only one.

  267. Colin

    Thanks Dave for starting the blog and everyone else for your all your comments. I have been feeling this puffiness and kind of numbness and on my front/left side of my neck since a month ago. I thought it was a pinched nerve initially but I am more inclined to think it’s stress/anxiety related now after reading all the posts. It hasn’t gotten any worse since it started but it hasn’t improved significantly either. It goes away when I lie down or when I am moving about or working out. Most noticeable when I am sitting in a relaxed position. Been experiencing persiatent anxiety attacks for the greater part of this year. I have tried deep massage therapy and nerve relaxants but they have been of little help. Will try my best not to worry too much about this and hopefully it goes away. Wish me luck!

  268. Michael

    Hi guys . I’ve been battling myself . Except mine is only a little on my neck and mostly at the top of my chest . A weird sensation that doesn’t go away . I get weird feelings in my arm and leg sometimes and the other day I had a sharp pain in my eye that felt like I was getting shocked and went down my body . I thought something was happening to me . I’ve gone to the er maybe four times in a year . I’m told it’s anxiety but even when I’m not thinking about anything it’s still there . I’m trying my best . Just want to know if anyone feels the same

  269. susie robertson

    Hey Michael ~

    Anxiety symptoms appear in so many different ways. Maybe your regular physician can assist you(?). As for me, Zoloft has been an amazing help.

    I came across Dave’s blog oh so many years ago. It has always helped me recognize the symptoms of anxiety when other people “stumble” across this blog topic and post their own experiences. I read them all. Good luck to you, Michael!


  270. Jonathan

    Hi mate I’ve posted on this blog a few year back I’ve had the same
    And funny enough it has just started again on and off I found if I stretched my neck out as if I was looking up and far back to each side it helped I think mine was to do with nerves in my neck and shoulder right side
    I.e my trapeze muscle …. stop worrying mate im the same
    I bet you feel it more on a weekend when you’ve time to think
    Lol ….. if it was anything to worry about then you would be having worse symptoms…. now relax and enjoy your day all the best mate

  271. Jane

    A really reassuring blog. I have had the strangled /pulling feeling on and off for a few months now, just in the hollow of the neck and to the right on my breastbone. Happens when I lie down and lift my head up, causing a maddening cycle of anxiety, as its not really a pain rather ‘a sensation’ I saw a really good GP today and she said it is a tight sternoclydomastoid muscle which joins the breastbone in the middle. If you read this you will see ‘chest breathing’ can be a cause, which is what we all do when we have anxiety, not breathing deeply enough.
    Anyway just thought I add this…. thanks

  272. susie Robertson

    Awesome research! Every little bit helps! Thank you for this information Jane! πŸ™‚

  273. Valerie

    Hi, I found this blog while searching weird feeling/pressure on side of neck. Did anyone else’s vein in one side of your neck feel bigger than the other side? The right side of my neck feels swollen where my jugular vein(I think) is. It’s been freaking me out along with the feeling of my heart pounding and it feels like pressure in my head like I’m being strangled. I can’t get an appointment with a doctor for at least 2 weeks and I’m about to go to the er to make sure it’s not something that’s going to kill me!

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