New Facebook layout sucks!

Yeah, so after just a few days I cannot take it anymore.  Today I logged into FB only to find that one of my “friends” had sent some bullshit gifts to about 18 friends regarding New Kids On The Block (NKOTB).  I was not one of them.  I still however had to see all the bullshit gifts sent and it went 3/4 of the length of my page.  The only solution was to de-friend this person on Facebook, which I did.  Then all those stupid posts disappeared.

Since Facebook has taken it upon themselves to force everyone to read what everyone else does as a freakin’ news feed I will no longer visit the site.  In fact, I am going to deactivate my account until they change it back.  If they never do, then I’ll never be back.  There is way too many good things going on via the Internet to waste my time with the crazy new layout of Facebook.  It was great until they changed the layout.  Now it sucks.

Oh well, some companies never learn.  It’s also easy to tell when a good company gets all “corporateized” (yeah I know….not a word).  Once that happens everything gets messed up.

Goodbye Facebook.  I hope you learn…



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2 responses to “New Facebook layout sucks!

  1. Martin Lipocky

    I did something alike. I have written the following to my profile title to make it visible to everyone:

    “I’ve suspended using Facebook until the old one is back: Join Goodbye!”

    I think this has much greater effect than account deactivations. And I really no longer play with my account, because I strongly believe that the old one is back very soon.

  2. Sam Hamilton

    I agree. I’m done with FB and myspace. I’ll use to discover artists and for news…. No more wasting my time social networking!

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