Asshole truck drivers

First let me start off by saying that not ALL truck drivers are assholes.  Just like not all people driving four wheelers (cars) are assholes.

So, tonight on my way home from work I’m rolling 70 MPH on cruise control in the center lane of the turnpike.  When this asshole rig gets up on my rear bumper.  And I usually don’t care because they do that sometimes.  However this guy was super close and was doing it on purpose.  He wasn’t like a car length off my bumper, not 6 feet, but about 14 inches.  Asshole.  I saw this same guy doing this to other cars in the right lane about 3 miles back.

Here’s the problem.  Now that the speed limit for rigs is up to 65 in Ohio just like the cars, they wanna roll hard all the time.  So if I’m in the right lane they always  go around me (mind you even if I’m doing 70 on cruise).  I try to run the center lane that way the rigs can roll past me in the right lane if they want.  If there is some slow poke fucker in the right lane (car) I can’t help it and I’m certainly not going to be switching lanes all the time if the rigs want to go 80 in a 65.  Fuck ’em.

I never had this problem when the speed limit for rigs was 55.  I would roll the center lane and they would roll the right lane and only come into center to pass here and there.  Now at least 50% or more of the rigs are always climbing peoples asses and getting really close and using the jake brake (engine brake) etc.  This guy was swerving all around and just being a jerk.  It’s not like I was trying to do a damn thing to him.  He was carring all kinds of steel pipe on a flatbed and driving like he had no load.  What a moron.

I understand that there are a good amount of people driving cars that cause a boatload of accidents for truckers.  I know this and I can’t stand those people either.  It just really burns me up when truck drivers do this shit.  I mean fuck…..calm down a bit, slow down and chill out.

Usually I do my part to let rigs over when needed and I am always looking way up ahead to see if I see one entering the turnpike from a rest area or something and I get over to let the rigs in the right lane move into the center to let the other rig on.  We all need to help out, that’s a given.

What doesn’t help is when you get these jackass truck drivers who feel the need to drive 90 just so they can get up the next hill so they treat all the car drivers like dirt.  It just makes me want to not give a crap anymore about the truckers.  And bitterness and asshole driving will just breed more of the same thing.

Man….people need to take fucking chill pills and slow down a little.  I’m not talking drive like a grandma in the right lane doing 55, but fuck.  You know what I mean, and you know who you are.



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20 responses to “Asshole truck drivers

  1. Badsanta

    This is why your the asshole. The law states you are to run in the right hand lane unless you are passing another vehicle. You also are not supposed to pass on the right side of another vehicle. So if your running the center lane and making people pass you on the right so your lazy ass doesn’t have to change lanes, your in the wrong. As far as why are we, yes I’m a truck driver, hauling ass all the time it’s a simple matter of economics. We’re overworked, under paid, and due to the greed of the brokers, shippers, receivers and the companies we run for we have to get as far down the road as we can in the 11 hours the Government allows us to run in order to pay our bills and feed our families on what little is left of our paychecks after paying for fuel,truck payment,road use taxes, broker fees, lumper fees and all the other shit that’s too much to mention. So the next time your rolling down the road listening to your stereo, talking on your cell phone and scratching your balls and you see a big rig coming up behind you, get over and let them pass.

  2. Daily Driver

    Now understanding why some truck drivers can be such entitlement whores….. The right lane is for slow drivers and people entering and exiting the highway, the left lane is for passing vehicles and the middle lane is for everyone else (for your reference—, scroll down to 4511.25) The mere fact that a semi driver can obliterate sedans in the blink of an eye places a greater responsibility on them to BE FREAKIN CAREFUL. Is that really so much to ask? Because if it is, may i gently suggest that you find another line of work because your priorities are totally jacked up.

  3. @ Badsanta,

    Get another job douche bag. You are obviously a danger to everyone if you hate what you do and are overworked. Your lack of concentration and your carelessness can lead to the death of other people who have done nothing wrong.

    You’re a fuck-tard.

    @ Daily Driver

    Exactly. You are right.

  4. Daily Driver

    Almost forgot, learn some decent grammar before you go looking for some other job. YOUR is a word of possession, YOU’RE means YOU ARE. The job market is tough and people who can’t master basic high school language and writing skills will find themselves up the proverbial “creek without a paddle” When you endanger other people by riding their asses because you’re too lazy and arrogant to expend a bit of energy to use your turn signal and move over to the PASSING LANE (YEAH- it’s called that for a reason dumbass) it gives all truck drivers a bad name. You are a simpleton and should not be permitted to propagate.

  5. NotanidiotlikeBadsanta

    The right AND center lanes are exactly for what the author states in this article. The center lane, which doesn’t exist in the majority of the backwards states, is what a driver of a car is expected to usually be in. The left lane is the passing lane, period.

    Now as far as truckers are concerned, I am always courteous when on the road. I am one of those rare people who actually understand that the directional signal goes on BEFORE you change your lane and not just 1 or 2 seconds before. All that said, I’ve found that a lot of the guys in the long haul rigs are assholes. They love the two lane highways so they can ride side by side and keep it slow for 10 miles or so. They prevent the cars from going even the correct speed.

    I vowed on my last trip that the next time a trucker does that to me, it’s going to be his last time doing it to anyone; nuff said!

    F–k the truckers!….where’s the $5.00 diesel already???

  6. Truck Driver

    First off I want to start with highway lanes. One thing that four wheelers don’t realize, because they dont read highway signs is trucks are not allowed in the left lane. We are expected to pass in the center lane. So you have to see how pissed we get when we have a roll and we get stuck behind a four wheeler in the center lane. Get over and let us go. As far as the trucks passing at 90mph….BS. Most if not all trucks now are governed at 62mph…period! Another thing is when we are coming up to a hill we get a “run” on it so we can make it up without losing a bunch of speed. If we dont get a run we have people calling us assholes because we are causing a back up going 35 on a highway. More accidents are caused by cars, with people talking on cell phones than are casued by truckers. Something that pisses me off is getting cut off by a car with someone on a cell phone, and then getting online cussing truckers because they follow so close. As fas as F-k the truckers, fine without truckers this country would be defunct! Everything…everything you by is delivered by truck. The interstate highway system was created for trucks to offer faster service coast to coast. So if you don’t like it stay off our highways!

  7. @ Truck Driver,

    Obviously some of you guys are good guys. A lot of the time my experience is good with truck drivers. I don’t buy the BS that most are governed at 62. I have been rolling 70 in the center lane and have a truck climbing my ass and then go around in the left lane at at least 10 faster than me.

    I’m sure that there are good truck drivers and bad, just like there are bad car drivers and good. I drive 70 miles a day and don’t talk on the cell phone while I drive. I always move over for trucks and I am always looking ahead to see if a truck in the right lane is gonna need to move over. Most people don’t look more than 30 feet ahead of them.

    I agree with you about trucks however. Trucks bring everything. “If you got it, a truck brought it”.

  8. ron lappreau

    CSA 2010 will take drivers like the one you describe off the road but I suspect the complaining about trucks won’t stop. The next time a trucker shatters your serenity just remember we’re the assholes that bring your food. Be nice to us or you can grow your own.

  9. @ ron lappreau – No, I’m not going to remember that you bring me food. I will remember that some truckers are assholes and some of those assholes will eventually get fired so good drivers can bring me food. No need to drive the point into the ground. Look at MY post right above yours. I know the whole “if you got it a truck brought it” thing. Trucks shouldn’t be driving in the left lane over 75MPH in Ohio. The Speed Limit is 65. I liked it much better when the Speed Limit was 55 for rigs and 65 for cars. That way the rigs would roll in the right lane and pass each other when needed. Now they roll the same speed as cars and they are all over the fucking road. Lastly, 3 trailer wiggle wagons should be fucking illegal.

  10. ron lappreau

    Sometime before next summer I suggest you buy several freezers and fill them. A storage unit full of canned food is also a good idea. You’re going to need about a one month supply after the initial run on supermarkets. Katie Couric is not going to tell you what is about to happen.

  11. Jen

    Trying very hard not to laugh out loud at that last comment.
    You are clearly an uneducated troll.

    I truly believe that the majority of truck drivers are good, unfortunately the bad ones are REALLY bad. The good drivers should be even more interested than the rest of us in getting the bad ones off the road as it makes them look awful just by association. Truck drivers don’t own the road, shocking as it may seem, and in direct contradiction to how some of them act and drive.

  12. @ ron lappreau – I already have essentials stocked up for other reasons. You may find out yourself just how quickly people are replaceable. I don’t care what job anybody does, everyone is replaceable.

    There are people (truck drivers) that do it right. Why are we not defending those folks? Why do you have to stick up for the dickhead drivers?

  13. Stuntman

    If running on a two lane, the left lane is the passing lane (show off lane). If you are in it……Pass! or “Show Off.”

  14. Tom Grant


  15. Really nice comment Tom. Get a job.

  16. Ive been driving truck for 25 years, this guy is RIGHT! I see YOU ASSHOLES, yes the ones posting get in the right lane and get the hell outta the way, grow up you assholes, leave earlier. Your probably making 35 or 40cents a mile and gotta run like a ASSHOLE. I neer tailgate, no matter how bad I need to get where im going. I wish hed stand on that brake pedal and sue the pants off of your company. Most veterans that are making good money like myself don’t need to run like an ASSHOLE. Wait until one of you assholes smash a 4 wheeler with a family in it. You ASSHOLES will see.

  17. This is sickening, look at these so called professionals,….. What a joke, “show off lane” grow up.

  18. andy

    I would allow you to post this comment if you could spell and form sentences. You can’t just have a huge paragraph with a single period at the end and everything in lower case. Until you can fix that this is what your comment will look like: “I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. I CAN’T SPELL, WRITE, OR FORM SENTENCES. “

  19. Steve

    Some hauler took offense to me driving in left lane on 2 lane road(71 south near Louisville) – a road that needs to be widened to 3 lanes.
    I was behind a another trucker passing slow pokes in the right lane. He started tailing me in the left lane. I should have known then this guy has little regard for cars. But I then let him pass me(when the opportunity came). He then started swerving into my lane(the right Lane). I thought he was trying to kill me. I then stepped on it hard and passed him in the right lane(going 90). I will never let another trucker pass me again(when he has tailed me)!

  20. Mongoose

    I’ve been driving for two years now, which still makes me a rookie, but at least a seasoned rookie. I’ve seen accidents, seen the aftermath of accidents that made me visibly cringe, and technically been in one while making a turn because I screwed up and misjudged the space I had to maneuver in. Thankfully the crosswalk signal pole paid the ultimate price, and not a pedestrian or someone in a four wheeler. The four wheeler sitting in the center of the crosswalk didn’t help me there, but the right and safe thing to do would have been to go through the intersection, find a place to get turned around, and then take that turn from the left. I would have had more room then.

    That being said, I see a lot of assholes in both four wheelers and in rigs. Since most of the rig drivers commenting so far have evidently been the worst of the industry in regards to attitude, as well as commanding the English language, hopefully my reply will be a bit more refreshing.

    There are some points both sides have made that I’d like to address and/or further extrapolate upon. If the highway is two lanes, there is no center lane. There’s the travel lane and the passing lane. If people paid attention to the signs, they might even notice that many states clearly post that the left lane is for passing only, and to keep right. It’s generally good form to move out of the way of faster moving traffic instead of forcing them to pass you on the right. What if someone is in the right lane pacing you and they can’t pass? There’s a law against impedance of traffic, and four wheelers can be ticketed just as easily as big trucks. What you feel is right or wrong, unless you have a badge, gun, and authority to enforce your state’s traffic laws, it’s not your place to play traffic cop. As another driver pointed out, you’re also impeding on our paychecks by deliberately slowing us down. Telling us to go get other jobs is not an excuse to be a self righteous douchebag. I happen to love my job, and to me, the perfect job is getting paid to do what I love. That being said, I don’t know too many people that don’t love the color green. Most of us want more green…Regardless of what our job is.

    Most company trucks are governed between 62 and 65. I’m governed at 65. There are times where I will encounter a truck governed at 64.5. After a while, I get tired of constantly having to back off from them, so I wait for cars in left lane to clear, then begin passing. Now this guy I’m passing is NOT going to let off his accelerator, like I would, and let me by quicker. No sir! I’m going to have to EARN every inch of that pass, it’s going to take a ridiculously long time, and you are going to hate me for it. In reality, the guy I’m passing is the asshole. I’m just trying to get by, but he won’t help me out, and you all suffer for it. We do NOT live to ride side by side just to impede traffic, and you may not be aware, but most of us are aware that impedance of traffic is a ticketable offense.

    I generally move over to let on ramp traffic merge onto the freeway, I slow down when another truck is passing me to help them get by faster, I always signal lane changes (even if I’m the only vehicle that I know is on the road), I try to back off when I see that I’m walking up on the vehicle in front of me and prepare to pass, I get over to the right lane when I’m​ climbing hills, and I don’t road rage. I’m constantly looking around, thinking about what is my safest and most sensible course of action no matter what the situation is. I’m only human, however, and I’m fallible by default. I make mistakes too. With that knowledge, I try to be understanding of other people making mistakes, but then there’s those folks that do things habitually, on purpose, and even I will scream at them through my windshield and blow my horn. Fortunately for everyone around me, once I get it out, I’m over it.

    I’ve lost count of the times people pass me on the left, cut in front of me so close that I can’t even see their tail lights, then they mash their brakes, and go off an exit ramp. If I were to roll over them, that’s the one accident that I can readily claim is not my fault. It’s also the number one type of accident involving cars and trucks. The second biggest between cars and trucks is trailers sideswipe cars riding in blind spots. The easiest way to avoid that one is simply don’t pace trucks, PASS them. Professional drivers or not, they are still human and make mistakes. We all have to share the road. Help each other out. It’s not all about you (both four wheelers and truckers).

    CDL holders may be held to a higher standard of driving than those in personal vehicles, but honestly, ask yourself why that is. Why shouldn’t everyone be held accountable for their mistakes? Why must we do all of the thinking and anticipation for both of us? We have a million other things on our plates already. Shouldn’t your personal safety and that of your passengers always be YOUR top priority?

    Read ALL of the road signs. Why? Because if you do, you might begin to understand why we do a lot of those things that piss you off so badly, and then you start to think like a trucker. Consider the size of our equipment. We’re going to need more room on turns and curves. We need space for a running start before a hill. We need space to run away going down the other side. We’re NOT racing you. Personally, I could give a rat’s ass less about where you are on the road, as long as you’re not right beside me or right in front of me. I’ll get there when I get there, but sooner is better. Since we’re limited to 11 hrs a day to drive and 14 hrs a day to work, leaving earlier to get there sooner is ridiculous, but a lot of us try to do just that anyway. How would you like it if I walked into your workplace and prevented you from doing your job for an hour or two, and your boss didn’t pay you for that time? That’s what you’re doing to us. The roadways are our workplace.

    To the driver who said roads were made for the trucking industry and we pay for it, you’re half right. Eisenhower’s administration came up with the interstate system to first cater to the movement of military supplies and personnel. Later, they discovered that letting commerce vehicles use them would expedite services. They imposed the road use tax as a fee for the privilege of using the interstate at first, then later found that the revenue those taxes generated would be sufficient to cover maintenance costs and even expanding the infrastructure. To the person who said we don’t own the roads, you’re right, but we should. We DO pay for them after all. YOU do NOT. You’re just leeching the benefits of what WE pay for.

    Slowing us down to 55 was the worst idea. Most states are phasing it out because time and motion studies have shown that accidents actually increased as a result. Road raging skyrocketed, and in addition to requiring slower traffic to keep right, resulted in long rolling blockades against people getting on and off of the highways. Allowing us to keep pace with traffic allows us to spread out so that people can maneuver around us. I guess their mistake was in assuming that you’d actually try to maneuver around us and/or get out of our way. What were they thinking by doing that with a society rife with self righteous, self important, selfishly predisposed douchebags in both cars AND rigs?

    When I was being trained, I was taught to just say, “Be my guest.” and let faster drivers and cars go by. To be courteous to both four wheelers and my brothers and sisters in the big trucks. Why can’t people in four wheelers wrap their heads around that concept and practice it too?

    Someone said something about signaling for turns and lane changes, and allowing for more than 1 or 2 blinks. Let me tell you how that works out for trucks. I’m creeping up on a slower truck. I decide to pass. There’s a car that has been rolling about 50 feet behind me in the left lane for the past 5 miles. We call it hanging on our trailers. They don’t seem interested in passing. They just hang back there keeping pace. So having decided to pass, I put on my signal. The guy hanging on my trailer suddenly punches it. He just developed an incurable case of Beat The Truck Syndrome. He just HAS to pass me now. Every car behind him does too. Apparently Beat The Truck Syndrome is highly contagious. As a result, I’m left mashing my brakes, because I was building speed to pass. In addition, it’s going to take me a while to build up speed again, and more fuel to regain my previous momentum, which trickles down to higher freight rates, higher merchandise costs, and YOUR impatient ass eats that cost.

    When I signal my lane change and you’re that far back. Don’t bother stepping on it. You can’t get up to speed faster than I will get over, because I wasn’t asking for your permission to change lanes. I was telling you that I’m going to change lanes so that you can adjust accordingly. Before you step on it, stop and think about why did I suddenly decide to change lanes? Is there a safety hazard? Does a cop have someone pulled over? Is there traffic coming down an on ramp? Is there something in the road? Is the roadway bottlenecking down to a single lane? Is there a left lane exit up ahead? We don’t change lanes for the hell of it, and we’re so big that you probably have no clue what’s going on up the road on the other side. Do you know how many times I have seen a truck get over, the car behind suddenly tries to pass on the right, the car now sees why the truck got over, but the car behind him filled the gap, and that car slams on his brakes…Right in front of ME. Hell, even I didn’t see why he was getting over until he moved, and I can’t change lanes because I have two assholes pacing my truck and trailer. Fortunately, I have seen that enough that when the truck in front of me signals a lane change, I’m already slowing down in anticipation of possibly needing to stop.

    Instead of getting mad and cussing each other out, vowing to forever give the other group hell from this day forward, try to understand each other, exercise forgiveness, and think about whether what you’re about to do is safe and if it makes sense. Think about someone other than yourself while you’re out driving. It might save a life. It might be your life that you save.

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