What happened to white wall tires?

Yeah, what happened to white wall tires?  I know they have been not on cars for the most part for a long time.  I however saw a nice Buick with white walls and then started looking at all the other cars.  Just booring black wall tires.  No raised white letters (RWL) or white walls.  Just booring black wall tires.

Now I understand that some of the tires these days are 50 series or smaller and that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for the white wall to fit.

I think white wall tires look elegant on some cars (think Buick Lucerne here) but look like crap on others.

Heck why doesn’t anyone put raised white letter tires on their cars?  They look neat with the letters spinning around as you’re driving.

Who knows, maybe I’m showing my age, but I still think that we should have white wall tires, and raised white letter tires as OEM on certain factory cars.

My $.02 🙂



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3 responses to “What happened to white wall tires?

  1. Susan

    Was just asking the same question. Everyone had to have White Walls. Black tires were cheap looking. What Happened? Why the change? Just wondering

  2. stephen holinka

    I have been going crazy looking for white walls for my 2009 Buick Lucerne CXL. I ordered them custom made from a place in California who could not deliver them and returned my money after I waited for ten weeks and loads of promises. The size is P235/55R17. Would appreciate any leads.

  3. Vincent Archetti

    Whitewall tires dissapeared when disk brakes became popular. Mercedes began phasing out whitewalls because of the black dust emmitted from the brakes.

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