Very cold out today, and other cat stuff

Wow, today it’s very cold outside.  I guess it may not be cold to some people but it’s cold for me.  It has been colder but yes….it’s cold today.  It’s 9° Fahrenheit today with 20 MPH winds.  It’s chilling to the bone.

Now I understand that this is all relative but I think you get what I’m saying.  I used to work outside all day doing construction when it was this same temperature.  I however had Carhartt’s on with layers of clothes.

There is another cat now that seems to be coming onto our back porch.  I noticed this a couple mornings ago when I would go to work I would see it come out from underneath our back porch and run behind my garage.  I have since built a little shelter made from a thick Dell computer box and put bath towels inside it.  I taped the entire box shut and cut a hole large enough to let the cat in.  I am hoping the cat will use it as shelter if it needs to.  So far it seems too afraid to go into it unless I put “cat treats” or other food in it.  We have fed the cat hard food and soft food on the back porch along with water.  It looks like a very healthy cat but today I saw it shivering on my back porch and that concerns me.  So I built yet another makeshift shelter out by my garage and used bales of straw an old wheelbarrow and 2 large flower planters to at least keep the wind away should it choose to use it.  I also put cardboard on the ground inside it.

I just don’t want the poor girl freezing to death outside in this harsh cold.

What is crazy is last night I was trying to lure the “outside” cat closer to the porch and talk to it and I had my back porch door open a little bit as I was talking to it.  And go figure, right then one of my cats “Kali”, got out and was on the back porch.  Holy crap this scared the daylights out of me.  My wife was able to get a long string and lure our cat back inside.  I thought I was going to lose one of my cats and my heart was pumping like mad.  Whew, glad Kali is OK.


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